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Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Nine)

Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Nine)

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Part Eight

Anakin stood at the edge of the clearing, arms crossed over his chest, acting like an outraged parent, ready to scold their teenager for sneaking into the house past their curfew. He knew the look well, he had seen it on Obi-Wan enough times.

Then there was the one time he had jumped out of his illegal pod racer pumped from winning an illegal pod race, only to see his Master sitting in the stands, eating snack food, waving the flag of his illegal pod colors.

This was his time to shine.

To get revenge for all those moments.

Only to be pushed aside by Rex and Kix, both who made a beeline for Dragon and Commander.

“Don’t even think about running, General!” Kix gave the Dragon a glare as he pulled out his medical recorder.

“Cody! Ori’vod.” Rex gripped his arms, giving him a once over. Then got a wicked smirk. “So still a virgin?”

The Commander gave him a cold stare, then tilted his head towards the Dragon. “Really?”

Rex glanced at the Dragon, then at his vod, then back at the General. “Point.” They both snorted quietly, just as Rex pulled him close. “You look happy.”

“As much as I can be.” He held him a bit tight, then stepped back.

“Should I start calling you Kote?” Rex asked, starting to see the change in his ori’vod. Being with the General would bring back the man he was, before being pushed back into good soldiers follow orders.

“Not quite.” If there was anyone who understood him, and what needed to be done – it was Rex.

He knew that Cody still needed to be in the forefront. “I got your back, vod.”

“I know.” Cody glanced around him to see the 212th moving towards them. They were looking up at the General in awe. “Let me deal with my men, we’ll talk later.” He patted Rex on the shoulder, then wandered over to them. “Lieutenants, I do hope you have the General’s clothes.”

“I do.” Boil held up the boots and belt, while Waxer had the tunics and pants. It was Wooley who held up the dark brown cape.

“Where did you find that?” Cody asked, as he couldn’t remember the General having it when they landed.

“General Skywalker,” he shrugged. “We were informed when he turned back, that he, well, would be nude, so…” Wooley, waved the robe in indication, and was likely blushing under his bucket.

Cody almost growled, by the turn of heads in his direction, there was nothing almost about it. He had always been protective, but now he could feel the sense of mine running through him. He understood that the rest of the 212th adored, loved their General, but they weren’t seeing him naked anytime soon!

Hell he hadn’t even seen him naked!

“Don’t move.” Kix yelled as he scanned the length of the Dragon. He stepped over the tail, then tried not to laugh when it smacked him in the ass. “Well if I didn’t know it was you, that would have proved it.”

Obi-Wan grinned down at the Medic. “I’m actually fine. Honestly, better than I have been.”

He looked up at the General. “It’s not healthy to stay in your human form.”

“No, it’s not.” He leaned down rubbing against the medic. “But I have little choice. There’s only a few places where it’s safe to transform.”

He frowned, then reached out to scratch the Dragon’s nose. Kix needed to talk to Snap, he had some ideas that could help, but would need more thought before bringing up his idea to the Commander.

“He ate more in Dragon form.”

Speaking of the Commander, Kix glanced over to him. “How much more?”

“A full meal more.” Cody ignored the huffing behind him.

“I’m sure the Dragon has a much higher metabolism rate.” He muttered as he wandered off, making more notes.

“You just told on me.” Obi-Wan leveled his head to look at his Mate.

“Yes, I did.” Cody wasn’t ashamed. “I also plan on making sure that fish gets added to our food reserves. I don’t think you really understand how better you look right now, well besides the Dragon part. You’re more the General I met at the beginning of this damn war, and the men are noticing it. You need to stay healthy.”

He huffed, then brushed against his Commander. “I will try.”

“That’s all I ask.” He laid his forehead against the snout. They ignored the collective awe that went through the men. As he stepped back, Cody got a wicked grin, one that Obi-Wan knew was bad for the person it was intended for … this wasn’t going to end well for him. “Longshot, do you have your Laser Sight?”

“Yes.” The sniper answered hesitantly not sure what his Commander was asking of him.

“Turn it on and point it towards the ground.” Cody’s eyes were filled with mischief. It would seem to most he was teasing the General, but he was showing his vode a side of Obi-Wan that they normally didn’t get to see. With an added benefit, it would give the 212th even more incentive to protect their Jetii.

“No.” Obi-Wan stared down at his Mate in shock. “Longshot as your General…”

“Yes do it!” Anakin cackled with glee at the very prospect. The men would love it, and he was sure it would calm Ahsoka about the whole situation. It had been a long time since he had seen his Master this relaxed. It was a beautiful sight, he had Cody to thank for it, and would make sure the Commander would have the tools necessary to take care of his Dragon.

Longshot glanced between General Skywalker, the Commander, and his General. With a shrug he flicked on the Laser Sight and pointed towards the ground. The Dragon straightened, he moved it slightly noticing instantly that the General tracked it across the ground. He pulled off his bucket, a wide grin across his face as he moved the red dot into the open area. In an instant the Dragon was chasing it across the field. The men moved out of his way, all of them laughing with delight at their General, as he caught it between his paws.

“Oh Cody.” Rex rested his hand on his vod’s shoulder.

“I know.” He couldn’t help the sappy grin. “This war needs to end so he can be that carefree, for all of us to be that carefree.” He looked around to see his vode laughing and now playing with the very large tooka. Even Commander Tano got involved, laughing as she tried to catch the General’s tail.

Rex pushed into him slightly. “For a long time I honestly had no hope of seeing the end of this war, either would die in battle or it would just never end. Now, I … ” he paused for a moment smiling at everyone’s antics. “Now I have the determination to see this through.”

“Why don’t you go help Commander Tano catch a Dragon tail.” Rex didn’t have to be told twice, he dove into the game, laughing along with his men.

“Thank you.”

Cody glanced over at General Skywalker, giving him a nod. “I’m sure you expect me to say I would die to protect him.” Anakin looked over at him, waiting for him to continue. “Sir, know that I will kill to protect him.”

He gripped Cody’s shoulder, then nodded letting the emotion flow through him. The relief knowing that someone will watch over his Master, the joy that someone will love his Master, but more importantly, the elation that someone will kill for his Master.

“You ever need anything Commander.”

“I’ll requisition it for myself, sir.”

Anakin laughed openly. “Don’t let Master Windu scare you.”

“Don’t worry sir, I plan on siccing Ponds on him, if he gets too grumpy.” Cody gave him a nod. “Now why don’t you get in there and show the Commander and Captain how to play with a Dragon. I have the watch for the next few hours, before we head back to the Resolute and Negotiator.” He gave the General a half smirk. “Then I expect everyone to leave us alone, at least for the next two days.”

Skywalker winked at him before skipping then running into the vode with a gleeful yell. He heard Obi-Wan’s indigent scream of Anakin, then laughter. He settled down to watch his cyar’ika and vode play, while he plotted to end this war.

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