Sylum Inspiration: Arthur Pendragon

Camelot: Clan Leader


Born Arthur Aurelianus in 7 AD, Tintagel, England, the illegitimate son of Lady Igraine.

A strong and intelligent boy, he grew up working the land, teaching himself to read and write to better his status and position.

At the age of 12 he swore allegiance to Utha Pendragon ‘Chief Dragon’, Tribal Elder of the Southwestern Britons and Cornish Celts, taking his mentor’s name.

Arthur was Turned in 43 AD by Utha Pendragon during the Battle for Maiden Castle in Dorset, after sustaining life threatening injuries while facing the army of Vespasian.  The Romans were invading Britain and the tribes of the West and South gathered to defend their land at the great hillfort.  Utha was beheaded by a Roman soldier shortly before Maiden Castle fell to the Romans, leaving Arthur to defend himself, and in time to defend his country as the fabled ‘Once and Future King’.

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