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Afternoon Fic: Cherik AU (Part 4)

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three


The metal vibrations alerted him that Erik was waking up.

He had been by his side for twenty-four hours, and only budged to find a shower and change, Azazael having popped in again with some clothes, necessities, and cash.  He in turn had sent a list of medical supplies that would be needed for Erik’s recovering and told him to give it to Hank to prep a room.

Charles stood, still holding Erik’s hand as he leaned over him.  “Erik I need you to calm your mind.  You’re safe.  Where ever you think you are, it’s an illusion.  Follow my voice.”  He felt the grip on his hand tighten.  “Come on Erik you can do this, I need you to stay calm … focus on my voice.”

He barely flinched when the pen on the chart embedded itself in the wall, as the metal clipboard began to crumble.


Charles startled when he was pulled into Erik’s mind.

He looked around trying to gauge where he was, the rain was heaving down making it difficult to see.  He flipped the hair out of his eyes, and stared up at the iron gates and the hordes of people being shoved through it.

He heard a boy scream for his mother.

Watched as the metal gate began to bend to his will.

In a blink he was dry and in an office, startled to see Shaw looking the exact age as when they faced him down only a few days ago.   He studied the young boy, terrified of what was happening around him.

This was the moment.

The one that set Erik on his path, the one that would lead him to Charles  … to Cuba … to recovering from a gunshot wound.

A part of him was awed by Erik’s raw power as he destroyed the office and lab, inadvertently killing the German guards.

Watching Shaw put his arm around young Erik, laughing as he dropped the coin at his feet … made him wonder why he wanted to take Shaw alive.

The man was truly a monster.

The next scene made him heave, even if the scene before him was only in his head.  He logically knew what happened in the camps, read about the atrocities.  He had even seen glimpses of these moments in Erik when they first met and during their recruiting trip.

But to see it fully.

The experiments.


‘What are you doing here?’

He turned to see Erik has he knows him standing in the corner, looking between his younger self being electrocuted and Charles.

‘You pulled me in, you need to wake up.’  He reached out to him, wanting to move him away from the scene.

‘I pulled you into one of my nightmares?’  Erik looked frustrated, as he ran a hand over his face.  ‘I am sorry for that, no one should see these.’

‘No one should have lived them.’  Charles whispered softly.

‘I don’t need your pity, Charles.’  The voice became stern.

He could feel the anger brewing. ‘Calm your mind Erik.  You’re causing damage outside …’

‘That’s why I asked for a room away from the others.’  He took a deep breath, hands clenching and unclenching by his side.

‘We’re not at the manor.’  He finally got close enough to touch, fingers softly caressing Erik’s arm.

‘Where the hell are we?!’

The scene changed in moments going from cold sterile operation room, to the beach in Cuba.  Erik looked around, then back at Charles to see him in the black and yellow uniform.

‘It’s beautiful when not being shot at.’

‘What do you remember?’  Charles asked, noticing that Erik was projecting his image without the helmet, not that it would work.  He was already in his head.

‘Shaw’s death.  Humans trying to kill us.  One succeeding.’

‘You’re not dead my friend.’  He reached out and laid a hand on his chest.  ‘You’ll recover I’ll be there each step of the way.’

‘I might as well be.’  He shrugged.  ‘You won’t forgive me for killing Shaw.’

‘I…’  Charles hesitated only for a moment.  ‘I am a pacifist by nature.  I don’t believe in violence. I believe that one day we can all live in this world together.’

‘Naïve idealism.’  Erik smiled at him. ‘But it’s what makes you … you.  I wouldn’t change that, but I do wish you would see that the world isn’t ready for it.’

‘Nor does it need another revolutionary.  It’s seen enough death and destruction.’  He pointed out in earnest.

‘Then we find ourselves at a standstill.’  He glanced out towards the water.  ‘Maybe you should just let me go.  Maybe I can finally find that peace that has eluded me all these years.’

‘I cannot survive this without you, my friend.’  Charles reached out and cupped his cheek, making Erik focus on him.  ‘We’re not a standstill, we’re at a cusp.  Neither of us is right nor wrong.  We’re better together.’

‘You teach, while I fight.’

‘The point I’m making Erik is we do it together.’  He ran a thumb across his cheek.  ‘It’s time to wake up.’

