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Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Eleven)

Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Eleven)

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Author’s Note: I’m back (sort of) but at least have an update for the Afternoon Fic! This section is the ‘Wedding Night’ so it’s NSFW … well at least the read more finally works again.

He had enough time to quickly shower, change into cleaner tunics, and make his way to the hanger to wait for the 212th to land. He watched as they disembarked, a few coming to attention when they saw him, others nodding their head in his direction. The Commander’s voice boomed across the bay, the men instantly came to attention.

The General looked over his men, sighing at the fact they had lost over a fourth of their numbers. He hated putting in requisitions forms for new soldiers, there was something wrong about ordering new men.

“I know a lot has changed in the past day.” He could feel their delight in the Force. “I’m also sure you understand why this has to stay between us.”

“Don’t worry sir, we will protect you at all cost.” Lieutenant Boil gave him a nod. “No one, I mean no one is stealing the 212th’s Dragon General, and making you into soup.”

Their determination, sincerity, and protection hit him hard, enough that he stepped back at the intensity. He gave them a soft smile, barely containing his own emotions. “I will do all that I can to protect ner verde.”

“As we will do the same cuun Jetii.” Waxer added to the conversation, many of the men nodding their head in agreement.

Vor entye.” He gave them a half bow. “Commander…” Though not a word was said, he could feel their humor, and was sure every single verd’s gaze shifted to Cody, whose expression was likely as stoic as his bucket.

“General.” There was a warning in his tone, though his attention was fully on Obi-Wan.

He knew no matter what he said, the men were going to tease mercilessly. He was a High General, a Master Jedi, a damn Sith Killer, he was not going to be embarrassed to invite his Mate back to his cabin. “Would you please escort me to my quarters.”

The snap of Commander’s head as he stared at the men, sounded like it hurt. The Jedi could pick up humor, some envy, but mostly good natured feelings.

Cody turned back to the General, bowing his head slightly, as he gestured towards the door. “I would be honored.”

The men at least waited until they were past the door, to start hoot and hollering. Cody’s head dropped in resignation, while Obi-Wan laughed lightly. “They are going to be unbearable.” The Commander pulled off his bucket, as they continued down the hallway.

“Let them have their fun.” The General reached out and took his hand. “I would only suggest in time one or both of us explain more about Dragon Mates to them. I’m sure Anakin didn’t give them that much detail. Then once the novelty wears off, they’ll settle down.”

“If you’re sure, sir.” He squeezed the hand, smiling softly.

“Obi-Wan.” He stopped in front of his door, facing Cody. “In here, when it’s the two of us. No ranks, you’re my Mate and equal to me.”

“You will always be my General.” He cupped his face, cursing that he still had on his gloves. He really wondered how soft the beard was, hell he hadn’t even had a chance to kiss his Mate.

In a blink Cody had been pulled into the room, pushed against the closed door, and kissed with an inch of his life. The beard tickled, the mouth was warm and wet, and so perfect. The bucket dropped to the ground in a clatter, hands gripped at the slim waist and pulled his Jedi closer, the kiss deepening. With a growl he pulled away from his Mate, frustrated at the fact he couldn’t feel him. He ripped off his gloves, wanting to slip his fingers into the thick copper hair, only to laugh when Obi-Wan flicked his hand and all the locks on his armour began to pop and drop away from his body. His blaster, and Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber ended up hidden in the pile of plastoid.

“Isn’t that against the rules.” He muttered, pulling him back into his arms, relishing the feel against his body.

Obi-Wan laughed lightly, taking his mouth into a deep kiss, hands sliding through the short cropped hair, holding him still as he devoured him. “For you I’ll break all the rules.”

“Kriff.” He was hard and aching, and was trying to get some control over his body, not wanting to come in his blacks like a shiny. “Obi-Wan…”

Kenobi put his fingers over his lips, eyes going wide when Cody licked and nibbled them, before sucking them into his mouth. “Oh…” The obscene sound of his lips popping off the digits had Obi-Wan dropping to his knees faster than he anticipated. A hand landed in his hair, pulling just enough to get him to look up. “Let me do this for you.”

Cody couldn’t look away. His knees buckled slightly at the hesitant touch as Obi-Wan pulled the hard cock out from his blacks. The swipe of tongue against the tip, had him moaning, hand pulling his Mate’s hair.

He wasn’t going to last.

There was no way anyone could survive the beauty of Obi-Wan on his knees, mouth wrapped around the thick girth, blue eyes staring upwards filled with love, devotion, and pure lust. And then he swallowed down to the root. With a shout, Cody came embarrassingly fast. As he panted against the door, his Mate sat back, licking his lips.

