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Sylum Inspiration: Claire Temple

Sylum Inspiration: Claire Temple

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Claire Temple was born in Chicago’s southside in 1917. She’s of mixed Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban descent, but never let that stand in her way. Her father willingly served in the Army during the first World War to better both himself and his family and to support his country. Unfortunately, he never returned home.

However, Claire inherited her father’s passion and drive to help. She worked hard to become a nurse and worked in Chicago’s Provident Hospital. She was surprised that a white doctor would willing setup a practice in the hospital. But Doctor John Carter didn’t see skin colors, just people that needed help. When he offered to teach her medical techniques above what she had learned in nursing school, she took the chance.

Over the next few years she worked closely with Carter and soon learned about Vampires because they came to him, and later her, when they were hurt.

She was in the wrong location at the wrong time and was shot during a drive-by shooting. When she finally made it to the hospital she was close to death and took the offer from Carter to be Turned.

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