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Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Twelve)

Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Twelve)

Part One

Part Eleven

Note: I missed my Thursday posting – it’s been a rough week between house and work stuff!

For those who have read the previous Dragon Interest stories – there’s a hidden gem in this part as an ode to the stories.

Ahsoka and Rex, along with Echo and Fives, were standing in front of Anakin’s room.   “This is not going to end well for me.”

“We have questions.”  Ahsoka crossed her arms, staring down her Master.

“My room is barely big enough for me, let alone all of you.”  He should have seen this coming, no way the waterdown overview was going to be enough for his Padwan, let alone the Captain, who was connected to Cody.  He was pretty sure Echo and Five, was just along for the ride.

He led them to one of the training rooms, locked the door, then tossed out a ‘there’s nothing here’ suggestion around the room and hallway.

“What do you want to know?”  Anakin asked, as they got comfortable on the mats.  “There are some things I can’t explain, as I’m not a Dragon, and Obi-Wan would kill me if I gave way too many of his secrets.”

“Why aren’t the Dragons a protected species?”  Ahsoka started, frowning slightly.  “I mean they are sentient beings, why doesn’t the Republic recognize them as a species and protect them from Hunters?”

“Considering they don’t recognize us as citizens, and we’re sentient beings, I don’t have much faith in the Senate.” Fives had a point.

“I actually asked the same thing.”  Anakin crossed his legs in front of him, then leaned on his knees.  “Obi-Wan, had looked sad when I asked, so I dropped it and ran off to Master Windu.”

Anakin stared down the Council Member, who looked heavenward as if wondering why the deities hated him so much.   With a sigh he eased out of his chair, motioned for Anakin to follow him.  He wasn’t surprised when they ended up in the back garden, he had learned quickly that Mace preferred to be in Dragon form to talk myth, lore, and history.   He was sure that it calmed him down being in his natural form. He knew when his Master was able to stay in Dragon form for a few hours, he was a lot calmer and happier.  

‘Sit, it’s Dragon story time.’  Mace removed his robe, shoes, belt, pants and outer tunics.   He stretched, before making his way further into the room, and within a blink stood the Dragon.  

Anakin would never get over the transformation, how something so small could turn into a magnificent creature.  He learned over the past two years, that the Dragon didn’t outweigh the human Jedi.  

Both Masters were cunning fighters in human form.  He wouldn’t want to take Mace on in a fight, when he was in his human form, Force help him if he had to take him on as Dragon.

Mace settled down in front of Anakin, front paws stretched out in front of him.  ‘A long time ago, Dragons had their own planet, and traveled the galaxy without too much of a fuss.  There were a few incidents with Hunters or civilizations who didn’t like them around, but most accepted the creatures.  They were protectors, diplomats, and were neutral in galaxy politics.’  

‘You had your own planet? What happened to it?’ It wasn’t what he had expected to hear, but at the same time filled him with a sense of dread.  Mace gave him a look that had him shutting up and settling into story time.  

‘The Sith Wars.’  The Dragon shifted and looked away with a pensive expression.  ‘Dragons tried to stay neutral.  They had no intention of helping the Sith, especially as they had captured, tortured, and killed Dragons.  As you know we live long lives, no one knows for sure how old is the oldest Dragon.  The Sith wanted their secret to immortality, and would do anything to get it.   But at the same time the Old Republic wasn’t much better, as far as the Senate was concerned if the Dragons weren’t fighting for them, they were against them.  They set out a campaign that made the Dragons into destroyers of worlds, stole virgins, and hoarded wealth for themselves.  In the end, the Old Republic didn’t have to do anything, when a Dragon showed themselves they were hunted down and destroyed.’

Anakin wiped away the burning tears, body humming in anger.  ‘But you survived?’

‘Until then, Dragons stayed in their natural form, only transforming when needed.  They learned quickly to survive they needed to stay in their chosen form.’  Mace sighed, head bowed slightly.  ‘By the end of the war, their planet was destroyed, and the Dragons were scattered across the galaxy.  Some went as far as the Outer Rim, even as far as leaving the known Galaxy.’ 

