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Sylum Inspiration: Miss Scarlet

Sylum Inspiration: Miss Scarlet

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Very few people know her real name, just that she’s gone by Miss Scarlet for most of her life.  Get her in a good mood, she’ll talk about her Papa and growing up on a Plantation in South Carolina.  She’ll hint at the asshole of a husband she had, and how he left her in debt forcing her to sell everything and ended up moving to DC.

Where she started a business in making sure lonely business man and politicians weren’t so lonely.

She ended up selling Union secrets during the war, not at all ashamed of her connections to the Confederacy.  It was after the war, that she also gave information to the Federal government about plots to under mind the burgeoning peace.

She met Lady Heather, while she was traveling.  The two woman instantly connected, especially over their chosen occupations.

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