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Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part 15)

Part One

Part Fourteen

“NO.”  Erik and Azazel yelled at the same time.  

The two looked at each other, then fist pumped.  

“Dude when did we become parents?”  Azazel smirked at his friend.

“I think that would be when you fucked Raven.”  Erik shook his head. Peter coughed, only to get glared at by his father.  “Hush, you’re already in trouble.”

“We want to help Vatar.” Kurt looked at the two of them.  “I can teleport all the way to the city to St. Patricks.”

“Why are you teleporting there?”  Azazel bent down to look at his son.  He was so beautiful, and made him so proud.  He really wished he could spend more time with him.  Maybe after all this, he would take more time. The idea that he never saw his boy grow up, upset him more than he cared to admit, let alone the idea his son wouldn’t survive.

“I like their St. Michael statue.”  He said with a smile. “Father Gregory is also nice, but I prefer Mass here with Father Angel.”

Azazel stood and looked over at his friend, eyes narrowing. “My son is going to Mass?”

“What do you expect when an Anglican and Jew raise a teleporting mutant, of course he becomes Catholic.”  Erik rolled his eyes. “He loved the stories of Angels as a toddler, specifically St. Michael and the Archangels.  He didn’t like normal picture books, just the big ones with the angel images. When he was threeish he popped into the local Catholic church, by accident.  Father Angel gave him some food, let him play with his St. Michael statue, and then called us. He’s a priest Azazel and he didn’t blink at your son.”

“I would like to meet this man.  Well if he is to follow Christian Symbolism, at least he went for the badass of them all.”  Azazel patted Kurt’s shoulder. “You’re still not helping, you are small and not quite at Archangel status.”

“But I can move people.”

“And I can get around people.”

Erik looked at the two of them, knowing they would go into this war without hesitation.  He hated the humans for starting this. He hated Mystique for being who he would’ve been.  “You are too young.”

“Sean and Alex were not that young when you guys went against Shaw.”  Peter argued back.

“Let me put this in terms you will understand.”  Erik looked at the two of them. “If something happened to you.  I would kill Trask, and anyone around him without hesitation. I already want to, I already want to fight, but your safety is keeping me tempered.”

Kurt poofed, then landed in his Vatar’s arms, something he hadn’t done in years.  “No Vatar, you wouldn’t. You are a good man, I see it.” He patted Erik’s cheeks.  “We stay.”

Erik held him close, then set him back down to the ground.  “Peter?”

“I get it man.”  In a rare show for the teenager, he hugged his father.  He stepped back and looked around the room, at the rest of the X-Men.  “But I want to be trained at some point.”

“You’ve already ordered your uniform, it’s on backorder until your twenty-five, and graduated college.”  Alex snarked at the kid, making Erik snort. “Same with you kid.”

Kurt and Peter smirked.

Azazel caught Erik when he stumbled suddenly.  “You okay?”

“It’s Charles.”  He shook his head, trying to absorb the mental anguish that was suddenly coursing through him.

“He went to talk to himself.”  Hank frowned. “Wanted to find out what happened.”

“Fucking idiot.”  Erik stalked off towards Cerebro.  “Get some rest, we’re leaving in the morning.”

“It would be wise if we stay away from those two.”  Alex suggested, a smirk on his face. “How about some food?”

“I could teleport us to another country?”  Azazel suggested as Kurt took his hand to lead him to the kitchen area, it wasn’t often Papa stayed long enough for a meal.

“We might take you up on that offer.”  Hank smirked as they moved away from the main sections of the school.

The Return of Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part 14)

Yes, I do realize it’s not afternoon, but figured this was a good day to post the next segment of the Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World.  As to get it back onto it’s normalish schedule.

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Part One

Part Thirteen

Logan had never been in Cerebro.  

The Professor had refused to allow anyone in, but Hank.  

Even Mystique didn’t get inside the room.

He stood watching as the lights filled the room, first all the specs were white, and then they slowly turning to red.  “Are these Mutants?”

“Yes.”  Charles answered with awe in his voice.  “Each year there are more, some born, some manifesting.  All beautiful. I’ve reached out to those seeking something, to get them to come to the school.  But times are rough. No one trusts anyone, especially after many disappeared. It was warming to discover how many parents, friends – humans who were concerned for their unique family members.  It was also terrifying to find out how many sold them.”

Logan looked at the vast amount, wanting to reach out and touch.

He had watched as his people had been wiped out.  First by mobs, then the camps, and lastly hunted to eradication by the Sentinels.

“Can you focus on one?” He asked distracted by everything.


Charles focused on Raven, knowing exactly what her mind felt like.  He found her sitting in the airport.

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Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Thirteen)

Part One

Part Twelve

Note: You’re getting two scenes today and got two on Tuesday … as their won’t be any posts of Afternoon Fic, during McFassy Fortnight.

“How does this guy build five of these things in two years!”  Erik stared in shock, horror and awe. He could feel the metal running through them, so he would be able to control them if it came down to it, though taking on five would be hard.

“Determination.”  Azazel snarled. “How do things thing know how to detect Mutants.  I could understand them going after me or Beast, but you and Charles look normal.”

“Something to do with Mystique’s DNA, Hank and Charles were talking a mile a minute about it, I tuned out at ‘using it so it can detect Mutant genetics’.  I didn’t need to know anything else.”

“What now?”  He asked, eyeing the other Mutant.

“We need to find out where these things are going, it might help us track Mystique.”

“She’s focused on Trask.”  He pointed out. “And he’s not here.”

“We made a huge scene in Paris.  Trask is going to use it to showcase how he can single handedly save the world from Mutants.  These Sentinels will be going where he’s at, and where he’s at…”

“We’ll find Mystique.”  Azazel looked up at the creature, a frown on his face. “Shouldn’t we just blow them up?”


“Fuck.”  Erik turned to see over a half a dozen security guards.  “Charles is going to be so pissed.”

“You are so whipped.”  Azazel gave him an evil grin, pulled his sword, and then flashed away.

Erik snorted as he raised his hands, their guns pulled from the grasps.  They screamed as each of them, disappeared or was killed in front the rest.  In the end Azazel stood in the middle smirking, just as the alarms went off.

“Get us out of here.” Erik snarled.  He felt Azazel’s tail wrap around his wrist, and just before they poofed out he saw two dozen more men, and Trask.  He gave the man a half salute as they disappeared.


Alex stared at the TV, then Hank, then back at the TV.  “Dude I’m impressed.”

“Fuck off.”  He gave him a side glare, though fluffed his fur slightly in appreciation.  “Problem is we’re out and proud, and Trask is using it against us.”

“What’s the plan?”  Armando turned off the TV newscast that was announcing a big press conference planned by the White House.  “We have a jet and uniforms just for this moment.” Alex gave him a look, not sure where he was going. “Mystique is going to try and kill Trask, no doubt very public.  Obviously channeling Erik’s showmanship.” Beast snorted, but nodded for him to continue. “We have to counter this, by saving Trask by helping the humans – this is why we built the X-Men.”

“Are we prepared for that?”  Sean asked staring between the original team.  “I haven’t trained like that in years.”

“But I just got back home from war.”  Alex glanced between them, smirking slightly. “Beast here has been getting his ass kicked by Magneto these past few years.”  Hank sighed but nodded. “I’m not sure about this Logan guy, but if any a portion of what he’s saying is true … “

“And here I thought it would be Erik who would start World War Three because someone did something to Charles, who knew Mystique would lose her shit this much.”  Sean shook his head.

Hank looked at his brothers, that’s what they were to him.  All of them had been there in the beginning, Sean and Alex were on that beach, and Darwin helped in Erik’s recovery.  They deserved the truth.

“I’m telling you something that Erik and Charles likely don’t want you to know.”  He took off his glasses and cleaned off the invisible speck, trying to get his words.  When the world came back in focus all three of them were waiting intently. “Erik didn’t make it to this future.  Charles was leading the brotherhood – which means one thing.”

“Fucking hell, he died protecting Charles.”  Alex stood and began to pace. “This isn’t good.  We have to stop this.”

“What about the rest of us?”  Sean asked quietly.

“I was by Charles side.”  It was all he had to stay, the implication was there for the taking.

“Well fuck if I’m dying because of Mystique.”  Alex muttered, looking at the rest of them. “I think it’s time the world meets the X-Men.”