Cody dropped to his knees pulling him into a deep kiss, tasting himself on the Jedi’s lips. He wanted to make his Mate feel as good as he did, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. He was Field Marshal of the 7th Core, Commander of the 212th Attack Battalion, leader of Ghost Company, he can figure this out!

He decided instantly that his Jetii wore too many damn layers! It took some work, but he got through the tunics, and hands into the loose fitting pants, gripping the hard cock, only for his Mate to flinch slightly. “Sorry.” He put his head on Obi-Wan’s shoulder, as he eased his grip.

“Oh my dear nothing you can do will be wrong.” He shifted, leaning back slightly giving Cody better access. “Just having you touch me…” He bit back a moan, as the calloused hand moved up and down, pulling in just the right way. “Like that, a bit more pressure on the head.” He panted, feeling heat pool in his stomach. When Cody’s thumb moved across the slit, his eyes snapped open, gaze bright as he stared at the pure concentration on his lover’s face. Reaching out with the Force he felt the joy, awe, and love pouring from his Mate. Which alone was enough for him to arch his back and come with a deep groan.

As he blinked, the sight of Cody licking his fingers was enough to get him half hard again. “For Force sake Cody, you’re going to kill me.”

The Commander licked his lips, giving him a wicked grin. “I know you have an actual water shower in here, how about we clean up, and then you can show me how something so big can fit into something so small.”


Cody laid on the bed, with Obi-Wan half on top of him. His arm wrapped around his Mate, hand caressing the red hair, making him purr. The Dragon liked being scratched behind the ears, the Jedi enjoyed having his hair played with.

He would exploit this knowledge fully to get his Jetii to sleep.

The shower had been sensual.

He was pretty sure the image of a naked wet Obi-Wan was going to be a secret pleasure of his.

Though the memory of him blissed out, covered in cum, was going to be his favorite.

Obi-Wan had taken his time, learned everything about Cody’s body. He had discovered things about himself that he hadn’t even known. It was a good thing he wore a bucket, because if the General touched his ears in any form, he was going to be hard in seconds.

The moment Obi-Wan had slid into him, he lost all speech. There were no words to describe what he felt. The burn of the stretch was intense, but ebbed into a pleasurable feeling of being full and claimed. The moment, the hard cock slid across his prostate he keened, back arching, legs wrapped around his Mate, forcing him in deeper.

“I got you.” Obi-Wan whispered into his ear, as he pulled out and thrust back in. “Just let go.”

His hands scrambled to grab onto anything, only to find purchase on Obi-Wan’s slim hips. Head was pushed back into the pillows, neck bared as he was totally kriffed into the mattress.

Since he learned about sex, he had wondered about it. He had touched himself, knew the pleasure of release, but this … this was beyond anything he had imagined. He was thankful to share this with Obi-Wan, and only him.

“What are you thinking about?”

“This. Us.” Cody answered, not quite sure he could put it into words.

Obi-Wan shifted until he was leaning on his Mate’s chest looking at him. “Everything okay?”

“Beyond okay.” Cody laughed, pulling him closer for a kiss. “I have to ask, how is this going to work? I mean outside these doors?”

“We have to be careful.” Obi-Wan sat up giving Cody a view of a toned chest, and perky pink nibbles. His hand itched to reach out, he knew it would get his Mate to keen. “The men know, and around them we can be ourselves, but with the officers, who are members of the Grand Army of the Republic…”

“We treat each other like we always do, save this for when we’re alone.” Cody’s thumb slid across the cheek, hand cupping the back of Obi-Wan’s head yanking him down into a kiss. “The protective thing might be harder to contain.”

“Everyone knows I’ll do the craziest stunt to protect my men, so no one will be surprised. I just really can’t go full Dragon, even if I wanted to.”

Cody shifted until he was sitting up, and leaning against the wall. “You need to be in Dragon form more often.”

“I do, but where?” He waved his hand around, shrugging slightly. “Maybe plantside, after a battle, deep in a forest or far away from the main army, or back at the Temple.”

“We rarely get back to Coruscant, and when we do it’s for a few days and you’re mostly in Council Meetings, or being dragged around like a show pony to get funding or ease ruffled feathers.” He sighed, hating the fact his Mate … and boy did he love being able to say that even if it was only in his head … rarely got time to rest.

He wondered if he could outfit a section of the Negotiator? Maybe not enough to frolic or run around, but at least stretch and be in Dragon form. He’ll talk to Snap and Kix, later about making sure the General stays healthy. Also made a mental note to add fish to the food supply, get him to eat more.

“This war won’t last forever.” Obi-Wan settled back into his Mate’s arms.

“Some days it feels like it.” Cody kissed the top of his head, once again running his fingers through the soft red hair, smiling when the purring started.

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