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Sylum Inspiration: Master David

Sylum Inspiration: Master David

Camelot: Member


David doesn’t talk about his time before he was handed over to Lord Beringar.  His family line is from Scotland, and that is about all he’ll say.

He was given to Hugh in a card game when he was 15 years old.  Hugh took him under his protection, and with help from Cadfael explained that he wasn’t needed to warm his bed.

After Cadfael ‘died’, and the three returned to Camelot, David began to flourish under the tutleage of the Clan.  He soon became friends with Harold who taught him about the pleasure of sex, instead of the power play he had been under.

It was through his friendship with Harold and John, he decided to use his knowledge to help others.  But to do this, he needed to be Turned so he went to the only man he ever saw as a father.

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