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Twelve)

Part One

Part Eleven

Note: You’re getting two scenes today and also on Thursday … as their won’t be any posts of Afternoon Fic, during McFassy Fortnight.

It took a train trip out of the city, and a mental scream at Emma, before Azazel showed up in front of him.  

“I should smack the living shit out of you, but I actually get it.”  Erik snarled at the teleporter. “But we have a bigger issue than protecting your kids mother.  Protecting your kid to start with.”

“Is Kurt in danger?”  That got his attention.

“Not at this moment, but in the future.”  He explained everything: Logan, the Sentinels, and the fact they were already built.

“And you and I are not in this future?”  Azazel frowned as he started to pace. “Nor my son?”

“He didn’t know a Teleporter, doesn’t recognize Peter, Sean or even Alex.”  The implications were astounding, add in the fact he only ever mentioned one Telepath indicated Emma wasn’t making it through this alive either.

“I lost my friend to this cruel man.”  He argued, the emotion coming through. “We may have never agreed fully with Shaw, but he saved both of us.  And we made a life, found a purpose with your Brotherhood. Did you know he and Angel thought about having children.”

“More kids for me to raise?”  Erik smirked slightly, he had known the two had become lovers, hadn’t realized it had gotten that serious.

Azazel chuckled.  “You make a good Vater.”

“Thanks.” And he meant it.  “I know you still care for Mystique, she is the mother of your son, but if she keeps this up … it’s just not us Azazel.   I am willing to die to protect Charles, the kids, the school, our fellow Mutants. But our kids shouldn’t be sacrificed. And not just ours, but we’re talking all of mankind.  This isn’t a concentration camp he’s building, this is the destruction of the world.”

“She has already left Paris, I do not know where she is going.  But I may have lead on these Sentinels. Janus got out some Intel, there was a lab in Texas, what was odd was the manufacture plant next to it.”

“Then let’s go.”


Charles had lost track of what day he was on, by the time they landed back in New York.  He was quiet for the drive back to the school, no one was really in the mood to talk. By the time they pulled up to the front door, Charles was already out and wanting to get to Cerebro.

“All okay?”  Darwin opened the door, taking in the burly new guy.

“No, but it will be.”  Charles pulled the young man into his arms and hugged him tightly.  

“I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s okay.”  He held the smaller man tightly, before letting go and stepping back.  “Sean is playing with Kurt and Alex is back, he’s been talking to Peter.”

“Keep an eye on them.  I’m heading below.” He looked at Logan.  “Come on it’s time you learn a few things.”

Darwin watched them pass through the lobby, heading to the elevator that took them to the labs and X-Men territory.  As they disappeared he stepped in front of Hank. “Where’s Erik?”

“Looking for the things that could destroy us. Come on, let’s get Alex I have a story to tell you.”  He grabbed Darwin and headed for the offices. He wanted to check the feed from France, see how much damage he did, by going after Mystique.

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Ten)

Part One

Part Nine

The suite he had booked last minute, was not his usual style.  He prefered something more lowkey.

When he had surprised Erik a few years ago with a trip to Paris, he had rented an apartment, it had been a simple studio and the two had enjoyed their weeks away. He had known Erik spoke French fluently, and had been to Paris during the time he hunted Nazi’s, but he had never taken the time to enjoy the city.  That trip were some of his fondest memories. He had felt contentment bleeding off Erik the whole time they were away.

This two bedroom suite was huge, and was more than enough space for the four of them.  The bedrooms sat on opposite sides, with a large living area in between. There was a fully stocked bar in the back, near the balcony that overlooked city.

A bar Charles was aiming for.

“Erik isn’t alive is he?”  Charles grabbed the scotch and poured himself a glass, not offering anything to the other mutant.  He downed it in one swallow, then poured a second before focusing on Logan.


“I can rip it out of your head.”  He downed the amber liquid and poured a third.  “I think you would be surprised how far I would go to protect my family.”

“Oh I know exactly how far you would go.”  Logan gave him a look, moving towards the bar to grab his own vice, huffing in triumph when he found an actual Cuban cigar. “I’ve seen it.  You’re a scary bastard when pissed.”

“Who sent you?”  He demanded, blue eyes flashing with determination.

“You, with your two Generals: Beast and Mystique.”  He lit the cigar and moved to the balcony doors. The city was quiet, as if in anticipation.  The last time he had been in Paris, they had been hiding in the Palace of Versaille.

‘It’s beautiful.’  Kitty smiled at all the trimmings, though most of the historical pieces were destroyed.  She grabbed Bobby and began to dance across the ballroom floor.

Chuck had watched them with a small smile on his face.  It was a rare moment, to see him so open and unguarded.

‘Look at all the gold…’

He flashed a look towards Mystique who quickly shut her mouth and wandered off.

‘So much abundance.  All they had to do was feed their citizens and they could’ve kept their heads.’  Charles’ voice had turned to lecture mode, though most had ignored him, there were times Logan sat and listened wondering what the Professor was really telling them. ‘But we hold onto our perceived rights.  Cling to wealth and power.’

He pulled out the spray can, and like all the places before left behind their calling card.

214 782

He had no idea what that number meant, until now.  Logan had seen the same six numbers tattooed on Erik’s left arm.  

“Erik’s a Holocaust Survivor.”  It wasn’t a question.

“Yes.”  Charles looked at him, as if trying to read him, but without using his telepathy.  “Why?”

“You used his number to mark our territory.” He puffed on his cigar.  “I never knew why? No one talked about it, and you yelled at anyone who did.  It drove the governments insane trying to figure out your code.”

“When it was me reminding them of their past mistakes?”

“I think it was more of a fuck you.”

“How did he die?”  Charles asked wanting … no … needing to know so he could stop it.

He shrugged, chomping on his cigar.  “I don’t know. You took me in after I escaped Stryker.  There was no school only the Brotherhood. I never heard the name Erik, until Mystique told me to get him on my side.”

Charles’ slammed the glass onto the bartop.  “She gets Erik killed and lives. I lose everything, and she stands by my side – fighting a war she fucking started.”

“I’m not saying you two got along.”

“I bloody fucking hope not.”  He snarled moving from behind the bar towards his room, then stopped. “Kurt and Peter?”

“Sorry, but I don’t know them.”

“Sean? Alex?”  Charles asked desperately, eyes wet with tears.  “Darwin?”

“Darwin I knew, he fought like hell.  You actually destroyed a small city when he was killed.”  Logan stepped away from the balcony doors and approached the distraught man.  “I only know the man you became Chuck, and for the past few days I’ve seen the man you are.”  He gripped Charles’ shoulders tightly, bending down to look him in the eyes. “You were a fighter, a fucking vicious general, a phenomenal teacher, who everyone was willing to die for you.   But I like this long haired cardigan wearing hippy. I want to meet him in the future. I want to see the school as a school. I want you to save Jean and Scott. I want to bring you Rogue. I want to see Kitty as a teacher not a soldier.  I want to see Erik with fucking grey hair.”

“But I don’t know how to do that.”

“Yes, you do Charles.”

Charles turned to see a sopping wet Erik.  “Fucking hell you’re soaked. Out of those clothes, into the shower – you’ll catch a cold!”  And before he could blink, Erik was dragged out of the room towards their bedroom.

Logan looked at Beast. “I’m taking the sex is amazing.”

“From what I’ve heard. Yes.”  He shook his own fur, letting water fly.  He focused on Logan, and with a low growl he made his intent known.  “We need to talk.”

“There’s the general I know.”

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Nine)

Part One

Part Eight

Erik had no idea who the other Mutant was, but the long tongue had made things awkward fast.  

Before Hank had even hit the ground, the Mutant had grabbed him and thrown him into the fountain, then used his tongue to bend the metal spikes trapping him in the water.  

Erik levitated himself to the ground, and the moment the mutant toad attacked he threw a trash can, sending it straight into the idiots face.   As he made his way towards Beast, he reached out with his metal senses looking for the bullet, but it was nowhere in the vicinity. The whiff of sulfur was enough to know how she got out of the area quickly.  

“Now what?”  Beast asked as Erik pulled the beams apart and yanked him out of the fountain, getting himself soaked in the process.  He shook the water out of his fur, noticing instantly that everyone was staring at the two of them.

