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Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part 1)

Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part 1)

Yes, an actual Afternoon Fic.

Though I’m in the middle of the move, I’m posting the first few sections, as a treat to everyone – I think we could use it.

Author’s Note: This is for my other half, who is encouraging the Obi-Wan/Cody bunnies. And with everything going on, this has been keeping me sane, when the rest of the bunnies have been packed into boxes.

2nd Author’s Note: This story is set inside the Dragons of Interest Series. Just in the Star Wars universe, there won’t be any crossovers with John & Harold.

3rd Author’s Note: I’ll be updating sporadically, I will say I got a good portion of this written, so yay for that.

4th Author’s Note: The language you’re seeing is Mando’a – yes there is an official language for Mandalorians.

The moment the first LAAT landed on the planet, it was obvious their Intel was wrong, not just wrong, but a disaster in the making, wrong. There were twice, if not three times as many Clankers, than reported.

They lost at least three transports before they landed, and they were losing vode left and right to the Clanker’s barrage of firepower. He hadn’t seen this much devastation since the aftermath of Krell, and they still mourned the loss of their brothers from that nightmare.

Cody stayed close to his General, laying down cover fire as Kenobi sliced through the Seppie forces. He could tell by the movements, and flashes of green that the Jetii was pissed. There was an edge to the fighting, instead of the normal grace that he always associated with him.

By sheer will of tenacity and stubbornness, they were able to stop the first onslaught of the Seppies, only to see a second wave lineup.

“This is going to suck.” Boil shifted his blaster, slamming in a new plasma pack, that he had picked up from their fallen vod. He thanked those who had matched onward for leaving their gear behind, and would honor their names when the battle was done. “Commander…”

“We keep fighting.” Cody gave him a glance, as he waved the Shiniest of Shinies to fill the gap in their line. Some of them didn’t even have names yet, and he just knew that they would be on his long list of remembrance, that is if he even survived the day.

‘Rex.’ He privately commed the Captain of the 501st.

‘Cody. You still with us, vod?’

‘For now. How’s your front?’

‘It’s bad. How did intelligence get it so wrong?’

That’s all he needed to know. ‘See you on the other side.’

‘Alive, ori’vod, alive!

Cody didn’t answer, instead switched back to general communication, gave out orders and hunkered down behind the downed LAAT. Boil and Waxer were at his back, Longshot found a perch on top, prepared to take out the Clankers from a distance. The General was sitting beside him with his back to the downed vehicle. His eyes were closed, breathing even and stable. It wasn’t the first time they had seen him center himself in the Force in between firefights. Most of the vode didn’t understand how the Jetii fought. What they did know, it was effective, and that 212th’s General always had their backs.

Obi Wan glanced over at Cody with a look he had never seen. “What are our odds, Commander?”

“With you by our side … ” He paused, noticing the General’s eyes had narrowed, and with a deep breath he was brutally honest. “It’s not good. We’re outnumbered, the 501st is getting hit hard, we have no back up, and if there’s a third wave behind these Clankers…” He let the comment hang there, if there was a third wave, there would be no survivors.

“Remind me when we get back to the Negotiator to lose my practiced serenity and scream at our intelligence officers.” That had got a snort and a few chuckles from the oldest of the 212th. “I apologize Commander, for not warning you.”

“Sir, this isn’t your fault.” He shook his head, hating that the General took each loss personally.

“No, it’s not.” He reached down and took off his boots, pushing them slightly under the LAAT, then lifted onto his knees taking off the heavy belt, folding it in thirds laying it on top of his boots. “Boil, promise me you’ll bring those back to me.”

The clone glanced over at Waxer, and then at the Commander, not sure how to respond. “Sir?”

Kenobi then handed his Lightsaber to Cody, who took it hesitantly. “I am going to fix this. Not one more of your vode will die today, especially because of someone else’s mistake.”

He stood, stepped up into the open middle section of the downed LAAT, slid across the deck, and then started walking towards the Seppie in peaceful serenity.

“Sir!” Cody followed him without hesitation, clipping the Lightsaber to his belt, not wanting to lose it.

