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Character Introduction: William Murdoch


Tallikut: Member


Name: William Henry Murdoch

Turn Date: 1897 AD

Sire: Nicholas de Brabant

Mate: Julia Ogden


William Murdoch was raised by Jesuits, and through that holds a very strong Catholic belief. He doesn’t talk much about his father, just that he was a drunk and the two never saw eye to eye. His mother died when he was young. She had fallen and hit her head, giving her a concussion later dizzy from the blow she fell and drowned in the river.

He found work at the Toronto Police Department, where he worked under Inspector Thomas Brackenreid. Though the two were quite different, they build a strong friendship and respect. He met Julia Ogden, the city’s Coroner. He liked her instantly, she had a strong mind and spirit. She challenged him daily.

The two ended up in a relationship but their own misguided conceptions, broke apart. He never got over her, but continued to be friends.

He met Nicholas de Brabant when he came into Toronto in search of a friend. The befriended had ended up being Murdoch’s latest case. The two became friends, Murdoch liking the more out spoken man. Over the next few years Nicholas returned to visit William, even pushing him to deal with his relationship with Julia.

It was during a case when William was shot by the suspect that Nicholas revealed his true nature and gave the young detective a chance.


Image: Yannick Bisson

Character Introduction: Nathan Algren

003TLS_Tom_Cruise_018Shogun: Co-Leader


Name: Nathan Algren

Turn Date: 1872 AD

Sire: Moritsugu Katsumoto

Mate: Moritsugu Katsumoto


Nathan doesn’t talk much about his life before Japan. He fought in the Civil War, was a decorated officer, that saw too many of his men killed. After the war, he drank to stop the memories and barely held onto his rank and pension.

He was sent to Japan to help train the soldiers into an Imperial Army. Except they were kids and not even close to being ready to face battle. When they sent them anyway he rode in afterwards trying to save those he could.

He ended up taken by Takamori, the Shogun warrior holding back the Emperors advances. He hated the man instantly, yet felt a pull to him that made him want to do anything he asked. Takamori detoxed him, trained him, and then sent him to battle.

Nathan watched in horror as they were slaughtered now under true military soldiers. He carried Takamori’s sword to the young emperor and told his story. All of it. Including what war does to a man. Showed him the honor of Takamori’s heritage.

He returned to the village only to discover Takamori was actually Katsumoto, a Vampire and his Mate.

He was Turned and Claimed that night.


Image: Tom Cruise


Character Introduction: Edward Courtney


Oceania: Advisor


Name: Edward Courtney

Turn Date: 1879 AD

Sire: John Herod

Mate: Julia Kelly


Edward Courtney doesn’t remember much of his parents. He remembers leaving England and making his way with his family to America. While on the boat, there was a man carrying two guns.  Fascinated by the crucifix on the handle, he reached out.

A rogue wave hit the boat, pulling Edward overboard. He still doesn’t quite know how he survived but looking back it was a sure sign that God had a plan for him.

When he washed up on shore, he found the gun he so admired washed up next to him. He picked it up only to hear shouting, and looked up to see adults running for him.

Cort was moved around to variety of homes, orphanages and finally when he was old enough he wandered out of the area and headed West.

He landed in a town called Redemption.

It ended up being Hell.

He walked into a middle of a gunfight competition. Not taking no for an answer he was dragged into the competition and handed a weapon. He stared in shock at the gun with a crucifix on it, the very same one he reached for a child. ‘The Left Hand of God’ he would later discover it’s twin ‘The Right Hand of God’ with Ben Wade. The fact their both Meridii somehow made it sense.

Expecting to die quickly, he took a deep breath, said a prayer and pulled his gun. His opponent laid dead in the street.  He threw up seconds later.

He was a natural.

It also caught the attention of John Herod.

The next six months of his tortured life was at the bastards hand.

Ending with Herod Turning him Without Consent.

Character Introduction: Owen Grady


Ghost and Darkness: Scientist


Name: Owen Grady

Turn Date: 1863 AD

Sire: Robert Muldoon

Mate: No Mate


Owen Grady grew up in London, raised by his mother and grandfather. He heard stories of his father, who had left the family for Africa. He entered into the British Military like his father and grandfather, but after seeing only a portion of battles he knew it wasn’t his place.

After his mother died, soon followed by his grandfather, he set out to Africa to find his father, Robert Muldoon.