Charles blinked.

He looked down to see Erik’s eyes were open, staring up at him.  He smiled softly, running his thumb over his cheek.  “Welcome back.”

Afternoon Fic: Cherik AU (Part 3)

Part One

Part Two


A few hours later he found himself sitting next to Erik’s bed, holding his hand.  He ignored the machines around him.  The sound of the ECG Machine was background noise, telling him Erik’s heart was beating.

The scar was long and ugly down the middle of his friend’s chest, the stitches dark against the pale skin, a few pieces of thread that was holding his chest together.   Charles took a calming breath, swearing to himself that he would make sure Erik had the best care.

“You will need to keep him calm when he wakes.”

Charles jumped out of the chair, tripping into the bed, before turning around and glaring at the intruder.

Azazael gave him a smirk.  “I couldn’t sneak up on Emma.”

“Well I am a bit distracted.” Charles forced himself to calm down, and not lash out at the mutant.  “What are you doing here?”

“Checking on you two.”  He stepped closer to Erik, giving him a critical eye before focusing back on Charles.  “He is recovering?”

“They are worried about infection.”  Charles sat back down, taking Erik’s hand again, not caring about the look he was getting.  “One lung is damaged, the other collapsed under the pressure.  They lost him once, but …”

“Stubborn asshole.”

“It’s like you know him.”  Charles snorted softly.

“A man who hunts for twenty years to find the bastard who killed his mother.”  Azazael walked around the room.  “Stubborn is only the beginning.”

He looked down, not ready to talk about Shaw.

“I will have to thank him for killing the bastard.”  He continued watching his fellow mutant.  “My people can rest easily.”

Charles’ head snapped up, a frown on his face.

“You think we followed him because we loved him.”  His chuckle was rich and dark.  “Some aspects we agreed.  My mutation can’t be hidden, hence I normally stay on my island with my fellow teleporters …”

“You don’t think in time the humans would accept you?”  Charles had always thought Raven was beautiful in her natural form, but then she had the ability to hide, Azazael didn’t.

Azazael shook his head.  “They don’t let black people drink from the same fountain as whites in your country.  What do you think?”  He whipped his tail around, giving him a pointed look.  “As far as good humans think, I’m the devil.”

“But in time they can be …”

“Look at his arm.”  He pointed at the hand Charles was holding.  “I know what those numbers are.  They represent what humans will do to those who are different.”

His fingers ran across the inked numbers.

“Shaw did that, and worse.”  Azazael shrugged.  “He bragged about Erik.  The monster he created.  How he loved him.  The anger.  The hatred.  But he forgot that the story ended when the monster killed the doctor.”

“There was another way, he didn’t have to kill him.”  He stubbornly held his point.

“He will wake up disoriented and likely flash back to his time with Shaw.”  The teleporter looked around the room, eyes laying on everything that was metal.  “Be ready to calm him down.  Do you have a message for your sister?  They demanded information.”

“Are they okay?”

“I took them to your home.”  He smirked, laughing lightly to himself.  “The blue furred one, kept growling.”

“Hank!  You didn’t hurt them…”

“No.  Your sister is one to reckon with.”

“Raven can be very protective.”

“Bites too.”  Azazael smiled showing all his teeth.  “Shall I tell them, you are waiting by your lover’s side.”

“We’re not …”  The red mutant rolled his eyes.  “Tell Hank to prep for us to return, Erik will need full time care, and well I guess I’m going to have to deal with the CIA.”

“The ones who fired weapons at us?”

“They were scared …”

“Yet you think they will accept someone like me or your sister?”  Azazael’s smirk was downright vicious.  He turned towards Erik, tilting his head slightly.  “He did the right thing.”

“He was going to kill innocents.”

“And what do you think would have happened to all the civilians on this island?”

And with that last statement he teleported out of the room, leaving Charles alone with his thoughts.

Afternoon Fic: Cherik AU (Part Two)

Quick Note:

Yes you’ll get these updates sporadically – like I had stated in the first post these fics are palette cleansers when dealing with Sylum related materials.

This particular AU is from X-Men: First Class … Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier.  I’m not that involved in X-Men fandom so this could be interesting …. blame Speed.

