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Character Introduction: Malik

Character Introduction: Malik

53b73500d6fe7.preview-620Medjai: Hunter

Name: Malik

Turn Date: 2130 BC

Sire: Akhmenrah

Mate: No Mate


Malik was a Medjai from birth. He trained to be a warrior, then surpassed the training and became the elite, those that served under Pharaoh. He took to Ahkmenrah instantly. He liked the kid, not so much with his brother.

So when Kahmunrah tried to kill Akhmenrah, Malik got between the two taking the knife met for his charge. He was devastated that despite his best efforts Ahkmenrah was mortally wounded and had to be Turned.

When his Pharaoh came to him days later with a request, he couldn’t say no.


Image: Cas Anvar


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