He wasn’t impressed.

Though he understood why he stayed in Africa. He fell in love with the land, the animals, the people. It didn’t take long for him to figure out about the Vampire, especially as he had seen and heard rumors when he had visited the West Country about Arthur and his Knights.

He wasn’t expecting to be Turned, but one of the Clayton’s lions lashed out and he was in the wrong place.

Muldoon didn’t give him much of a choice.


Image: Chris Pratt

Character Introduction: Aveline de Grandpré

aveline-de-grandpre-assassin-s-creed-iii-liberation-21012-1920x1080Sylum: Hunter


Name: Aveline de Grandpré

Turn Date: 1776 AD

Sire: Nicolaus Valerius Meridius

Mate: No Mate

(Dilios Note: any of the assassins listed their history is not known by others – very few even know what they look like)


Aveline was born in New Orleans on 20 June 1747 to Philippe de Grandpré and his African placée bride, Jeanne. Granted freedom along with her mother at birth, Aveline grew up in a caring and considerate environment, protected by her father’s wealth and influence within the city. However, when her father’s business began to suffer, he married Madeleine de L’Isle, the daughter of one of his investors, in 1752.

While this act put a strain on the relationship between her parents, both Aveline and her mother Jeanne were permitted to stay at the de Grandpré mansion, with Madeleine becoming responsible for the young girl’s education.

Aveline’s carefree life as a youth was cut short two years later, when Jeanne inexplicably vanished, leaving a void in the girl’s life. Despite the fact that Madeleine quickly adopted the role of doting stepmother, Aveline continued to be troubled by the loss of her mother. As a result, she frequently had nightmares about the events surrounding Jeanne’s disappearance.

Simultaneously, Aveline’s feelings and observations regarding the prevailing contrasts present within her city eventually spurred her into action. In 1759, she attempted to free a slave, but was caught in the act and set upon by sailors employed by the slave’s owner. Thanks to an intervention from Nicolaus Meridius,  Aveline and the slave managed to escape unharmed. Deciding her commitment to freedom and justice was beyond compare, Nicolaus took Aveline under his wing.

Following a few months of intense training, Aveline would act as Nicolaus agent in New Orleans, using her skills to help people in need and rid Louisiana of the Templars.

Her first assignment under Nico, was to locate and find Shay Patrick Cormac, who had come to New Orleans specific to have a safe haven for Templars. They discovered that Shay was working with Governor d’Abbadie, who was determined to keep the city and providence under French Templar control.

Between the two of them, they removed the Templar influence.

She discovered his nature when, she found him with Warrick. Upset at first, at hypocrisy she was seeing, she confronted him, only to find herself faced with the Vampire. He explained who he was, and that the man she saw was Warrick, his Mate.

Seeing great potential in her, Nicolaus knew that she would need further training. In 1769 he sent her to Masyaf, along with a letter and trinket for Dastan and Altair.

Aveline proved her skills by taking on novices being trained. Altair taking Nicolaus word, set out to train her.

She learned much in Masyaf, became fast friends with Tamara.

It was her work, that established a network of woman assassins.

Aveline returned to New Orleans in 1775, and discovered Nicolaus was in New York. She traveled up to the city, to find him.

It was here she met Connor Kenway, and worked with him in dealing with Templars roaming the Eastern Seaboard.

She found Nicolaus in 1776, commanding troops. Impressed by his skills as an Assassin, a General, and the fact he had a black Mate, she requested he Turn her.


(Dilios Note: Remember these are all my notes – nothing is true everything is permitted.  So what you see may not be what you know)


Character Introduction: Jane Rizzoli

dress-like-rizzoli-and-islesTallikut: Hunter


Name: Jane Rizzoli

Turn Date: 2010 AD

Sire: Maura Isles

Mates: Maura Isles & Joe Grant


Jane Rizzoli is a Boston detective working for the Boston Police Department’s Homicide Unit. From an Italian American family, Jane is brash, brilliant, and often prickly but also a confident and independent woman. She is the tomboy daughter of an overprotective mother. She is extremely competitive, especially with her little brother, Frankie, who is often caught in her shadow. Jane can tackle a perp like a linebacker. She rarely lets her guard down with anyone, except her best friend, Maura Isles.