“We need to get back to Charles.”  He stepped out of the fountain, throwing his hand out as the cops approached tossing them to the side.  “Can you de-fur.”

“What happened to Mutant and Proud.”  Beast stood next to him, growling lightly.  He hated being furred and wet.

“Your wet fur is making me sneeze.”  He smirked, getting the eyeroll he was expecting.  

<<Go left the crowd has no idea what’s going on.>>

<<Ah Liebling did you mind whamming tourists?>>

<<Fuck you Erik.>> He could feel the pause.  <<Yes, but you have a short time. Get to our rooms, I have news.  It’s not good. And stop teasing Hank!>>

He glanced around noticing people were frozen – staring past them.  “Time to leave.” He grabbed Hank, and headed left.

“Is Charles keeping us from being seen?”  He asked, passing by a young couple obviously on their honeymoon, neither one of them looked at his wet sopping blue fur.

“At the moment.”

Charles had surprised him with a trip to Paris a few years ago, they spent half their time in bed, the other exploring the city.  Giving Erik an advantage as they maneuvered through the city.

The moment they hit a dark alley, he grabbed Hank and shoved him against the wall.  Beast growled, grabbing Erik’s wet jacket. “Why did you stop me from shooting her?”

“She’s his sister!”  He pushed back using his strength to slam Erik into the opposite wall.

“You heard what Logan said, if she kills Trask we’re done.”  He brought his hands down on Hank’s arms making him let go, then pushed him back into the wall.  “I don’t give a shit about Mystique or even if Charles is pissed at me. I’m saving our future.”

“Killing her isn’t the way.  You know it!” He argued back.  “She think she’s doing the right thing, like you did back on that beach.”

“So you thought declaring your undying love would stop her?”  His voice dropped, going from anger to frustration. “Hank that only works if she loves you back.”

“I know.” He sunk into the wall with a sigh.  “Do you know how hard it is to see the adorable kid running around, the one who calls you uncle, knowing it’s the son of the woman you love with someone else!”

“Fuck Mystique.”

“Azazel already did.”  Hank dead panned. They both snorted, laughing lightly.  “I thought I was doing the right thing, but now everyone knows about us.  I mean I know there’s been rumors and theories, government inquirers, but now we’re publicly out there … Shit.”

“It’s not a bad thing, we shouldn’t have to hide!”  Erik argued. “Yes, we need the school, hell this would likely boost our enrollment finally, but why should we hide to make them comfortable.”

“Because they build Sentinels to hunt us down!”

“Then we stop them.”  Erik reached over and put his hand on Beast’s shoulder.  “I’m not sure how, but we will.”

He looked at the one person he thought he would never be friends with, the one person who wasn’t to be trusted.  The one person who he had become family, who fought for and against him. The one person who made him believe in the geeky kid and the Beast.  “But you die. You and I both know it. Logan doesn’t know Magneto … only Erik. So you died.” He reached up and wiped the tears from his eyes.  “And I don’t think we handled it well.”

“This time.”  He pulled Hank into his arms, not caring that they were both wet, and fur was getting up his nose.  “We make sure I don’t.”

“How did this become our lives?”  Hank asked stepping back while pulling off his glasses and trying to clean them with his wet shirt.

“I blame Charles completely for my lack of world domination.”  Erik grabbed his arm, and headed out of the alley way, they had to get the hell out of sight.   And later, he needed to find Azazel and beat the shit out of him.

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Eight)


Part One

Part Seven

The conference room was in shambles.  Chairs tossed to the side, some tipped over as people scrambled to get away from the ‘monster’.  Trask stood at the head of the table, in shock and awe at the sight before him.

If it hadn’t been for the fact he carried his Mutant detector around with him at all times, he would’ve never have known she was in the room.  He watched as the same mutant that had invaded his lab disemate his security. It had been because of her, he had built the detector and started the Sentinel program.  

How does a simple human fight against that?!

She was mere feet from him, when she looked up, eyes going wide.  Trask turned to see four men enter the room. The one with the long coat, he recognized.  It was the one who threw him against the wall, he still hadn’t figured out what his mutation was.  

He stalked into the room, pulling one of the guards guns from the floor, without touching it, and aimed it at the blue girl.

The smaller man, moved next to him putting his hand onto the gun floating in mid air.  “Erik, please let me try….” The gun didn’t waver, but it didn’t go off. “Raven, for once listen to me!”

“Why should I?” She snarled back, her focus between the long haired hippy and Erik.

Trask wondered if he could levitate items?  Maybe Telekinesis. He glanced at the surly man behind him, eyes widening at the bone claws, the very thought of what the man could do as a soldier …

The younger man on the sidelines, seemed out of place as did the hippy, but then he’s learned that mutants who looked innocent were usually the most dangerous.

“Because our future is at stake!”  He snapped at her. “This isn’t the way to do it.  Killing Trask isn’t going to solve anything. It’s just going to set everyone off.”

“He has to die!”  

“And who are you willing to sacrifice in the process!”  He stepped closer to the table, hand out. “Is our lives forfeit for your revenge?  Is mine? Erik’s …”

Her eyes narrowed, he knew it was the wrong thing to say.

She pulled her own gun on Trask, who stepped back tripping over his useless guard.  He scrambled up, and without a second thought slid past the big guy and ran out of the room.

The last thing he heard was a gun going off.

Mystique back flipped off the table, throwing a chair towards Charles knowing, it would distract Erik.   She couldn’t believe they would attack her, instead of the real threat.

She felt the bullet go through her calf as she went through the window.

Erik growled, ready to rip Hank a new one for tackling him into the table, only to see him go through the window after Mystique.  With a frustrated yell he shattered the gun, and turned towards Charles who was knelt next to Logan, who seemed to be lost in a convulsion.

“Is he okay?”  Erik asked.

“I think past and present is mixing.”  He tried to sooth the mutant, but was having a hard time getting past his claws.

“Not surprising.”  He glanced down at the unconscious military personal.  “It’s Captain Stryker, you’ve met his father, and if I recall Alex mentioned him a few times in his letters.”

“Go deal with Raven and don’t hurt Hank too much.  I’ve got this.” Charles jumped back at the slash of the claws, then moved in quickly to pin them down.

‘Hold him!’  He heard the yell the moment he touched him.  It sounded so much like Hank, but older gruffer. ‘God I miss Erik.’

‘He would’ve had a field day with Logan’s metal frame.’

Charles shook his head, he knew that voice, it was Raven!  He put a knee down on Logan’s arms looking down at the bone claws, the metal must have been added later.

‘Kitty are you okay?’

‘I’m fine.  He’s calm now.’

‘Logan… go back.  You need to go back.  The Sentinels are on their way …’  

Charles blinked at the sound of his own voice, older, wiser, harder.  

Dark eyes snapped open, staring at him.  “Are you back?” Charles asked easing up on his grip.  

“Yeah Chuck.”  He struggled to get up, looking down at the bodies around the room, not quite sure what happened.  “Where’s Mystique?”

“Out.”  Charles pointed towards the broken window.


“Also out.”  He sighed trying to ignore the screams, growls, and crunching of metal.  “We’ve got to get out of here.”

Logan looked down at the soldier.  One flick of his claws …

“I do not know what happened to you, but it made you the man you are today.  The one who was willing to come here to save the world.” Charles put his hand on Logan’s wrists.  

“I’m not sure I like this version of you, Professor.”  He turned and walked away, dragging Charles behind him.  If there was one thing he had learned, leaving the Professor behind would only make Erik angry.

And that wasn’t a good thing.

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Seven)

Part One

Part Six

Erik slipped off his glasses as he stepped inside the waiting plane.  It was nice but not over the top, but then Charles was subtle with his money.  There were times he forgot how rich Xavier was, until he looked around their spacious bedroom, with the rich warm furniture, a closet filled with designer suits, and he never had to think about where the next meal was coming from.

Add in the fact he paid for Sean’s education, and he was pretty sure there were accounts already set up for Peter.

He placed his sunglasses into the designer suit jacket, before taking it off and hanging it up in the small closet, tossing the hat onto the shelf.  He made his way over to Charles, who was sitting at the small table reading. He looked irritated, and was trying to hide it behind the book. Erik glanced over to Logan who was sitting in the corner, looking surley.  