‘Why don’t you come out now?’  

‘Because the myths and lore are more powerful than the truth.  Dragons are still hunted, even though they aren’t supposed to exist.  The Republic doesn’t have to protect a species that isn’t real, and if a Dragon gets caught, it was because they were hurting good folk.’  He gave Skywalker a pointed look.  ‘We both know the Senate doesn’t care about anything outside the Core Worlds, we as the Jedi have desperately clung to being open to all people, and failing.  Just in the years you’ve been here, you’ve seen the insulation of Coruscant away from the reality of what’s going beyond the Core.  I’m not proud of the fact we’ve become the Senate’s lap dogs, but …’ He huffed, laying his head down on his paws.  ‘Imagine for a moment if the Trade Federation discovered about Obi-Wan or I?’

‘I’m sure there are Senators who would help!’  Anakin shifted until he was next to Mace’s snout.  ‘Bail Organa he’s a friend of Master Obi-Wan.’

‘One out of 2000.’  

‘I’m sure the Chancellor would do what’s right.’  He would talk to him, Papaltine had been a friend for years.  

‘Anakin.’  The voice was soft, nothing he had heard from the Council Member.  ‘You can’t tell him about us.  You may trust him, but it’s not just Obi-Wan and I, it’s our whole species.  It’s also the Jedi Order.  It would only take one politician to start screaming about the inappropriateness of Dragons being Jedi, the best they would do was demand the Order to expel us, the worst … well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.’

He began to pet the Dragon.  ‘I won’t let anything harm either of you.  I am the Chosen One.’

Mace snorted and rolled his eyes, but leaned into the pets.

“Considering they’re still hidden, I’m going to bet the Chancellor didn’t give an osik about Dragons.”  Fives held his General’s gaze, not backing down.  “Before you start on me, let’s point out sir, that we don’t have any rights, despite the fact Senators Organa and Amidala have fought for it.”

“That’s not the Chancellor’s fault,” he snapped back.

“Then whose is it?”

“He can’t fix everything, he wants to help end this war but his hands are tied.”  Anakin bit back the simmering anger.  He had always pushed for the men to have their own thoughts and opinions, and let them be able to express those.  Denying those opinions just because they were something he didn’t want to hear, would be the akin to slavery.

“He has full powers, and has never reached out to try and talk with the Seppies?”  Fives pushed his argument.  “Even if the Separatists said no, he at least would’ve tried.”

“They are commiting crimes against the Republic!”

“I’m not saying they aren’t, but at some point a conversation needs to be had, or this will never end.  Republic will keep making clones, while the Seperatist keep making droids.  And who cares right, it’s just clones dying, not Republic Citizens.”  He held up his hands, before the General could argue anymore, he had made his point.

“What did the Chancellor say?”  Rex glanced between his vod and general.  Fives had always pushed the envelope, but his vod wasn’t wrong, and many of them had asked the same questions.  Cody had told him that Obi-Wan talked with his men about the same subject.  The General was honest that he didn’t have answers, but would always listen to the men, and it helped.

“I asked him if he knew the history of the Dragons, I wasn’t going to tell him there were two sitting in the Temple.”  Anakin stared at Fives for a moment, then focused on Rex.  “He went on a spiel about selfish creatures who stole from good hard working citizens.  When he went off about them working with the Sith, I just left.”

“What happened to your mother?”  Echo asked softly.  “In your story, you mentioned General Vos had pointed out Master Jinn didn’t save her.”

Ahsoka shifted to glance at her Master.  “Why didn’t he? I mean…” She paused for a moment trying to put her thoughts together.  “Let’s face it Master, you’re not a conventional Jedi.  The Council did nothing to help her?”

“Master Jinn had a medical droid remove my chip, and before he could tell anyone about my mom, he died.”  He frowned slightly, remembering how alone and afraid he felt those first few days, and how it intensified after Qui-Gon’s death.  Obi-Wan had tried hard to make him feel safe, but was grieving at the time.  “It actually wasn’t until six months later, Master Obi-Wan discovered that I had even been a slave, it would see Master Jinn left some information out.”