As a child, she was slightly chubby, earning her the nickname “Roly-Poly Rizzoli”. Joey Grant has always been a friend of the family and childhood Rival. He had disappeared from her life just after high school, then showed up as her boss in the police department. Only for him to be transferred to Homeland Security. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it, but knew they both had their own lives.

Raised in the blue-collar Boston suburb of Revere, Jane has fought long and hard to win the respect of her colleagues, but it is her relationship with her equally stubborn mother, Angela Rizzoli, that sometimes proves to be her biggest headache.

During her time on the force, she had a traumatic experience at the hands at a serial killer known as “The Surgeon”, Charles Hoyt. While trying to rescue one of his victims, she was taken by surprise from behind and almost became a victim herself. She has matching scars in the center of her palms where Hoyt stabbed her with scalpels, keeping her pinned to the ground. Her original partner Vince Korsak saved her life, and Jane survived the brutal, near-death attack by Hoyt. Although she put Hoyt behind bars, she is still haunted by him.

Over the years Jane worked with Maura, she always respected and though rarely admitted loved the other woman. It wasn’t until Hoyt tried to kill her a second time, that Maura sat her down to tell her the truth about herself.

Jane shocked walked away from her friend. Not able to talk to her mother, knowing how she felt about ‘alternate lifestyles’ she wandered the streets until she found herself at her old Parish. She walked into to see Joey kneeling in front of the altar. She didn’t tell him what brought her there, but when she left she knew her answer.

She went home to Maura.


Image: Angie Harmon


Character Introduction: Malik

53b73500d6fe7.preview-620Medjai: Hunter

Name: Malik

Turn Date: 2130 BC

Sire: Akhmenrah

Mate: No Mate


Malik was a Medjai from birth. He trained to be a warrior, then surpassed the training and became the elite, those that served under Pharaoh. He took to Ahkmenrah instantly. He liked the kid, not so much with his brother.

So when Kahmunrah tried to kill Akhmenrah, Malik got between the two taking the knife met for his charge. He was devastated that despite his best efforts Ahkmenrah was mortally wounded and had to be Turned.

When his Pharaoh came to him days later with a request, he couldn’t say no.


Image: Cas Anvar


Character Introduction: Ahkmenrah

3636204_orig-e1429040859851Medjai: Member


Name: Ahkmenrah

Turn Date: 2130 BC

Sire: Ardeth Bay

Mate: No Mate


Ahkmenrah was the youngest son of Merenkahre and Shepseheret. Do to the fact, his brother Kahmunrah, was disrespectful to the people, their father had decided that Ahkmenrah would be Pharaoh.

Kahmunrah didn’t take this well, and attacked his little brother. Akhmenrah’s body guard Malik got into the middle of the situation, giving Ahkmenrah time to kill his brother.

During the struggle he was wounded. He looked over to his friend, who was yelling for the Medjai guards, as he sank to the ground blood flowing through his fingers.

Ardeth knelt down in front of him. Ahkmenrah smiled.


Ahkmenrah is a new edition to the Medjai, along with his bodyguard Malik.  We’ll do another Character Intro next week to showcase Malik.

Image: Rami Malek

ahkmenrah full-length


Character Introduction: The Twins

A few weeks ago there was a passing mention of the fact we’ve updated and changed ‘The Twins’.   Their story needed some serious adjusting to fit with the new changes with in Sylum.  While adjusting their stories, it was obvious everything had to be re-worked.


Lily Jupiter




Laurie Jupiter




Turn Date: 1875 AD

Sire: Richard Riddick

Lily & Laurie are Mates


They lost their father when they were four years old.  They don’t remember much, but knew their mom cried a lot, until Riddick came into their lives and helped where he could.

They knew something happened to their Uncle Riddick, he was gruffer and more reserved after the nice blonde man had died.

He came in and out of their lives, always making sure mom and them were taken care of.  After mom died, he stayed in New York intent to find them good husbands.  They disagreed.

He took them back to New Orleans and handed them over to Queen Moussette so they could finish their education and be proper ladies.  He had no idea she was also teaching them how to fight, having brought in a warrior he saw roaming New Orleans, who only talked to Nico.

They finally approached him and informed they both wanted to be Turned.

He really couldn’t say no.

Character Introduction: Ironhide Too



Part of building the Sylum Universe is also building the locations.

For example Sylum Manor.

We’ve been working on designing what the grounds look like, the different rooms, outer buildings, etc.  To make sure when we say Nico is going down to the Stables to see the horses … he always goes in the same direction.