“What did you say to him?”  He glared at the mutant.

“Nothing, bub.  Even if I did, what are you his keeper?”  Logan glared at him.

“Yes.”  Erik leaned against the table, getting into his face.  “You hurt Charles, you deal with me. And I don’t give a shit who you are or where you came from.”

“Erik.”  Charles’ called out to his lover.  “It’s not Logan’s fault. I’m just upset over this whole thing.”

He gave one last dark look, then focused on Charles, his expression softening instantly.  “Don’t let him get to you.”

“It’s not him.”  He gave the other Mutant a soft smile.  “It’s just all of it, and I was told some bad news before we boarded.”

Erik again turned towards the other Mutant, only to have Charles stand and take his arm, pulling him towards the table.  “By the way if Hank is flying who’s watching the kids?”

“Azazel popped in with Sean and Darwin.”  He pushed Erik into the chair, then poured them a drink.  “Despite the fact Peter is old enough to take care of himself, I wouldn’t leave them alone.”

“I trust Peter as far as I can toss him. He’s sixteen and has my infamous stubborn streak.”  Erik played with the crystal cut tumbler. “Besides Kurt is the more mature one of the two.”

Hank snorted from the cockpit.  “They both take after you, I warned Darwin that Kurt will poof them away if he doesn’t watch them.”

Charles gave his lover a sweet smile. “They love you dearly.”

“As they should!”  He made him laugh, so he counted it as a win.  “Tell me Liebling, why are you upset?”

“Azazel told me about Janus and Angel.  He was rightfully upset, the two of them had been friends for so long.”  Charles swallowed the golden liquid, letting it burn on the way down. “And I’m sure this news isn’t going to help us stop Raven.”

“She already knows.”  He downed the scotch, then sat back in his chair.  “Hell part of me wants to put a bullet between Trask’s eyes.  I don’t even need a gun to do it!”

“Murder isn’t the answer.” They both glanced over at Logan who snorted, he swallowed down his own drink, ignoring them both.  “We have to find a way to fix this…”

“You know I’ll kill her if I have to.”  Erik leaned forward taking Charles’ hand.  “If it comes down to her or our future, the kids futures … I know you don’t want to think about it, but her life is forfeit.”

“She’s my sister.”  Charles squeezed Erik’s hand.  “I love her no matter what’s she done.”

“There are times Charles, that I hate I love you so much.”  Erik kissed the back of his hand, then sat back. “I should be the one going after Trask, leading the Brotherhood … saving our people.  Yet here I am, raising children with you.”

“Is it such a bad life?”  He asked seriously.

“No.”  The answer was honest to a fault.  “I just feel useless.”

<<You are not.>>

<<Am I?  I was taken down by a lung infection, from a cold Peter picked up from school.>>  

<<The cold was aggravated by the stress of the situation.  If I hadn’t stopped all those guards you would’ve been worse, you were already exhausted from destroying the labs.  And I couldn’t see you get shot, not again. I’m the one who should be sorry.>>

“Why are you sorry Charles?”  He asked out loud. “You have done nothing but try and help our people, even if it’s a bit idealistic.”

“It’s because of me, she is like this.”  Charles sighed running a hand through his hair, as he leaned back in his chair.  “She sees you as weak, afraid of humans, that I coddle you. She sees herself taking up your campaign.”

“She’s doing a shittastic job at it, but then who knows where I would be if I hadn’t been shot.”  He shrugged.

“Jail.”  Both Hank and Charles said at the same time.

“Exactly how would you’ve kept me in it?”  Erik gave them both a look.

“Plastic prison.”  Hank called out from the cockpit.  “Buried deep in the ground, maybe out in the countryside, though knowing our government they would’ve put in the middle of the Pentagon or something.”

“I’m disturbed you thought this through.”  He glared at the kid … well not so much of a kid anymore.

“Though the logistics alone to build one would take years, in the meantime, Charles would’ve broken you out and tried to make you see reason.”  Hank glanced over his shoulder a grin on his face. “Probably be some epic escape, Peter would help … oh lets not give him ideas.”

“As I said no prison could truly hold me.”  He looked foundly at Charles. “Except you.”

He was out of his seat and into Erik’s lap, kissing him hard and deep.  <<Darling.>>

Erik’s hand slid into the long locks, gripping them tightly as he devoured the sweet mouth.  He shifted them, until Charles was seated on the small table, giving him the leverage he needed to push him back, wanting nothing but to get his hands in those sinful jeans and around the hot hard …

“ERIK!” Hank yelled as the plane vibrated and shuttered.  “You’re in a fucking plane … made of metal!”

He gasped pulling off his lover, eyes dark with lust.  “Oops.”

Logan was gripping the seat, knuckles white as the plane finally leveled back off.  He stared at the two mutants, eyes wide in shock. “Are you two always this way.”

Charles blushed slightly, though not letting go of his lover.  He figured if Logan was sent back to save them, he would know about Charles and Erik’s relationship – it’s not like they ever hid it.  Even when they were in the city, Erik always had a hand on Charles it wasn’t overt, but it was enough. The few times they got confronted, the thugs learned quickly that they weren’t ‘some fags they could mess with’.

“YES!” Hank growled from the cockpit.

Erik smirked as he pulled Charles back into his lap, letting the smaller man curl up.  He knew he was tired. They hadn’t slept well since Alex got shipped out. They hadn’t slept at all in the past few days since Logan showed up.  When Charles gets too tired, his shields slip, most of the time he ventured into Erik’s mind, or Hank’s, but in large crowds it could be dangerous for Charles and others.

He ran a hand through his soft hair, soothing him, until he fell asleep.

Logan watched as Erik easily lifted the Professor, laid him out on the couch, then covered the him with a blanket.  In a touching moment he ran a hand through his hair, and then kissed him on the forehead. This was not what he was expecting.  He had a feeling that Erik had been close to the Professor by the way he snapped at his Generals, but this loving adoration on both sides was shocking.

The little time he spent with Erik, he didn’t come across as a loving anything.  More as a dominating soldier … hell he would’ve paid good money to see someone like him take on the Sentinels.  

It is obvious that losing Erik was the catalyst that made The Professor he knew.  He had no idea what to do with the one that was just got tucked into bed.

Logan startled when Erik slid into the seat across from him.  “I’m not in your future am I?’

“No.” He figured it was best to answer with the truth. “And before you ask Bub, I have no idea what happened.  Just that before I went under, Mystique emphasized I had to convince you, because Chuck from now was useless.”

He snorted humorlessly.  “She always underestimated him.  The fact he’s still alive tells me that.  Tell me more about these Sentinels.”

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Six)

Part One

Part Five

This is a short interlude piece …

Mystique let the Vietnamese General approach her.  She had made sure that she was everything he was looking for.  Sophisticated, blonde and beautiful. His eyes appreciated what he saw, and with a sassy smile, she spoke his native language … reeling him in.

He was her ticket into the meeting with Trask.

It was the closest she had come to him, after all these years.

If Erik hadn’t pulled her out of his office, this would’ve already been over.  

Janus and Angel would be alive.

The autopsy pictures will forever be imbedded in her memory.  The fact he had one of Angel’s wings on display, made her sick.  He deserved to die! And she would make sure of it. She didn’t care what her brother preached about hope, there was no hope with men like Trask around.

She was doing what was right.

Right for her people.

She was doing what Magneto was supposed to be doing.  The moment she saw him, she knew he was a man who would not hesitate.  And he didn’t. He took those missiles and was ready to destroy the humans.  At the time she still had been conflicted, not wanting to hurt innocent people.  

But now … now she understood there were no innocents.

He lost his courage after getting shot and hid behind Charles … afraid of the humans.

She saw his expression with the guards at the lab.  He froze, afraid of all the guns. He hadn’t even lifted his hand, just waited for Charles to save him.  That was when she knew, the Brotherhood he created would never take it where it needed to go. Despite Emma being in ‘charge’ everyone knew it was Erik.  He bowed down to her brother, and lost his ability to fight.

So she would.

She would bring war to the humans.

And it will start with killing Trask.

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Five)

Part One

Part Four

Erik sat across from the blonde beauty, drinking his coffee.  The amount of people who walked by and smiled at the couple had him rolling his eyes.  If he had sat at the same cafe with Charles, they would either ignore them or a few would give them a side glance … wondering.