“Somehow that isn’t shocking.”  Echo gave him a pointed look, not actually liking Master Jinn that much.  He appreciated saving his General, but one good moment doesn’t undo many acts of neglect.

“I can admit, details weren’t his strong suit.”  Anakin had seen Master Jinn’s mission reports, they were a lot like his ‘Went to town, caught badguy, helped free slaves, and had an interesting lunch’.  It had been no wonder Obi-Wan whined like a dying creature when he dealt with Anakin’s reports, he was probably re-living his apprenticeships with Master Jinn.  “I … ” he hesitated for a few moments  “… not having my mom was hard.  She was everything to me, and I had a hero worship for her as much as I did for Master Jinn.  As far as I was concerned they sacrificed everything for me, and they could do nothing wrong.”

“As a Dragon does Obi-Wan know his parents?” Rex asked.  “Since the Jedi didn’t work with Dragons often, didn’t they have to deal with his parents more?  Or because they had no idea he was a Dragon, it was ignored.”

“Ironically all this ties into the same story.”  Anakin wrapped an arm around his Padawan.  “I had started to have dreams of her, that she was in trouble.  I had gone to the Chancellor, as he understood how I missed my mom, I never thought I could talk about it to Obi-Wan as he wouldn’t understand.”

“Why didn’t the Chancellor free her?”  Fives interrupted again.  “You were the hero of Naboo, he was your mentor … though I’m not even going to get into the oddity of an old guy hanging out with a kid … the point is, he knew you missed your mom, he had the resources to free her, and let her live on Naboo.”

He blinked at the Arc Trooper, tilted his head, opened his mouth to answer, then snapped it shut and stared at him.  It took a few moments before he actually answered.  “Actually, that is a good question… ” He huffed, shook his head as if trying to get his thoughts straight.  “Let me explain what happened, then we can actually come back to this.”  He waved his hand towards Fives.  “This was after learning about Obi-Wan, and Mace pointing out a few things to me.  I was still coming to terms with a lot of things, including my own anger and dark view of things around me.  I don’t know how to describe it, but there were times just being at the Temple pissed me off, and I never understood why.  Mace was working with me on it … but there were moments I just needed not to be there, so I would chat with the Chancellor.”

‘I keep having dreams of my mother.’  He paced around the room, agitated and frustrated.  ‘I think she’s in trouble.’

‘And I’m guessing your Master told you to focus on your studies, not on some silly dream.’  The Chancellor watched as the young man moved like a caged animal.  ‘Master Kenobi really doesn’t understand your power, it scares him.’

Anakin shook his head, only to get a sad smile from Palpatine as if he was deluding himself.  ‘I haven’t talked to him about it.  If there is anyone who would understand visions it’s him.  I’m just not sure what to do, I’m supposed to have let her go, but the Force is showing me this…’  He waved his arm around.

‘I’m honoured my young friend that you came to me with your concerns, when no one else would listen.’  He patted his shoulder, giving him a bright smile.  ‘You’re now taller than me, that isn’t right.’

“That’s not right.” Fives broke into the conversation.

“What do you mean?”  Anakin snapped at him.

The Arc Trooper just gave him a look.  “In that whole conversation not once does he go ‘my dear boy let me send a representative to Tatooine to check on your mom, instead he was more focused on bad mouthing the General.  He didn’t comfort you, just … ” he hesitated  “… it’s wrong.  He just comes across as creepy.”

“He’s like a grandfather to me.”

“Would you have let someone his age, who’s not a Jedi, meet with Ahsoka away from the Temple, with no supervision?” Echo asked.

“Kriff no!”  Anakin’s eyes went wide at the implication, just about the time his Padawan started going off about taking care of herself, and that she had more teeth.

“You think The General was okay with it?”  Rex asked, glancing at his two vod.  “I’m not saying the Chancellor is creepy or anything, hell your connection to him has saved our hides more than enough times, but it’s odd he focused on you or is it because you are the hero of Naboo? But then why not also talk to General Kenobi he had killed Maul?  He’s the first Sith Killer in a thousand years.”

