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Sylum Inspiration: Benoit Fransiscus

Sylum Inspiration: Benoit Fransiscus

Tallikut: Clan Leader

Benoit was born in Gaul. His father was a Roman soldier, who earned his freedom, his mother, was the daughter of a scholar. His mother saw to his education, his father saw to his ability to defend himself.

His father had always said he inherited his mother sense of compassion and trust, he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing in the world they lived.

Through political and diplomatic means, Benoit became close with the Meridius Family. He was there the fateful day when soldiers road into the farm.  Instantly he knew the situation was bad, and grabbed his charge, young Alejandro and ran.

And didn’t stop.

He knew if Rome was to discover the boy had lived, he would be hunted down and killed.

He kept running until he hit Britain.

When Alejandro became ill, he found Severus, the nearby Roman Garrison’s doctor. He begged him to save the boy, that it was important for him to live, his family name needed to survive.

Severus slowly got the story out of the Benoit, while helping the child.  Over the next few months the two became friends. In time he told Benoit about his nature, and gave him away to watch over not just the kid, but his children, and children’s children. To make sure the family name survived.

He took it without remorse.

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