The cafe was one of their favorite meeting places, small and away from normal New York traffic, but not so small that they were ‘regulars’ and noticeable.  As far as anyone was concerned they were just a cute couple have lunch, of course it helped that Emma made sure those around them really didn’t pay attention.  They saw a man and woman, but wouldn’t be able to ID them or tell anyone what they looked like.

He could tell Emma was pissed, by the the tapping of the perfectly manicured nail on the coffee cup. “She’s out of control.”  Emma set her cup down, with more force than needed. “I know Azazel is helping her, which I get, but it’s annoying.”

“Well it’s worse than you think.”  He took a sip of his coffee and set it down a bit more gently.  “She’s going after Trask.”

“What do you think she’s been doing for the past two years, sugar?”  Her eyes narrowed slightly, her one tell that she was trying to get more information than Erik was willing to give.

“You had a difficult time before I spent ten years with Charles, you think you’re getting in now?”  He smirked as he leaned back in his chair. “We have information that she will be in Paris, aiming to actually kill him, and if she succeeds it’s the death of all of us.”

“You think Trask will retaliate?”  She hesitated, Erik was known for his over exaggerations.

“Lets just say if we don’t stop her, I’ll get to crow about how right I was about humans, the problem is I’ll likely be dead.”  

Emma leaned forward, now concerned.  He was right, she couldn’t read his mind, but she had known him now for ten years, and she could tell something was upsetting him.  “Erik, what is going on? I’ve known you a long time now, honey. I know your rants, speeches, and if only I hadn’t fallen for a pacifist whines.  This is different. You actually look and feel worried, but not quite.”

He stood, buttoned his suit coat, grabbed his fedora and put it on, before holding out his hand. “Walk with me.”

With a nod, she grabbed her bag, taking his arm after he tossed some money onto the table.  They strolled through the nearby park looking like the perfect normal happy couple. “I want to ask something of you.”

“Anything, within my reason.”

He chuckled, the two had built an interesting relationship over the past decade.  He admired Emma, she handled the Brotherhood with a dignity and strength. Basically, she had every member by the balls and they knew it.

“If something happens to me, make sure Charles is taken care of.”  

She yanked on his arm making him turn towards her.  “Erik what are you planning?”

“I’m planning on stopping Mystique…”

“By sacrificing yourself?”

“Fuck no.”  He gave her a filthy glare.  “I’ll kill her before I let her crusade ruin Charles… ” he sighed, “there are days I wonder how this became my life.”

“Sex, sugar.  Plenty of it.”

He gave her a rare smile, the one only family saw.  “All I’m doing is making sure my partner is taken care of.  I know you all have plans to deal with me, if something happens to him.  I’m pretty sure it ranges from putting me out of my misery to letting me conquer the earth and let the humans know how bad of an idea it was to hurt him.”

“Depends on the day.”

He snorted, at the comment.  “I don’t think Charles is going to handle losing me well.”  He needed to talk to Logan without Charles, to find out more of what the future held.

“You act as if it’s inevitable.”  Her tone indicated she didn’t like where this conversation was going.

“Emma, I’ve had a rough life.  And as we saw a couple years ago, that gunshot will be the death of me.  Maybe if we had a houseful of kids for him to teach, he would be fine.”  Erik paused, taking a seat on the bench. “I’m worried.”

She sat down next to him, taking his rough hand in her delicate ones.  “You two will have a long life together, and if I have to kill Mystique myself to make sure of it I will.”  

The two sat back, Emma taking his arm and leaning close to him.  “I have some good and bad news. The good news Alex is recovering, as is the Mutants that came with him.  There are a few who are interested in the Brotherhood. Considering they are trained soldiers, this could be good.  Alex is going to rest a bit before I send him home.”

“And the bad?”

“It’s news that will likely send Mystique over the edge, to finally killing Trask.”  She laid her head on his shoulder. “And if you say things will get worse if she does, then you need to be prepared.”

There was only one reason Mystique would go off that bad.  “Who did we lose?”

“Janus and Angel.”  She sat back up, trying to not show the tears in her eyes. They were part of the original team.  The ones who were there for that moment … the moment that changed everything. They told her many times, that if the beach had gone down differently, who knew what would’ve happened … and not necessarily for good.  Janus admitted a few years after the Brotherhood been formed, that Mutant Kind was better off that Erik was with Charles, than the two seperated. And now to lose them … it was a blow personally and to the brotherhood.  “We got confirmation a few days ago.”

“Fuck.”  He stood, paced a few steps, then turned back to Emma, giving her a kiss on the forehead.  “I’ll take care of this.”

“Erik.”  She ran a hand over her cheeks, then stood and gave him a determined look.  “We have the same plans for Charles as we do you. Either let him take over the world, or put him out of his misery.  Because honey, this world can’t survive without the two of you in it.”

“Be careful.”

“I always am, Sugar.  So how are you getting to France?”

Erik gave her a wink, with a saucy grin.  “Advantage of having a rich boyfriend. We’re going by private jet.”

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Four)

Part One 
Part Two 
Part Three


Erik followed Charles up to their rooms.  He could tell his lover, was upset over everything Logan had told them.  Part of him wasn’t surprised, that the humans used Mutants own DNA against them, irony that it was Mystique’s wasn’t lost on him.  

And typical humans, they didn’t know how to put the genie back into the bottle once they created their Sentinels.  It was one thing to kill the freaks, lock them up in concentrations camps, treat them like animals, but to have the Sentinels turn against humans, who could have mutants … well fate had a lovely sense of irony.

He paused outside their rooms, noticing instantly Kurt was in the corner watching them intently.  He knelt down, letting the young mutant run into his arms. “What’s wrong?”

“Big man is scary.”

“True.”  Logan was formidable, and had it was obvious he had been through hell, but really wanted to do what was right.  Why else would someone volunteer to time travel back to convince a naive Charles that he had to go to war. “But he is a good guy, besides you can just poof away.”

He smiled with all his teeth.  “I can go farther now, and take someone with me.  Peter and I zapped to …”

Kurt’s eyes went wide as he shut his mouth.

“We’ll deal with that particular incident later, right now go find Peter and stay close to Hank.”  Erik kissed him the top of his head, smiling when he poofed out of the hallway.

“They grow up so fast.” Charles leaned against the door jam smiling softly at the moment.  “I can’t imagine putting him into battle.”

“He would go.”  Erik stood, reaching out to Charles.  

“We can’t send children into war, Erik!”  He shook his head, the longer locks getting into his face.  

“Yet we have.”  He argued, arms sweeping back towards the empty house.  A house that should have more kids in it, but the war had scattered them to the wind.  “Alex is out there fighting, in a human’s war. How many kids came home in boxes Charles?  Not just our mutant brothers and sisters, but humans? I was twelve in the camps, Dr. Gregory was barely an adult when he landed on the beaches.  War is started by adults and fought by our children.”

Charles looked at him, always amazed at the passion that still burned through his veins.  “How could we let this happen?”

“I would like to point out, I actually didn’t start it.”  The glare yet smirk was what he had been aiming for.

Charles reached out, hand resting just above the scar on Erik’s chest.  “It scares me.”

“Liebling.” He reached out pulling him close, kissing him softly before tucking him under his chin.  “I’m still here.”

“I don’t know what I would do without you.” Charles held him tightly, not wanting to let go.  The very idea that they would see a war of this magnitude, shattered his undying hope that the world would be a better place.  That humans and mutants would find some form of peace, even if it was just to leave each other alone.

“Well you don’t have to.” He kissed the top of his head, running a soothing hand down his back.  “I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Charles leaned back, then pulled Erik into a heated kiss.  “Don’t leave me.”

He gave him another passionate kiss, before stepping back as much as he wanted to push Charles onto the bed, and remind him how very much alive he was, they had priorities.  “Let’s fix Mystiques fuck up, deal with Trask, and save the world.”



Logan startled at the soft voice next to him.  He looked down to see a Mutant child staring at him intently.  He couldn’t remember the last time he saw a kid, let alone one not being trained for battle.

“Who are you?”  He couldn’t help the small smile.  To see such innocence, something he thought had been destroyed.

