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Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part 1)

Yes, an actual Afternoon Fic.

Though I’m in the middle of the move, I’m posting the first few sections, as a treat to everyone – I think we could use it.

Author’s Note: This is for my other half, who is encouraging the Obi-Wan/Cody bunnies. And with everything going on, this has been keeping me sane, when the rest of the bunnies have been packed into boxes.

2nd Author’s Note: This story is set inside the Dragons of Interest Series. Just in the Star Wars universe, there won’t be any crossovers with John & Harold.

3rd Author’s Note: I’ll be updating sporadically, I will say I got a good portion of this written, so yay for that.

4th Author’s Note: The language you’re seeing is Mando’a – yes there is an official language for Mandalorians.

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Afternoon Fic: All The Right Places by Bj Jones

So here’s the thing, with the adjustment of working from home these past few weeks (and likely continued working from home), being able to focus on writing has been difficult. I’ve been able to write small snippets, but open any of the big Sylum stories I was working on, it was pretty hopeless.

I’ve been on Star Wars kick of late, and a few bunnies began to make themselves known, so I’ve been going with the flow of it, ’cause hey it’s something. And storyline for Jedi Chronicles for Sylum has actually been formulating, which is good! And though Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan is my first loves, mainly because it was them that introduced me (a long time ago in a galaxy far far away) to slash fanfiction.

But my true love in Star Wars is Obi-Wan/Cody – if you have no idea who Cody is, he’s the Commander of the 212th Attack Battalion, which was General Kenobi’s unit in the Clone Wars. You see a lot of their connections in the Clone Wars Series. He is one of the only Clones named and shown in Revenge of the Sith (see above picture).

Somehow in the middle of binge watching, Speed suddenly intrigued by said pairing demanded I write a smut story. It was enough of a push to actual get something written, that wasn’t a few paragraphs. Which also inspired other bunnies, and for the first time in a while I feel like writing again.

So here it is. Gift for Speed, who has put up with me stealing the kitchen table for work.

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