<< >> denotes telepathic speech

Part One


Charles sat in the clean waiting room, waiting.   They had wheeled Erik away, and every instinct had him wanting to follow, but he was getting looks from other staff.  His ‘uniform’ was covered in blood and sand, and he looked wild.  He forced himself to calm down, then gently tapped his forehead to calm those around him.

With deliberate ease he stole a pair of scrubs, trashed the uniform into a hazmat bin, and worked his way back to the lobby, where he was directly pointed to the surgery waiting area.  It would seem he was startling the other patients.

After an hour of nothing but tired platitudes from the staff, he wandered around.  With his shields firmly in place, he explored the modern facility.  It had taken him sadly a while to figure out he was actually in Havana.  Azazel had got him to the closest hospital, and really at this moment he couldn’t have been happier.

‘My cousin said they were so scared.’  A voice snuck through his shields, as he passed by the nurses station.  He worked to ignore it, but something told him to pause.  ‘All those warships.  He was sure death was coming to their door.’

‘They are gone now.’  A second voice entered into the conversation.  ‘But tension has risen once again.  We are not their battle ground.’

‘Yet they sent bombs to our beaches!’  A third entered the conversation.  ‘I saw it.  Then they turned around and …’

“Code Blue!”  A yell went down the hall.  “Code Blue in OR Room 3!”

Charles looked down the hallway as nurses, ran for the operating room.   He knew without a doubt that was where Erik was located.

<<Don’t leave me.>>  He stood in the hallway, his focus and attention fully on the only thing that mattered.  <<Erik hold on!  Don’t you dare leave me now, you son of a bitch!>>

One of the older nurses made her way down the hall, stopping in front of Charles.  “Come sit down, can we get you anything?”

“Is he alive?”  He asked, letting her sit him down, his focus still on Erik.

“He coded on the table, they couldn’t find the bullet…”  She gasped.

Charles looked down at his open palm, where the bullet laid.  “You don’t know what he means to the world … to me.”

She sat next to him, folded his hand around the bullet, and held it in between hers.  “He’s got a guardian angel watching over him…”

Charles chuckled humorlessly.  “Well they’ve done a piss all job haven’t they.”  He pulled his hand from hers, gave her a halfhearted smile as she walked left him there.

He startled awake when a hand rested on his shoulder.  He stood quickly when he saw the doctor leaning over him.  “How is he?”

“He’s in recovery.”  He gave him a reassuring smile.  “We lost him for a moment, but were able to get him back.  We were able to repair the damage to his lung, but it’s going to be a long recovery.   We’ll have to watch for infections, and he’ll have a weakened lung, but if all goes well…”

“Can I see him?”  Charles demanded.

“When we settle him into a room, you can visit …”  The doctor hesitated, motioning for Charles to sit back down, while taking the seat next to him.  “I was concerned of the scars that he already has.  Do you know any of his medical history, that we should be aware of … the next 48 hours will be crucial to his recovery.”

“He’s a survivor of the camps.”  He closed his eyes, as flashes of Erik’s memory broke through the fog he’d been in for the past … he looked around until he saw clock.  Twelve hours.  They had taken down Shaw twelve hours ago, and it felt like a lifetime ago.

<<Holy Mother of God.>>

Charles glanced over to the Doctor, who had paled tremendously as he crossed himself.

<<Holy Mother I ask you to intercede with your son to heal this young man … >>

“He’s Jewish.”

The Doctor titled his head slightly, but didn’t seem upset or fazed.  “I will send for a Rabbi, in case.”

“He survived the camps, doctor.  He’s too damn stubborn to die at the hands of humans.”  Charles gripped the bullet in his palm, feeling the sharp edges push against his skin.  “But I thank you for your prayers and more importantly your skills.”

“I’ll make sure the staff knows his history.”  He stood only to pause and glance down at Charles.  “There was an incident in the surgery room.  The trays, tools, anything metal started shanking, right before he coded.”

Charles gave him a soft smile, as his fingers touched his forehead.

The doctor blinked, shaking his head slightly.  “A nurse will come to get you, once he’s settled in his room.”  He turned and walked away, not quite sure what had just happened.

He leaned back in the uncomfortable seat, ignoring the tears that streaked down his cheek.

Afternoon Fic

Some of you may know of my Afternoon Fic’s that I post on my tumblr.