“Kurt.”  He gave a toothy smile in return.  “Are you friends with my Vater?”

“Vater?”  Logan had no idea what that meant.

“It’s German for father.”  Peter leaned against the door, taking in the burly man.  The one who upset Uncle Charles, and pissed off dad. But then, it didn’t take much to piss dad off, usually someone just had to upset Uncle Charles.  “Erik, the angry one.”

“He’s your father?” He looked down at the young child, not seeing the connection.

“Yes and no.”  Quicksilver stepped away from the door, getting closer to his brother.  He wasn’t quite sure if he trusted the guy yet. “Erik’s my father, but he’s raising Kurt here along with Charles, so in theory … yes he’s Vater.  Though Charles is Uncle Charles, as Kurt’s mother is actually Charles’ sister.”

“Erik slept with Charles’ sister?”

“She wished.”  Peter shrugged, not really wanting to get to far into the family drama.  “She stole Erik’s ‘I’m pissed at the world mojo’ and began a crusade against everything.  A kid didn’t quite fit into the lifestyle.”

“And since this is a school, she dropped him off.”  He was kinda following along, but the kid talked so fast he was having a hard time keeping up.

“It was Kurt’s actual dad, he knew the little one here would be safe here.”  He waved his hand around Kurt, as the tail wiggled behind him. “He doesn’t fit in with most daycares.”

“What is he?”

“A Mutant.”

Logan took a deep breath, and pinched his nose trying not to get pissed.  He wasn’t used to dealing with teenagers. Bobby and Kitty never acted like teenagers, they had already seen too much war.  And Rogue … he didn’t want to think about her.

“He’s a teleporter.”  Hank’s voice broke through his frustration.  “His father is also a Teleporter, his mother a shapeshifter.  Peter, here has the ability for super speed.”

“And Erik?”  Logan glanced over to Beast, not sure how this small dweeb became one of the most fiercest of generals.

“Shouldn’t you know that?”  Hank asked frowning. “As they sent you back here, to save the world and everything.”

He hesitated not sure if he should mention, that he actually had no idea who the hell Erik was, nor did he recognize the kids.  Logan glanced at the young boy, who looked to be barely seven. “Hey kid, let me give you one good piece of advice.”

Peter moved closer to his brother.

“What is it?”  He asked filled with the curiosity of a child

“Don’t stay and fight.  Teleport the hell away from all this shit.”  Logan squatted down, focusing on the youngin’.  “You’re too young to see any the horrors this world as to offer.”

Kurt stepped forward, his three clawed hand resting on Logan’s cheek.  “Peace be with you, Mr. Logan.” He smiled then started to leave, before turning back.  “I pray for peace, but I will fight at my Vater’s side.”

“As do I.”  Peter gave him a look.  “So want to tell us why you don’t recognize us?  I might not be to rememberable, but my little bro is very noticable.”

Logan stood ignoring the obvious question, by asking another. “Who’s his mother?”

“Mystique.”  Hank watched as Logan stalked out of the room.

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Three)

Prequel: A Single Shot

Part One

Part Two

Reminder: << >> indicates telepathic communication



Kurt looked up at his brother, and said in a singsong voice, “someone’s in trouble.”

“Just because you’re the goody toeshoes in this family.”  He looked around trying to find a place he could hide, maybe someplace in South America …  He felt the pull of the metal in his jacket. “Wish me luck!”

The young teleporter waved as Peter was yanked down the hall.  He then wandered off to find his Uncle, for storytime.

Quicksilver ended up sliding in front of his enraged father.  “Hey dad.”

“Don’t you even …”

Peter closed his mouth, and looked around hoping to find Charles.  It would seem luck was not on his side today. “So …”

“You’re mother called.”

He cringed.  “I put the records back.”

“Records?”  Erik gave him a look, one that was firmly on the side of ‘don’t lie to me, my boyfriend is a telepath and he’ll rip it out of your mind’.

“Nothing, what did she call about?”  Peter tried to sort through the many reasons his mother would call.  Over the past decade, the two had come to an understanding of how to handle Peter.  Erik trusted his mom to take care of him, and she trusted Erik to protect him.

For the past couple of years Erik had taken to upping Peter’s training, knowing he would need to learn to fight and defend his fellow Mutants.  Especially as he adopted Kurt as his little brother, and despite the sweet nature that the teleporter had, his appearance scared most people.

Well except the Catholic Priest in town, who adored him to no end.

Who knew?

Erik pulled out some Polaroids.  “It seems it’s nice weather in Los Angeles, this time of year.”

He cringed. “I went to see Sean!”  Erik’s eyes narrowed, well at least someone else would get yelled at.  “Darwin was there.”

“I will deal with them later.” He ran a hand over his face and sighed.  There were times he looked older than Peter remembered. Ever since he had that lung infection, two years ago.  There was more grey in his hair, and he swore Uncle Charles had a bit less hair. “I know you want to explore. I get it, I do.  But you just turned sixteen, and there’s been rises in Mutant disappearances. I can’t always be there.”

“I can take care of myself.”

“You’re my son.”  Erik stood and landed a hand on his shoulder.  “I would do anything to protect you. And you know how Charles feels about me hurting humans.”

Peter chuckled.  “So you’re using Uncle Charles to guilt me into staying out of trouble.”

“If it works.”

“Fine, I won’t go on any vacations without telling you.”  He shrugged, then settled into the chair. “I’m feeling a bit hyper, even more so lately.”

“Hormones.”  Erik sat across from him.  “Charles thought you might as you go through puberty.”

“I need to run.”

“Next time let us know, and we’ll work something out.”  Erik frowned when he heard the doorbell. They didn’t get a lot of visitors, and the ones who visited, rarely knocked.

“Go find your brother, stay out of sight,” he ordered.  

In a flash he was gone.


Logan took in the gate, the plaque on the wall, and then the school.  It was exactly as he remembered it, yet completely different. The Brotherhood Headquarters that he had stumbled upon after fleeing Stryker, was intimidating.  The school was the exact same building, yet felt more welcoming.

He hesitantly opened the gates, waiting for the mind sweep, but nothing came.  Still on guard he made his way up the driveway, parked the stolen car, and as he stepped out of the vehicle he took everything in.

The grounds were meticulous, well manicured.  Nothing like the rough patches he had been used to seeing.  There were no outside training grounds, no obstacle courses.  The fence was still high, but no cameras or barbed wire. But then it was 1970’s so cameras were bulky at best, not the nice discrete ones they had before the Sentinels destroyed the place.

With a shake of his head, he rang the doorbell.

Even that was different.

After a few moments, the door creaked open to reveal a geeky kid.  He peered over his glasses, frowning at Logan. ‘What type of place was this?’

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“I’m looking for the Professor.”  Logan demanded, they didn’t have time to waste.  His instincts was telling him, his future was on the brink of being destroyed.  If they didn’t fix this now, there was no hope.

“Do you have an appointment?”  

“Look bub, I need to talk to Chuck.  This is a matter of life and death.” He pushed on the door, stepping into the building.  Everything may seem different, but it was still the same place. The Professor’s office was on the second floor, across from his rooms.  A section very few people had been allowed to venture into. If you had the misfortune of being called into his office, no one got into his private residence.

Many whispered that a ghost lived there.

He was halfway up the stairs, when he was attacked from behind.  With a grunt, he pushed back and took a swipe at his attacker, only to stumble in shock.  “Beast?”

The geeky kid, who was now rippled with blue fur, gave him a contemplative look, before going in for a second attack.  The two slammed into the ground, both growling. In a move, ironically one Beast had taught him, Logan tossed the kid upwards.  Beast snarled, as he landed in the chandelier.

Logan released his bone claws ready to get down in dirty, when a metal snake crawled up his leg, yanking him down, dragged across the room, and slammed into the wall.  He snarled at the unexpected intrusion, only to have the wall sconces melt and wrap around each of his wrists.

“What the bloody hell is going on down here?”

He knew that voice.

Logan looked up the stairs to see the Professor … with hair!  But he sure as hell wasn’t the man he knew. This Professor was softer, bright blue eyes, gentle expression, and was wearing a cardigan for god’s sake.

“He tried to break in, Professor.”

“Hank, why are you in the chandelier?” he asked.  With a sigh he waved his hand downward. “Get down from there.  And the last I checked most burglars don’t ring the doorbell.”