Speaking of horses.

Today’s Character Introduction is Ironhide Too.  You will be introduced to him in the upcoming 10th Anniversary Edition.

Ironhide Too comes from a strong line of Percheon Horses.

His namesake and great great great ….. great great great grandfather the original Ironhide was found by Ezio while liberating Rome in the 1500’s.  Ironhide was decked out in armor and war gear, giving him his name.  He also kicked a Templar into a wall, gaining Ezio’s love and devotion.

Ironhide Too – is one from a rare pair of twins.

He was sent to Nico as a gift, a reminder of his time with Ezio liberating Rome.

Character Introduction: Ethan Hunt

tom-cruise-mission-impossible-film-300x235Sanctuary: Hunter


Name: Ethan Hunt

Turn Date: 1888 AD

Sire: James Phelps

Mate: Luther Stickell


Ethan grew up through the Civil War. He had heard of stories of an Uncle that fought gallantly then disappeared into the Far East never to be seen again.

He followed in his Uncle’s foot steps and joined the Army. He was quickly recruited out of the units and into the Army Military Intelligence Division.

This is where he met James Phelps.

Ethan was good at espionage. He was fast on his feet and thought three steps ahead of everyone else. James used him for many operations through Europe, including help steal many top secrets from Intelligence sources in Britain.

It was at this time Ethan began to realize that Phelps was playing a double sided game. When he confronted the man, he found himself in far worse situation.

Ethan woke up dead. Which he had to admit was a first.


Considering the new trailer for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was just released – introducing Ethan Hunt felt appropriate.

Image: Tom Cruise



Character Introduction: Hetshepsu


Vampire Council: Closer


Name: Hetshepsu

Turn Date: 2493 BC

Sire: Ra’s Al Ghul

Mate: No Mate


He is the fraternal twin of Shepsit Hemet Amun-Ra.  A rare occurrence and considered a blessing to all.  They were removed from the home, and taken to the city and raised in the Temple of Ra.  Both equal in beauty, and admired by all.

Shepsit became a Priestess of Ra, while Hetshepsu was taken in by Ra’s Al Ghul and trained in the Courts of Ra.  He married Ra’s oldest daughter Talia, and had four children.   He and his sister stayed extremely close, despite the fact she was isolated in the Temple.  When he discovered she was pregnant, he confronted her on her stupidity.  She assured him she was safe, and no one knew who the father was, and all assumed it was Ra.

Despite the fact he still didn’t like the situation he was devoted to his nephew Nekau, and was devastated when he was killed.

He watched in horror along with everyone else when Ra slit the young boys throat.  He knew at that moment the war had begun.  He made his way back to his home, to find his wife dying next to his children.  A warrior leveled his sword against his youngest  daughter when Hetshepsu attacked.  He disarmed and killed the guard, then scooped up his daughter and ran for his father-in-laws home.  Ra’s Al Ghul pulled him off the street and hid him away from passing guards.  They barely made it out of the city and towards the Medjai camp.

It was once they stopped he realized he had been wounded, collapsing into Ra’s Al Ghul’s arms, he apologized for not saving Talia.  Ra’s Al Ghul Turned him, later telling him his penance was to wait with him until their family returned home.


Hetshepsu now uses the name Harvey Specter.

He’s been a lawyer before there were laywers.  Harvey has his fingers in many legal proceedings including making sure historical monuments, buildings, lands, etc… that are owned by variety of Clans are kept protected and secured.

Harvey is the guy any one calls when they need the hard hitter.

He’s fierecly loyal to his sister, though he has smacked her on a occasion for being a moron.  As she does to him in return.  He adores his nephew, Nico, and will destroy anyone who he thinks is messing with him.

One piece of advice – never cross him.


Image: Gabriel Macht

Character Introduction: Robin Longstride


Camelot/Sylum: Member

Name: Robin Longstride

Turn Date: 1148 AD

Sire: Nicolaus Meridius

Mate: Sir Degore (aka The Spirit)


Robin doesn’t remember much of his childhood. He remembers his dad having strong hands, and working as a stone mason.

He spent most of his life in the army. His natural skills with a bow and arrow had him moving up the ranks as an Archer.

As the crusades moved on he began to loose his faith. And when he was abandoned by his superiors leaving him and a few friends alone on the battlefield at Damascus he lost it completely.