Anakin had to beat down that sudden rash of anger again about losing Qui-Gon.  He paused, actually taking a moment to wonder why even after all this time with the meditation and beatings in the salle with Master Windu did he still get these irrational rashes of anger over that moment, and only that moment.

One of the things Mace had forced him to do was watch the fight, see what actually happened.  And holy Force, his Master was a kriffin’ ball of righteous fury.  He could barely keep up with the fight, both moved with a precision he never got close to in fighting.  His style was and would always be attack first, ask questions later.  He had understood, finally the idiot gets it – thanks Mace, that no there wasn’t anything Obi-Wan could do to save Master Jinn.  He had run ahead, taken on someone that he wasn’t equipped to fight, and there was no way in kriffings hell that Obi-Wan could’ve transformed.  So why … why the hell was he still getting this deep seated anger.

“Sorry, what?”  He glanced at the four of them.

“We were asking about your mother?”  Ahsoka reached over and took his hand, sensing something going on with her Master.

“Oh yes, come to find out, my Master really was a tactical geneious.”  He ignored the muttered di’kut.  “I finally went to talk to him about it, or more like he sought me out.  He sensed I wasn’t getting any sleep.”

‘Anakin.’  The voice was soft and caring, a tone he equated to his Master, when he was truly concerned, and not just tolerating the hormonal teenager.  ‘I know you haven’t been sleeping, what’s bothering you?’

He flung himself onto the couch,  head in his Master’s lap just like he did when he was ten.  ‘I’m having dreams.’

‘What type?’  Obi-Wan began to run his hand through Anakin’s hair, soothing him.  ‘You’re not prone to visions.’

Which was true, he wasn’t.  Of all the power Anakin had at his fingertips, Visions wasn’t something he dealt with often.  ‘I keep seeing her in pain, she’s suffering calling out to me.’

Obi-Wan frowned, he knew visions could be fleeting, and the harder someone tried to stop them the more likely they’ll come to fruition.  ‘Is it the same thing, each night?’

‘Yes.’  He nodded.  ‘She’s tied up, looks like a tent, she’s calling out for me.’  Anakin reached up to wipe the tears.  ‘I know I’m supposed to let her go, but why would the Force show me this unless I’m supposed to do something about it.’

Obi-Wan pushed against him.  ‘Well there’s one way to find out.’

Anakin scrambled upwards, shifting on the couch until he was facing his Master.  ‘We’re going to Tatooine?’

Kenobi gave him a look as he stood, then settled at his desk. ‘No, I’m calling my father.’

‘Why are you calling your father?’  Anakin was completely confused.  ‘Is he going to go to Tatooine?’

‘Why would he?’

‘My mom is there?’

‘No, she’s not.’

The two stared at each other, the room filled with an awkward silence.  Anakin could only blink at his Master, while Obi-Wan had a complete look of confusion.  Which was a rarity, and something he should enjoy.  

He suddenly focused on the holo that was sitting at his desk, smiling slightly.  ‘Papa.’

At that moment Anakin didn’t care about the confusion or awkwardness, he wanted to see his Master’s Papa.  He moved across the room, sliding next to Obi-Wan.  Logically he knew the guy wasn’t going to be in Dragon form, yet he was still disappointed when he saw a tall burly man, with a beard thicker than Obi-Wan’s, wearing simple pants and shirt with a long leather jacket over it.  ‘You took after your mother didn’t you.’

The laughter was booming, open and carefree.  ‘He may have my coloring, but the boy is all his mother.’

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes.  ‘I wanted to ask if everything was alright, if there had been any raids on the family or clan?’

‘No. Nothing has happened.’  He turned very serious.  ‘But should we be planning defense. I know it’s only recently we’ve reconnected my son, but I know your Force is very powerful in it’s intuition.  I can have the Clan assembled in moments, your Uncle Rhys will stand guard as the Dragon on the Mountain Top.  You know he lives for the drama.’