Hank easily landed in a low crouch.  His blue fur faded as he stood. “He says he knows you?”

Logan felt the metal tighten around his wrists.  He had no idea how Beast was doing it, though if the kid was anything like his older counterpart he was pretty damn creative and sneaky when it came to boobytraps.  “Let me down asshole.” He glared at Hank, who shrugged and glanced towards the shadows of the lobby.

“Erik.”  Charles voice softened as he came down the stairs. “This is not how we treat guests.”

Logan slid down the wall, his focus on the man who stepped out of the shadows, so this was the elusive Erik.  If there was a man who had seen war, it was him, not the two geeks he was supposedly seeking out. He was starting to understand why, Mystique told him to find him.

“Guests don’t attack those they are visiting.”  He pointed out, giving Logan a dark look. “He knew exactly where to find you Charles.  I don’t like that.”

“Erik…”  He amonished, then smiled brightly as he stepped up to Logan.  “Welcome to the Xavier School of the Gifted.”

“What the fuck happened to you?”  He felt the metal wrap around his wrist again.  

“Do I know you?”  Chuck gave Erik a side-eye.  “Let him go.”

“I don’t trust him.”

“Look bub.  You sent me here.”  Logan looked between the two men, while making sure he kept Beast in his line of sight.  At the moment it looked like Logan could break him like a twig, but he knew exactly how well Beast could fight.  “From the future.”


<<Something is odd.  He’s not lying, that’s for sure.  But he’s not alone his mind.>>

<<Another telepath?  Emma isn’t usually this cras.>>

<<It might seem weird darling, but the other presence I’m feeling is mine.>>

Logan looked between them, it was obviously they were communicating.  The Professor – he knew – had no problem using his powers to get information, whether the person wanted to give it or not.  This one seemed to have a conscience. He rolled his eyes, this was going to suck. “Look the future is in jeopardy, and you sent me back to fix it.”

“How is it jeopardy?”  Beast asked moving next to Charles, two steps behind and one to the left.  Logan almost sighed in relief it was such a familiar view, even if the two in front of him were far from the hard bitten Generals he knew.

Erik gave Charles an all knowing look. “Let me guess, they found out that there were more Mutants than they thought, flipped their collective shit and started hunting us down.  We defended ourselves, and they declared war … destroying everything.”

“Erik!”  Charles frowned at his lover.  “I know you’re pessimistic but still!  I have a bit more faith in humans and mutants, than the two of us wouldn’t destroy the world.”

“Naive Idealist”

Logan stared at Erik, he was starting to understand what they meant now.  He smirked, then turned towards the Professor. “Sorry Chuck, he’s right.


Erik gave him a second look.  “I freely admit I’m not nearly as idealistic as Charles here, but we really destroyed the earth?”

“The Sentinels did.”  

He began to explain how everything went wrong.

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World (Part Two)

So one of the things that annoyed me (notice I said one) with Days of Future Past (Oh don’t get me wrong I loved the film) was the major plot holes that no one thought about it.

Like what happened to the plane filled with Mutants after Mystique ‘rescued’ them?  No really?  Did they just fly off into the sunset?

And I’m not even going to discuss the inability that the government could build a concrete/plastic prison for Erik in what 5 seconds?  And y’all do realize that you need metal rebar for concrete construction … right?

A Single Shot (Prequel to this story)

Part One


Alex followed Stryker into the barracks, knowing that the guy was a) an asshole b) an asshole and c) likely going to either kill or kidnap the small group of Mutants that the army had put together to fight in this goddamn war.

He had the bad luck of having his birthday called.  Though if he was honest with himself, he was happy it hadn’t been Sean or Hank.  Neither Mutant would’ve been able to handle the horrors he had seen.

Sean was still at University of South California, by this time getting his Phd.  Charles made sure he stayed safely away from Vietnam.

Irony, Hank’s feet got him out of the war.  His birthday had been called soon after Alex’s, but he failed the physical.  Hank had laughed and cried at the irony that the government had turned him away because of his Mutation.  The one he hated all his life, only for it to save his life. Erik had sat at the Kitchen table and stared at Hank, not sure if he was offended for him for not being accepted or wanting to lecture him for wanting to get rid of it.

In the end he was thrilled that Hank was safely tucked away in the laboratories at the school.  

Darwin lived up to his namesake, and was never called up, and instead moved to Los Angeles, keeping an eye on Sean.

The school hadn’t quite taken off over the past decade.  Too many were afraid of their own Mutations. Others lost to the war.  Charles took in those he could, gave them some training or education, and then helped them find a new path.

Alex had been thankful for his friends for keeping him sane, sending him care packages from Helen.  Notes from Charles kept him going, and the years at war honed his ability to control his mutation. Letters from Erik, made him laugh and he would be forever thankful that dad had put  contingency plans into place.

He hadn’t been sure what the plans were until Azazel and Erik arrived in the middle of a firefight.  

Erik stood in the open field, holding all the bullets and grenades in mid air, as Azazel got everyone he could out.  Alex stayed until Azazel could grab him and Erik, refusing to leave without dad.

Charles would never forgive him.

They ended up two miles to the south, near one of the American bases.  Erik told him to stay out of trouble, and the two disappeared. No one questioned it, the Mutants on his squad asked if they were part of the Brotherhood, Alex nodded.  The humans on the squad were willing to accept the devil could actually be an angel.

“Sir, is there a reason you brought us here?” Alex asked, eyeing Stryker.  He remembered the boys father, didn’t like him either. He paused, when he saw the soldiers step away from the walls, guns drawn.  “It’s going to be like that I see…”

Just then Stryker’s skin shifted until standing before him was Mystique.  She took out each of the guards, with ease startling the rest of the Mutants.  Alex channeled his power through his arm and out his fist taking out the last two.

“What are you doing here?” he asked as the last guard fell.

“Saving you.”

“I don’t think so.  I’m just reaping the benefit of whatever you have planned here.”  Alex gave her look, knowing she had her own agenda. “I’m sure Erik didn’t send you.”

“No, he’s still being coddled by Charles.”

Alex sighed, the bitchiness between the two hadn’t stopped over the past decade, and it wasn’t worth the fight.  “Now what?”

“I’m hunting Trask.”  She shifted back into Stryker and headed for the door.  “He was expecting your unit at one of his labs.”

Alex stood in front of his men, who watched everything intently.  They had gotten used to weird shit happening around them. They also respected their Captain, knowing he would protect them.  Many had heard his stories of Charles and Erik, and the school they were building. Some had been curious, others scoffed. But in the end they all watched and waited.

“We will not be your sacrifice.”

She glared at him.  “I wouldn’t betray my fellow Mutants!”

“So that wasn’t you who almost got Erik killed?” he snarled.  

On a rare trip back to the states, he had gone home.  The place had been quiet … too quiet. He learned Erik was resting, recovering from a major relapse.

It was in the middle of the night over a bottle of scotch when Charles told him what happened.

Erik had stepped in to help Emma with a situation, they had discovered the government was moving soldiers who were obvious Mutants to a lab.  The few who had families, who cared enough to seek out what happened to their loved ones, were told they died in the war. She needed Erik’s help, Angel and Janus were down in South America working on a seperate mission.  

Charles tagged along, to keep an eye on Erik.  The Mutant had been sick a month prior and still had a heavy cough.  

With ease the Brotherhood had gotten into the lab, leaving Charles talking sweetly to the guards in the front, keeping them distracted.  Azazel moved the prisoners, while Emma interrogated the ‘Doctors’. Erik made sure the labs were destroyed and nothing could be gained from their experiments.  

As they were leaving, it was Mystique who had discovered there was a network of labs, all owned by Trask.  She deviated off the plan, and went into Trask’s office disguised as the man himself.

The only problem, he was in his office and sounded the alarm.

Erik yanked her out, slamming Trask against the wall.

She shifted and blended in with personal as they evacuated the facility.

Erik ended up surrounded by security guards their guns drawn.  Charles walked down the hallway, convincing everyone that Erik was harmless.  letting the two of them, escape with the rest of the staff.

When they returned to the school Charles, in a rare show of anger, yelled at her for leaving Erik behind.  He didn’t care what her attitude was about their relationship, she abandoned a fellow Mutant and a teammate.

