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Sylum Inspiration: John McClane

Sylum Inspiration: John McClane

Tallikut: Head of Security


John grew up in New York, and the moment he graduated high school he joined the police academy. While on a patrol he met Holly Gennaro, who had witnessed a crime at her college. The two started dating, and soon were married.

Two years later they had a son, then two years after that a daughter.

John figured they were pretty settled until Holly informed him that she got a job offer in Los Angeles.

He stated he couldn’t just leave, due to the fact he had cases pending.  She informed him, they needed some time apart, that she was having a difficult time with him being a cop, especially one who ended up always in the middle of any dangerous situation.

John let her go, banking that she would change her mind.  Weeks turned to Months until it was almost a year. Wanting to see his wife and kids for Christmas, John traveled out to Los Angeles.

It all went to shit.

Hanz Gruber had taken the building hostage, including John’s wife. McClane refused to play ball and set out to take down the terrorist, only to find that they weren’t simple thieves. In the end he saved his wife, and watched in shock and triumph as Hanz fell to his death.

(Dilios Note: You might have seen the movie? Bruce Wayne made franchise series a while back much to McLane’s dismay)

Afterwards John moved to Los Angeles, joining the LAPD, settling back with his family.

Until he started seeing Hanz where ever he went. Holly worried about his eradicate behavior left him, and took the kids.  He ended up suspended from the force. It was then he was at his lowest that Hanz confronted him and Turned him.

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