Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Ten)

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Note: I’ve combine two small parts, which will lead to the Wedding Night! My computer is now packed so will see ya on the flip side.

Anakin was sprawled on the ground, with Tano laying across him, both exhausted from the rough housing. There was a hum of contentment through the men, that made him feel giddy. He lifted his head to see Obi-Wan laying down next to the Commander, head in his lap. With a grunt he got up onto his feet, and made his way over to the resting Dragon.

“I hate to break this up, but we’ve got to get back to the ships.” He gave a wink to Cody, who tried hard not to blush. “Time to be human, again.”

The Dragon stood to his full height, stretched out his front legs, head and shoulders down, shebs wiggling in the air, tail fluttering around. He then went up on the tips of all four paws, stretching out his back, before slowly making his way to the large open field that had been turned into a playpen.

Cody realized what was going to happen, quickly ran past his General, grabbed the oversize cloak from Wooley, made sure to stand in front of him, just in time for the Dragon to disappear and Kenobi to appear without a stitch of clothing.

“How does something so big fit into something so small.” Kix shook his head staring at where the Dragon once stood.

Cody’s gaze moved up and down the lean body. “I was thinking the same thing.”

“CODY!” Rex choked on his words, as he stared at his ori’vode.

Obi-Wan gave his Commander a wicked smirk, before taking the cloak from his hands and wrapped around himself. “I can show you later.” He sauntered past the men, towards the waiting LAAT, where his Padawan stood. “Thank you.”

“You look good Master.” Anakin had a true smile on his face. “Despite the horrendous beginning of this campaign, I think this turned out pretty good.”

“I agree.” Obi-Wan laid his hand on his arm. “I’m very proud of you.”

Skywalker blushed, though he gave him a soft nod. “I’ll make sure they leave you and Cody alone.” He glanced out of the ship, the door was ready to close before they started their journey to the Negotiator. “He’s going to be very protective.”

“I just destroyed a droid army, because I refused to lose him, or my men.” He gave his Padawan a pointed look. “Nor was I willing to lose you, Ahsoka, or the 501st.”

“So many attachments.”

The glare would put most people into the ground, and despite the fact he had seen his fair share of his Master’s looks, he still cringed … if only slightly.

“How is Padmé?”

“You’re such a little shit.” Anakin laughed openly.

“Not little.” He dropped the robe to grab his pants, both of them chuckling when they heard the Commander’s voice boom across the area ‘Get your eyes off the General’s shebs!’ just as the doors closed and the LAAT lifted off.


The two talked on the way up to the Negotiator, making sure their stories were straight, and both would check in with the men to make sure they were comfortable with the new development. He was sure Kix was prepping all the relevant information to hand over to Snap, and the moment he arrived back on board Obi-Wan was going to be called to Medical. He would need to make sure both Medics knew not to document any findings on open datapads or servers.

Anakin gave him a quick hug, laughing as he ran off to one of the LAATs to get a ride over to the Resolute. “You get to tell Mace the good news!”

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes, but knew his Padawan was right. Before he could have his wicked way with his Commander, he needed to comm Mace. The Council Member would need to be prepped for any ‘rumors’ or ‘misconducts’ that may get reported.

Mace gave him a look. “Is this about Skywalker asking if it was okay to talk about the time you went Dragon when he was behaving like an angsty teenager?”

“If I went Dragon every time he acted like an angsty teenager, I would never be in human form.”

Windu snorted. “This is why I like you Kenobi.”

“And here I thought it was for my witty humor and good looks.” Mace rolled his eyes, but had a small smile on his face. “Well it wasn’t Anakin’s angsty teenage drama this time. Intelligence will be getting a scathing note about their incompetence in gathering actual intelligence. It was bad Mace, I don’t mean Anakin pulling off a last minute miraculous save – bad, but the loss of the 212th and 501st bad.”

He took a deep breath. “So the big secret is out.”

“Yes, and they’ve already started to learn how to annoy the tooka,” Obi-Wan sighed. “But more importantly, Commander Cody is my Mate.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Mace shook his head, smiling despite the headache this would likely bring. In all the years he has known the younger Jedi, he had never seen him this happy. “I’m guessing you’ve Mated with him.”

“As a Dragon yes.” He chuckled wickedly and wiggled his eyebrows. “Waiting for the wedding night.”

“I don’t want to know, give me some plausible deniability.” Mace held up his hand not wanting to hear, but didn’t lose the smile. “I’m happy for you.”


They agreed to talk more about his connection to Cody, plus the bad intelligence reports, and to see if there was a deeper problem or just one bad situation. He pushed his friend to talk to Ponds. Mace sighed, but stated he would meditate on the situation.

“Go find your Mate.” Mace gave him a small smile. “It’s good to see happiness in such dark times.”

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