She shrugged, and gave the excuse that Erik could control their weapons.

Charles sharply reminded her the last time he faced off against someone with a gun, he was shot.

When Erik yelled at the pair of them, he ended up in a violent coughing fit.  Charles pulled out a handkerchief and was by his side instantly. Then panicked when he saw blood soaking into the white.  He yelled for Hank, only to yelp when Dr. Gregory appeared out of nowhere. Kurt held onto the doctor’s hand pointing at his Vater, demanding help.

Gregory didn’t blink, used to the unique family, and went to work.  He took Erik out of his Charles’ arms and led him towards the bedroom, with the young teleporter holding tightly onto his Vater’s hand.

Charles turned on his sister, and in a voice calmer than anyone expected, told her to get out.  

They hadn’t spoken since.

Alex had checked on Erik before he got shipped back out.  He hadn’t seen him that pale since Cuba. Despite the underlying fear of losing someone he cared about he couldn’t help but awe at the sight of Peter and Kurt sleeping against their father’s side.

Erik may still be an asshole, but he is a good father, despite what he or others think.

It was soon after, Mystique parted ways with the Brotherhood, hell bent on going after Trask.

“I’m pretty sure, even Emma is now after your head.  There’s helping your fellow Mutants, and then there’s going rogue and getting them killed.”

“Well at least I’m doing something.” She pushed against him.  “Unlike my pathetic brother and his lover. So how many kids are they teaching, exactly?”

“Well it’s not like they’re raising yours or anything.” He stepped back, knowing she was likely to lash out.  “I’m not sending my unit to their deaths.”

“They’ll die here.”  She pointed out, glancing at the door.  “It’s not like the government is going to let you go home.”

“It’s not like you’re our only transportation out of here.”  

Mystique stepped back the moment Azazel poofed into the barracks.  He gave his once lover a look, before focusing on everyone else in the room.  “For those who want safety or just out of this hell hole, grab on. Those who want to go with beautiful yet deadly Mystique on her crusade – stay here.”

Alex stopped being surprised that a few always stayed behind.

Afternoon Fic: Save the Mutant Save the World

This is the sequel to Afternoon Fic: A Single Shot – if you haven’t read that, go now.

Note: Afternoon Fics have always been sporadic, so be prepared to see long moments between updates.  It feels good to get back into this.  With everything that’s been going on in RL, and then so much going on in Sylum – it’s nice to do something not related to anything.


The Blackbird landed at the base of the Chinese Temple, that was hidden deep inside the mountains, making it virtually impenetrable and secluded.  Bobby had done a good job finding the place and getting the team secured – away from the Sentinels.

For now.

Charles walked down the ramp as it was lowered, with Hank and Mystique flanking him, Logan and Storm followed, Logan chomping on his cigar as always.  How he found on in this nightmare, ceased to amaze Charles. He gave Bobby a nod, as they made their way into the Temple, where Kitty and others were waiting.

They were so few now.

His dreams of a school destroyed by hatred.

“Professor?” Kitty smiled at him, as she took a seat on the large stone altar. “We called you here because we might have a plan.”

“To stop the Sentinels,” Bobby added into the conversation.

“At this rate, any idea is a good one.” Hank snorted, his voice low and gravely with age.  The blue fur rippled under the X-Men uniform, the only thing they all still held onto.

Mystique smirked over at him, ready to comment about one of Erik’s crazy plans, but shut it, when Charles gave her a dark look.

“What is this plan?” he asked the younger Mutants.

“We’ve been staying one step ahead of the Sentinels by tricking them with illusions – basically they are fighting us in the past. When they get to Kitty, we all disappear, and they are left where we were, giving us time to escape to the next location.”  Bobby explained, glancing over at Kitty, who nodded along with him.

“I think I could use the same abilities to send someone back.” She took a deep breath, her gaze on the Professor, watching him intently.  It was him they had to convince. “I know no one talks about the time before the Sentinels, but maybe, if we knew what time to go …”

“1973,” Hank said without hesitation. “It wasn’t when it all started, but that was when Trask Industries got the Sentinel program approved.”

“Trask’s labs had been targeted by the Brotherhood.” Mystique continued Hank’s train of thought. “He’d been experimenting on Mutants for years, but it wasn’t until then the company got the approval…”

“How did they get it?” Bobby asked.  He had never been sure how this whole thing started. He had been trained by Charles since he was a boy, after his parents abandoned him, not wanting a Mutant for a son. As long as he had been alive there had never been peace between Humans and Mutants.

“I killed Trask,” Mystique answered honestly. “And from that moment, the war began.”

“It just didn’t start until ten years later when the first Sentinels appeared.” Charles glanced at his sister, she still looked as young and beautiful as those days before Cuba, before the Brotherhood. “Do you think this would work?” His focus turned towards Kitty, she was one of his brightest would’ve made an excellent teacher, instead she ended up a soldier.

“It could, it’s just that I’ve never done it for that long or far.” She glanced around the last of their unit. “We would need someone who was there, but I don’t know how it would affect the person being sent back.”

“I’ll do it.” Logan stepped up volunteering. “I was around at the time, and with my added abilities.” He gnawed on his cigar, giving them a shug. “I should be able to handle it.”

Hank gave Mystique a side eye, then both turned and looked at Charles.

“It might not be like you think it is.” The Professor chuckled humorlessly.

“Oh, I know about the 70’s Chuck. Lava Lamps, free love, the war … it was a different time. I might not remember most of my life, but everyone knows the 70’s.” Logan smirked at the Professor, who gave him a rare smile in return.

“You will need to go to Westchester, find the Xavier School for the Gifted.” Now that was a name Charles hadn’t thought about in a long time.

“It’s in the same location where our headquarters were located.” Hank explained hesitantly, knowing they were approaching ‘never bring up’ territory.

Logan glanced between them, a confused expression on his face.  “Wait. You’re tellin’ me that our headquarters was a school?”

“Yes.” Charles gave a warning look to both Mutants before they said anything more damaging.  Leaving him to explain the one thing he never wanted to talk about. “Logan, when you meet me, I’m not the same man I am now.”

“No one is bub.” He put out his cigar before settling on the spot Kitty had vacated.  He felt like he was going to be a living sacrifice.

Maybe he was.

“I’m not kidding Logan. I was a very different then, naïve and so stupid.  Or as someone once put it Naïve Idealist.” He closed his eyes trying not to think about that time or him. “I will be difficult to deal with.”

“Oh for fucksakes, Charles.” Mystique threw her arms up in frustration as pushed past her brother.  She looked down at Logan, rippling into her natural form, knowing it would get his attention. “Ignore Charles.  You’ll need to convince Erik.”

“Just tell him Charles’ life is in danger and he will listen to you.” Hank added, his hand wrapped around the metal Star of David in his pocket.

“That’s enough!”   The rest of the team, startled at the raised voice.  Only having heard that tone, when the Professor was beyond pissed and it was usually at the two he was glaring at now.

“No!” Mystique yelled back at her brother. “I know I fucked up back then, but if we’re going to fix this, you’re not going to be the one to do it, not you from back then. He needs Erik.”

“Who the fuck is Erik?” Logan asked wondering what the hell he was going to walk into.

“The reason for everything.” Charles answered sadly.


Logan woke up to the sight of a lava lamp.  

He took stock of the situation, realizing he was stark naked.   Well it was the 70’s and the embracement of free love. He moved out from under the very naked woman next to him, and grabbed his pants.

He searched his memory and came up blank.

He had no idea who the woman in the bed was, or what was supposed to happen.  

When the door opened, and angry thugs stormed in, he really wasn’t that surprised.  Fighting some pissed off wannabes was par for his life. What was shocking was when he slid down his claws they were bone and not metal.

He finished dressing, grabbed the keys and left the carnage behind.  He needed to figure out where he was, and how to get to Westchester and to this Xavier School for the Gifted.

In all the years he had known the Professor, he had never known that he had actually been a Professor.  He had thought the name had stuck because of his posh tone in lecturing all of them in the arts of war.

He still had no idea who this Erik was, it was obvious it was a sensitive subject by the way the Professor was ready to shred his closests Generals.  He couldn’t imagine the Professor being anyone but the ‘Professor’.

Hopefully this Erik wasn’t an asshole.

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