Obi-Wan snickered slightly, totally envisioning the tall dark Dragon, who had a wingspan that was over forty feet, and thirty foot flame, that could reach far and wide.  ‘I am more concerned with Shmi.’

‘Why?  Cliegg and her are doing fine, young Owen and Beru’s wedding is soon.’  He paused, then looked at Anakin.  ‘Is that your Padawan?  I’ll call for Shmi.’  He called someone off screen, then focused back on Obi-Wan.  ‘Why don’t you come visit, you can do that now, right?’

‘My mother is with your family?’  Anakin asked, blinking back tears.

‘Yes.’  Obi-Wan looked up at his Padawan.  ‘Didn’t you know?’


‘Oh dear…’  He was ready to explain more, when a woman appeared on the holo. 

‘Ani? Is that you?’

Anakin Skywalker fell to his knees in front of the holo, staring at his mother.  She looked healthy, had a bit more weight on her, but more importantly she was smiling. ‘Mom.’

Obi-Wan got out of his chair, manhandled his Padawan into the seat, and let him have this moment.  When the conversation ended, Anakin just stared at the empty space with a sappy smile on his face.  

‘Now that isn’t a look you see everyday.’  Mace actually smiled at a contented and happy Skywalker.  ‘Is this why I’m here, because if it is. Thank you.’

‘Actually you’re here, because I’m wondering why the Council didn’t tell my Padawan that his mother was rescued from Tatooine and moved to Stewjon.’  Master Kenobi’s tone indicated he would not tolerate being lied to.

Anakin blinked at the two, then at Obi-Wan. ‘You bought my mom?’

‘Actually she had already been freed by the time I got to Tatooine.’  Mace aimed straight for the kitchen.  He pulled tea down for Obi-Wan, some caf for him, and well he liked to spoil when he could get away with it and knew where Obi-Wan kept the good cocoa.  ‘Cliegg Lars had seen her in Wato’s shop and fell in love, haggled, threatened and finally appealed to the one good grace Wato had, money.  They were married soon after, living and working on a moisture farm in the Judland Wastes.’  He set the drinks down, on the small table in front of the couch.  He took his caf and settled into the armchair.  ‘I spent a few days talking to them, and they all agreed that Stewjon would be a better life, so packed up and settled into the Kenobi Clan.  Owen, even convinced his girlfriend to come with them.’

‘You have a Clan?’  Anakin barely touched his hot cocoa so entranced by the story.

‘It’s my father’s Clan, but yes the Kenobi Clan has been on Stewjon for many centuries.  There’s a reason Dragons flock to my home planet, it’s safe.  The local governments like having a Dragon as protectors, and the planet government wants nothing to do with the Republic or their views on how to live their lives.’   He sighed happily sipping his tea.  ‘Mace having met my family, when it was agreed for me to go to the Jedi Temple, escorted them.  The only stipulation my family put into place, was the ability to reach out to me.’

‘It’s hard being away from other Dragons.’  Mace gave Obi-Wan a small smile.  ‘It’s helped we’re both at the Temple, but I know the need to connect to other Dragons.  At one point both of us will have to leave the Order, too many questions will be asked about why we are not aging.  We’re not Yoda who can claim long life, humans tend to have shorter life spans.’

‘Of course what Mace wasn’t expecting was them adopting him.’

Anakin grinned, finally grabbing his drink and curling up into the couch.  ‘You are such a softy.’

‘I will bite you.’  Windu growled at the young Jedi.  ‘Now as for why you weren’t told.  I wanted to, I understood the need to know your mother was safe.  This wasn’t a normal situation, of a child removed from a parent at an older age, you were slaves and with her in slavery there is still a fear, that is hard to get rid of.  I was out voted.  Others felt that it was a good lesson, that you needed to learn to be without your mom no matter the circumstance.’

‘I guess I can see both rationals.’  Anakin nodded his head contemplating the situation first before reacting.  ‘I’ve been having dreams of her dying.  Being a slave on Tatooine there are many things that could kill her, and maybe that fear bled into my dreams.  Knowing she’s protected, safe, it easies something deep inside.’