He fought with his friends, until he was the last one standing. Praying for the final blow to end his life, he closed his eyes in anticipation of going home.

He woke up in a filthy jail cell.

Robin could hear someone in the cell next to him, and soon the two talked and became friends. Hearing the other prisoner say the Rosary daily helped restore his faith.

He could hear defeat in his friends voice, and knew now was the time to escape. The theory being escape or die trying.

They got out of the prison and onto the streets of Damascus. Soon they were surrounded, and ready to die with a sword in their hand, when men wearing black robes swarmed the area. He was pulled away when one bent over his friend, Antonio Crisafi, and begged him to let him save him.

Robin watched in horror, shock as the man grew fangs and bit Tony. He struggled against the one who held him, only to be told he was safe and then promptly blacked out.

Robin woke up in a comfortable bed, he got up and searched out those who helped, to find the dark haired man who bit Tony. He introduced himself as Nicolaus, then explained what happened.

He demanded to be Turned. No way was Tony going to survive without him.

Robin has dual memberships between Sylum and Camelot.  This is rare between the Clans, though many Vampires have ties to other Clans, the ones that swear loyalty to two Clan Leaders are not as well known.

Basically Robin has sworn loyalty to Nico and Arthur and if they call him he will be duty bond to answer.  If both need him, he would discuss with the other Clan Leader where he is needed most.


Image: Russell Crowe

Feel free to comment or ask questions on any of the Character Introductions.

Character Introduction: Paul Bunyan

Paul_Bunyan1-195x300Serenity: Hunter


Turn Date: 1787 AD

Sire: Malcolm Reynolds

Mate: John Henry


Paul’s family is from the French Canadian, he knows it ties directly back to France, and he’s pretty sure straight to the Good King. He was the youngest son out of 12 siblings. He was also the largest. By the time he reached puberty he was already pushing 6 ft.

He left the family farm at sixteen, moving around the Canadian wilderness. He quickly earned a reputation as a lumberjack, able to knock down a tree in one swing.

Paul never one to settle down found himself in New Orleans, when a call went out for removal of trees to begin building a small town. He presented himself to the foreman and was hired instantly. He liked the community that was building, but was curious about the Plantation that was funding the efforts.

Paul had laughed lightly when he surprised Malcolm, the Foreman, with his philosophies and the fact he was educated. The two found a quick friendship, enjoying the bantering and snark.

At a harvest festival that the Plantation had put on, he was called to compete in the Axe competitions. One of the lumberjack’s lost control of the ax, sending it towards the crowd. Paul stepped in and took the blunt of the impact.

He finally discovered what was going on at the Plantation.

When Mal moved to Canada to build Serenity Clan – Paul followed.   Once settled he became one of Mal’s Hunters.

What does it mean to be a Clan Hunter?

Basically exactly what it sounds.  Paul would be assigned either by the Lead Hunter or the Head of Security to hunt down a specific person, rogue, or even scout out location to check if it’s secure.  Hunters also get assigned guard duty for high ranking Clan Council or even visiting Vampires.

Image: Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Character Introduction: Maffeo Polo

tumblr_njkhrd45k61tfq1eeo1_250Knight Clan: Maffeo Polo

As we’re updating the wiki there have been some changes and additions.  Maffeo Polo is a new edition.  He’s not in Shogun as most would think but instead Knight Clan.  In typical Sylum fashion we have a tendency to twist things around – so it’s not exactly as you would expect.

Maffeo doesn’t talk about his family, and he doesn’t talk about his Turning. Just that he woke up dead with a note saying ‘now you know the truth Niccolo was keeping from you’.

Returning back to Italy not wanting to be near his brother, he ended up staying with Lealta Kin Clan. Until he had to deal with Ezio Auditore and moved through Europe.

Maffeo found a home in Canada, far away from his brother and his nephew’s exploits. He explored the Canadian wilderness and enjoyed establishing new fur trade routes. In time he finally found a Clan he could align himself with.

He was good at finding things, and when La Croix needs information he knows where to get it.

Maffeo is Knight Clan’s Researcher.

What does a Clan Researcher do?

They are the Clans data miner.  Clan Leader needs info, they get it.  Spy Liaison needs info, they get it.  Scientist, Hunters, etc… if they need info on a location, a person, directions, historical significance – the Researcher gets it.

More Information on Maffeo Polo

Image: Corrado Invernizzi


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