Boil and Waxer were right behind him, along with the rest of the 212th, and every single one of them had guns ready to defend their di’kut general.

“Commander!” Boil yelled at Cody. Not one of the 212th will allow their General to sacrifice himself for them. It’s not how this worked! “Do something.”

“What, exactly am I supposed to do!” He snapped, a million ideas flying through his brain trying to figure out how to save his General, his vode, and get off this kriffing planet.

Then it just got weirder.

“Has he lost his mind?” Waxer flailed, actually flailed, at what they were seeing.

Cody didn’t actually blame him, because his own brain had shuttered to a stop, at the sight. The General was stripping out of his many layers, each one landing on the debris ridden ground.

The Jetii had a tendency to be dramatic.

All the Commanders had bets going around, about how many times they picked up their General’s cloaks. So far Wolffe was losing as General Koon, never lost a cloak, Bly only had a handful of times, Ponds never found General Windu’s, while Rex and Cody were in a tie, as it would seem their Generals were the most dramatic.

But as far as he knew, none of the other General’s had stripped naked in front of the Seppies.

“I admit he’s hot, but I doubt that’s going to stop the Clankers.” Longshot was already starting to pick off a few closest to the General. “Well if we’re all going to die, at least we died with the General’s beauty as our last sight.”

When the pants dropped, Cody ended up rooted to the spot in complete shock. His brain had completely short circuited at the sight before him, he was stuck between staring inappropriately, and wanting to scream at his General to stop whatever the hell he was doing.

“I will at least die happy.” Boil knelt on the ground and started to pick off Clankers.

Cody finally shook himself out of his stupor, pulled his weapon and moved through the cover his men were providing, heading straight for the General. The group of Clankers before him, had stopped not sure how to respond to a nearly naked Jedi General. He didn’t blame him, it was likely shorting out their circuits, it sure as hell was shorting out his.

“Sir!” He slid next to him.

“Cody it will be alright.” Kenobi patted his arm, before looking back at the army of Clankers that were getting closer.

Too close.

“Sir, you’re practically naked!”

Late at night, alone in his bunk he had imagined what the General would look like under all those layers, he just never figured it would see it on the battlefield. He was a bit surprised with the amount of muscles, as he seemed so small in all those tunics. He was shocked and upset over the variety of scars – this was a man who had seen war before he had been High General of the Grand Army of the Republic.

“I can barely get you into armour, but don’t you think this is taking it too far, General.” He got a soft chuckle, which didn’t help the situation. He was thankful his men were watching their back, as he tried to reason … kriff it, he was going to go for the heavy guns. “Obi-Wan, gedet’ye.”

“My cyar’ika.” He reached out and cupped the bucket. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

“I’m more worried about those Clankers killing you, sir!” He gritted the last word out, hoping to convey that he was terrified, not of dying but of not protecting his Jetii.

“Trust me.”

Cody hesitated, hating the fact tears were actually threatening to escape. “Always.” He made a vow that if General didn’t leave this planet alive, neither would he.

“I should’ve told you sooner, my dear.” He glanced back at the Clankers, sensing the barrage that was soon to come. “I just ask that you let me explain, before you decide to transfer.”

Cody shook his head, there was nothing …

There was a sudden stillness in the air. He glanced back at his men, proud of each and everyone of them. They were spread out in a semi circle, guns raised ready to follow their General and Commander into the long march.

The Clankers had gotten over the weird anomaly, and began the assault.

He leveled his own weapon, held it steady, ready to die.

It happened between one breath and the next.

The General was standing next to him, facing the Clankers, and then within a blink of an eye, stood a huge red creature. It towered over Cody, protecting him from the firestorm that was unleashed. A pissed off roar echoed across the field, startling everyone, including the Clankers.

At first he couldn’t get a clear look, as he was technically under it, all he could see were four large paws, with very sharp claws.

It shot forward, using one of it’s paws to swat droids left and right, scattering them across the battlefield. The tanks turned towards the new threat, only to be melted by a green plasma flame.

Cody stood there, gun in hand, with nothing to shoot at.


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