Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Five)

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The fire was enough to keep him warm. After a tense staring match, which the General only won because he was still in Dragon form, he had removed the armour and set it close at hand. Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber was secured with his blaster.

Obi-Wan knocked some fish onto the bank, for Cody to eat. He found a good roasting stick, and cooked them over the fire, it had been a tastier meal than the rations he had in his gear. He was more thrilled in watching the Dragon hunt food, and actually eat. He would need to have a conversation with Snap when they got back to the Negotiator, to make sure the General was getting enough nutrients. The fact it took every inch of Cody’s stubborn will to get him to eat on a normal day, would mean he likely wasn’t.

As night began to fall he found himself full, warm and content leaning against the Dragon, who had wrapped himself around Cody and the fire. “You can’t avoid the question forever.”

“No.” Obi-Wan’s tail twitched running along his Commander’s leg. “I knew you were my Mate the moment I saw you, and had no idea what to do about it. The very idea that anyone was created to fight and die was affront to everything the Jedi stood for, yet here was a whole army waiting for us to send them into battle to die.”

“You don’t treat us like that.”

It was an old argument.

Obi-Wan though tries at times to keep a sense of detachment while in battle, and in ways he understood there are times he has to detach himself from his vode, or he would never be able to send them into danger. But he also knows the Jetii felt every death, says remembrance with them, and will go over battle plans until he can barely stand to find the best solution with less body count.

“Yes, we’ve had that argument many times.” The Dragon gave him a sheepish look. “But ner al’verde you needed time to figure out who you were, outside being a clone, part of the GAR, and even your vode.”

Cody crossed his arms, taking a moment to think about what was said, and well he was right. He was made to serve the Jedi, made to fight, and if need be, die for the Republic. He was given the name Kote, settled for Cody, and it had taken time for him to stop being CC-2224.

CC-2224 wouldn’t make a good Mate for a Dragon.

Cody would, but Kote would be better.

“How does this work?” He asked starting to play with the Dragon’s tail. Each time he caught it in his hand, Obi-Wan pulled it out and flopped it back on his leg. He was pretty sure tookas did the same thing. He looked like a big lizard, but acted like a fluffy tooka. “If I get a big ball of string, would I be able to lead you to the mess hall?”

“Don’t even!”

Well that was a thought for another day.

“This isn’t something that can be undone.” He looked at Cody, gaze filled with hesitation, hope, and under all of it love.

“I’ve loved you for a while.” He grabbed the tail one more time and held it, giving him a pointed look. “Don’t argue with me, I know my own feelings.” The tail settled down indicating what he had thought, it was a sign of his General’s nervousness. “Yes, we were made for the Jetii, made to fight for the Republic, but we’re not mindless clankers. It took time but we became our own men, learned to be individuals in a sea of sameness. The moment I met you, I knew you were different. I didn’t understand what I was feeling, so that took time. I’ve seen you at your best, worst, and everything in between. There are times all I want is to hide you away from this war, but I know you wouldn’t allow it. Your ner Jetii. I don’t want to make sure Skywalker eats, or Koon gets enough sleep. It’s you I worry about, the one I go to sleep thinking about, only to wake up with you on my mind. It’s you who makes me laugh and cry. You’re it for me.”

The tail wrapped around his wrist and pulled him onto his feet, it was way stronger than he had thought. Cody walked across the small clearing until he was face to face with the Dragon. He leaned forward and put his forehead on the snout, ignoring the tickling sensation from the whiskers. “Ni kar’tayl gar darasuum.”

Ner cyar’ika al’verde.” He rubbed against him then reached out with his paw and pulled him closer. “You are my life, Cody.”

“So how does this work?” He ran his hands along the snout, over the head, petting one of his ears, before settling into the embrace. “And do I really need to be a virgin.”

Kenobi snorted. “That’s an old wives tale started by an overbearing father, who didn’t want to acknowledge that his dear sweet daughter had already made her way through the eligible bachelors before finding her Mate.”

“Is it okay if I am?”

“Cody you are part of my ka’rta.” He nudged him slightly. “Sex is part of the relationship, not all of it. Well, and in Dragon form, virgin or not, it doesn’t work between us. Now once I get back to being human, well lets just say I’m looking forward to peeling you out of those very form fitting blacks you got on.”

He blushed lightly, but also felt heat go through him, just thinking about his General’s hands on his body. “I wondered many nights what you looked like under those tunics, I wasn’t expecting Dragon.”

Obi-Wan chuckled, shaking Cody slightly. “I’m more impressive like this.”

He leaned over and kissed the snout. “I think you’re impressive both ways. Though I have a question and I hope you’ll be honest with me?”

“I will try.”

Cody knew that was a lot coming from his … his future Mate. “How did you get the scars? It’s not from fighting in this war, Snap will dunk your ass in bacta for a hangnail if he could get away with it.”

He felt Obi-Wan slump. “It’s not easy to talk about, but it’s a part of me that you need to know.”

Cody settled again onto the ground fitting against his chest, paw wrapped around him. He couldn’t see Obi-Wan’s eyes but he could feel the shuddering breath as he started to speak. “I was thirteen…”

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