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Character Introduction: Ethan Hunt

Character Introduction: Ethan Hunt

tom-cruise-mission-impossible-film-300x235Sanctuary: Hunter


Name: Ethan Hunt

Turn Date: 1888 AD

Sire: James Phelps

Mate: Luther Stickell


Ethan grew up through the Civil War. He had heard of stories of an Uncle that fought gallantly then disappeared into the Far East never to be seen again.

He followed in his Uncle’s foot steps and joined the Army. He was quickly recruited out of the units and into the Army Military Intelligence Division.

This is where he met James Phelps.

Ethan was good at espionage. He was fast on his feet and thought three steps ahead of everyone else. James used him for many operations through Europe, including help steal many top secrets from Intelligence sources in Britain.

It was at this time Ethan began to realize that Phelps was playing a double sided game. When he confronted the man, he found himself in far worse situation.

Ethan woke up dead. Which he had to admit was a first.


Considering the new trailer for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was just released – introducing Ethan Hunt felt appropriate.

Image: Tom Cruise



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