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Sylum Inspiration: San Lin

Sylum Inspiration: San Lin

Oceania: Member


San Lin was raised between Tokyo and Brazil.  She loved either being in the jungles of Brazil or the Forests of Japan, learning new things.  She worked her whole life to become a Biologist.  Some of her early heroes was Robert Campbell and his work with ants.

She met Houston Brooks when he ended up her lab partner while she attended Yale.  He asked her out for coffee at the end of the semester.  A year after dating she took him home to meet her family, and though they didn’t like that he was an American, they appreciated he was good to her.

Six weeks after they graduated they were married.

After their first year of Grad School, Houston went to study on a six week expedition in Australia.  She had an internship working at a bio tech firm called Dali Moon.  When he returned her life was changed.

He told her about Vampires and that he had been Turned, and she was his Mate.  After a long of discussion, they decided to finish their degree before going to Australia.

Once they settled in, Houston Turned her and they were Mated.

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