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Sylum Inspiration: Pocahontas

Sylum Inspiration: Pocahontas

Medjai: Member

What is left out of the history books, is the fact while Pocahontas was in England, she met Gwenhwyfar.  The two bonded quickly, and when Pocahontas became ill, she came to her side and asked if she wanted to be Turned.

She decided that this was her next journey.

Knowing she could not stay in England or return to her people, she seized the adventure and left to visit the oldest of Vampires to learn more about different cultures and tribes.

She soon became great friends with many of the Medjai tribe, and found her Mate in Immutef.  They both have related to how their lives and names have more myth than reality.  She decided to stay with the Medjai, swearing loyalty to Ardeth.  With help from Scheherazade she wrote her peoples stories and language down.

Today she works in education, teaching children about all cultures and is an adamant speaker for aborigine, first nations, and native rights.


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