‘She’s now a protectee.’  Obi-Wan assured him. ‘Like you are.’

‘A what?’  He glanced between the two Masters.

‘I told you this, obviously you weren’t listening.’  Kenobi’s couldn’t hide his exasperated tone.  ‘Dragons are protectors, and tend to take in someone, family or even town to protect.  As you’re my Padawan you’re my protectee.’

‘I’m special.’

‘Well that’s one way to put it.’

Anakin stared at Windu, while his Master started laughing.  ‘What else did I obviously ignore?’

‘I’m sure a lot, considering your grades in Galactic History.’  Mace gave him a pointed look, sipping his caf.

‘Who knew you were such a comedian.’  Anakin shook his head, actually enjoying the teasing.  ‘Wait, I remember something about hoarding.  Except being a Jedi, neither of you have a stash.’

‘The Old Republic was able to use a Dragon’s hoarding tendency to their disadvantage.  It’s not the best trait we have, but it’s something ingrained.  And every Dragon has something different, some may be similar, but ultimately for different reasons.  And yes as a Jedi, it’s one of Dragon tendencies we both work on, as material possession is not part of our life.’  Obi-Wan explained with just a dramatic flair, that he always had when talking about Dragons.  

‘Do you both have a stash somewhere?’  He was almost vibrating with anticipation.

Obi-Wan shrugged. ‘Sometimes it takes a while for it to manifest.’

Anakin turned towards Mace, who was clearly trying to ignore the whole conversation.  ‘Oh tell me!  Oh come on I deserve this!’

‘You deserve a lashing in the salle!’  Windu set his empty cup down, folded his hands as he leaned on his knees and stared down the Chosen One. ‘Purple things.  Just things that are purple.  The fact my kyber crystals made a purple saber was fate.  I curtail it, but yes I do have a few things close to me.’

Mace never commented weeks later, when Anakin handed him a small yet beautiful purple crystal he had found on their last mission.  

“We ended up taking a trip to Stewjon, and I got to meet the crazy Clan Kenobi.  He is just like his mother, she is all Tooka and it’s glorious.  His father is amazing, and yes Uncle Rhys is dramatic.  My mom is happy with her new family, and I have a step dad and brother, and a whole clan.  Ironically, I have more attachments, yet feel freer.  Not soon after, Padmé was attacked and well then Master discovered you guys, and here we are.”

“We have to tell Ponds.” Fives whispered conspirately towards Echo.  “Or at least tell him about the purple thing.”

“He’ll kill me.”  Anakin shook his head, though also wondering how to let the Master’s Commander know.   Actually he’s pretty sure Ponds is seen as protectee, and would be great to help keep Windu calm, and give him pets.

“So Cody is what to the General?”  Rex asked not sure protectee was the right word.

“Mate.  Dragon’s have a Mate.  It’s the one thing even the Jedi wouldn’t fight against, well if they knew.  Cody will be by Obi-Wan’s side forever.  Doesn’t matter that he’s a clone, as long as the Dragon lives so will the Mate, and when one dies, the other will follow.  Not instantly but they don’t last long afterwards.”  Anakin couldn’t help the smile, he had felt his Master’s flail when he realized the Clone Commander was his Mate.   At first he didn’t understand why Obi-Wan didn’t tell him, but in time realized the need to wait.  CC-2224 needed to become Cody, to think beyond Kamino’s programming, be more than just a clone.

Rex couldn’t help the beaming smile, he was thrilled for his ori’vod.  He had known Cody had feelings for Obi-Wan, and had figured seeing them that morning they had confessed it to each other, he hadn’t realized it went that deep.  “So does the General have something he hoards?”

“I would’ve said clones, but he would have to fight Master Koon for that honor.  He does see the 212th and by extension the 501st as protectees.  I’m also sure he sees Ahsoka as one also.”  He gave her a smile.  “He is half training you.  Next time we see him, you two should take some time, meditate and work on your saber skills.”