The final products have always been posted in the General’s Office.

Because of recent entitled twats, who felt they were wanted to cause drama – I’m no longer posting my Afternoon Fics to Tumblr.

Lucky You! I’ll be posting them here.

Now how does this work??

One: These are not Sylum related stories – these are my palete cleansers when I just can’t deal with Nico and his damn children … or Ernesto … or John … you get the meaning.

Two: The stories are not edited, they are raw form.  Once finished and edited they’ll be posted in The General’s Office.

Three:  There will be days you won’t see anything, but I will always come back and finish it.

Four: During Sylum Events there will be no Afternoon Fics

Five: Enjoy


And now for the new Afternoon Fic … I’m working on.  Though I can’t actually believe I’m writing in the X-Men fandom … I blame Speed completely!

Oh do I need to mention that this is AU *smirks*

He needed to protect his fellow Mutants. Charles didn’t see that, the Humans needed to learn that Mutants couldn’t just be eradicated. They were like children, who stomped on the bug because it was ugly and scared them.

He easily turned the missiles around, and just as he started to send, he was tackled to the ground.

Damn it Charles!

He didn’t want to hurt him, but this had to be done.

Why didn’t he understand!

Taking power back over the last missiles, he concentrated on what had to be done.

The first bullet caught him unawares.


The second one he deflected.

With a snarl, he turned to see the Moira, the CIA Agent shooting at him.


Did she miss the part where he was holding a dozen or so metal missiles with his powers, and shooting at him was a stupid idea!

He heard a groan behind him.


She was still shooting at him, with Charles nearby.

Erik dropped the missiles into the water, and focused on the real threat. She was taking pot shots, barely aiming, just shooting at his vicinity. Charles was in danger because of her recklessness.

Time slowed down as each bullet, raced towards him.

He lifted his hand to deflect with ease, only to realize it was already on the path to hit Charles. Without thought he moved …

He should have felt the pain on impact, but he couldn’t.

Shaw had stolen that from him, right along with pleasure.


He felt Charles’ arms move around him, as he fell towards the sandy beach. He blinked, trying to take a breath, to tell him that it was okay – he was safe now.

“Erik, just stay calm.” Charles moved his hand over the uniform, trying to pull it apart to get to the wound. He couldn’t lose him, not like this. With a yell he pulled off the damn helmet and tossed it as far as he could. <<Erik listen to me.>>

<<Safe. Charles. Safe.>>

“Oh God. No.” He saw it with ease, Erik stepped into the shot to protect him. <<Stay with me.>>

“Protect them.” Blood spilled from his mouth, he tried to wipe it but Charles held his hand. “All of them…”

“NO! You will not leave me!” He gripped the back of his neck and made Erik look at him. “I refuse to let you go.”

Erik suddenly cried out in pain, scaring Charles even more. He looked down to see the bullet in Erik’s hand. <<Oh dear…>>

“Charles get away from him, he’s dangerous.”

His head snapped up, mind roaring with anger and desperation. “You did this!” He yelled, his gaze was like steal as he mentally shoved her away, wrapping the dogtags around her neck and squeezed.


“Charles!” Raven ran towards the fallen agent. “Stop it Charles you’re killing her!”


He focused back on Erik, letting her go, not caring that she dropped the ground gasping for air. <<Erik.>>

<<Promise me you’ll take care of them.>>

“Not without you, my friend. We want the same thing. I can’t do this without you.” He cupped his face, wiping away the blood.


“I will not lose you.” Charles was desperate to do anything to save him. He wondered if his own powers could be used to heal if he wanted it bad enough.

“Hold on.”

Charles looked up startled to see one of Shaw’s men standing over him. Azazael was menacing looking in all the wrong ways.

“Hold on to me.” He held out his hand, towards Charles. “Hold on to him. I take you to doctor.”

Charles reached out and took it, in a flash they were no longer on a beach but instead in the lobby of a hospital.

“HELP! I need Help!”

Doctors and nurses came rushing towards him instantly. He looked up to thank him, but Azazael was already gone.

“He was shot in the chest, still breathing.” Charles informed the doctor as they lifted Erik onto the gurney. “Save him.”

“We’ll do our best…”

He lifted his blood stained fingers to his temple. <<Save him.>>

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