“I would like that.  And one day you have to take the new ‘kids’ to meet the Clan.”  Ahsoka seriously wanted to go visit Stewjon.   “By the way how are they faring in this war?”

“Completely neutral.”  Anakin had been pissed about at first, but then considered what they were protecting, including his mom, he was perfectly fine with it.  “They basically told the Republic to kriff off, and from what I heard the Seppies didn’t even get past the first line of planetary defense, ironically they even told the Duchess to screw off, they weren’t joining any group.  They would defend their planet from all invaders.  I’ve seen his father fight, and let’s just say, Generalship runs in the family line.  That was one skill he inherited from his father.”

“Did you ever tell the Chancellor your mother was alright.”  Fives asked with a sense of curiosity that likely wasn’t healthy for his well being.

“Actually, I did.”  He paused, remembering the shock then flash of anger on the Chancellor’s face, he didn’t think anything of it at the time.  “He kinda patted me on the shoulder and shoved me out of his office.  You really think it’s weird he mentored me?”

“We don’t have a lot of experience in different types of relationships.”  Fives shrugged shifting his position to make sure he was leaning more towards Echo.  “We have our batch mates, and those we chose to be closer with, but we all learned early about being protective of the shinies.  We were all worried that longnecks would come and our brothers would just disappear.  But, then there were stories from the early years when the trainers were people Jango picked, some of them paid too much attention to the cadets.  Cody can tell you, despite what he feels about Fett, that when Jango found out, the men involved didn’t disappear, their bodies were dropped from the ceiling as a warning.  There are many things about Jango we don’t like, including sending our brothers to be decommissioned, but touching children, even us clones, was not acceptable.”

“Doesn’t mean all relationships are like that.”  Anakin pointed out.  “I’ve always seen him as my grandpa.  I didn’t fit in, had no one to talk to…”

“A man forty years your senior, who is running the Republic, has time to listen to the ramblings of a ten year old?”

“He never touched me,” Anakin argued.

“Tell me did you ask to talk to him or the other way around?”  Fives wasn’t even sure what he was asking, but the whole thing seemed off.

He paused, head tilted.  “I remember Master Obi-Wan taking me to the Senate Dome, and we met with him.  After that it was every few months or when we weren’t on Missions, and Obi-Wan always had to wait … ”  Anakin suddenly stood and left the room.

“Fives!”  Rex yelled at his vod.  “What was that?”

“I just think it’s odd.  Come on Rex, you’ve protected shinies from some of the Nat born officers for the exact reasons I’m referring to.  I’m not saying he did anything to the General, but he sure as hell doesn’t have his well being in mind.  Why didn’t he help his mother, and all the comments against the General.  You don’t think it sounds weird?”

“It does, but no one ever talked about it.” Ahsoka looked at the three clones.  “Now, it’s no big he’s just General Skywalker talking to the Chancellor, but you’re right, Master wouldn’t like me going off by myself, to see someone not in the Temple.  We have mentors, trainers from a variety of Jedi but our lessons are always approved or discussed with our Master.”

“No way the General would’ve liked it.”  Fives pushed on, giving the Captain a pointed look. “He declared him a protectee.  Dragons are territorial, we’ve seen how he protects the 212th, and even before this whole Mate thing popped up, he would’ve killed anyone for touching the Commander.  I just don’t see him being okay about his ten year old Padawan, who was a slave and wouldn’t know how to say no, run off to have a playdate with a fifty year old man.”

Rex shook his head.  “I hear ya, but let’s not piss off the Chancellor who can actually have us decommissioned.”

Echo snorted.  “If he tried, the rampage we saw yesterday would be nothing compared to what General Kenobi would do, and I’m pretty sure Skywalker would be leading the charge.”

Rex glanced down at his communicator, frowning at seeing who was calling him.  “Cody aren’t you supposed to be on your honeymoon?”

“I would be, but your General is annoying my Mate.  Get him before I end him.”

“KRIFF!”  Rex ran out of the room, with the rest following suit.

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