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Bj Jones Fic: Archived

This is it!

The last of my older fics has been moved over to the blog.

That was a long tedious adventure.

So what’s been posted?

– Rest of stories that were Crossovers (including The Supernatural/Iron Man Crossover and Supernatural/CSI Miami)

– Secrets and Lies (Yes that series – the one that made you like Stetler) You can find it under Horatio/Speed – CSI: Miami

New Afternoon Fic: You Don’t Ask … I Won’t Tell by Bj Jones


Title: You Don’t Ask … I Won’t Tell
Author: Bj Jones
Rating: FRAO
Summary: He paused, eyes closing in dread. His past was coming back to haunt him, but he owed her the truth. “That was John, my husband.”
Author’s Note: This is from my Afternoon Fic series.

Link to Fic

Afternoon Fic: Cherik AU – Part 14

Part One

Part Thirteen


Erik had been out for five days.

It was the longest five days of Charles’ life, and he thought the previous days they had spent in Cuba were bad.

Erik developed a fever the following day, just like the doctor predicted.  It was two days of tense emotions throughout the house.  Charles knew he is feelings were bleeding into the others, and worked hard to keep his shields up, before violence sprung up at the dinner table.

The doctor had kicked him out of Erik’s room, stating he would send someone for him if something came up.  So Charles went to his old room, took a shower, got dressed and faced the day.

With Raven’s help they were able to find a portion of the original staff, and hire them back on.  A few of them had only blinked at the new inhabitants, and went along their duties.  There were two he had wiped their memories and sent them on their way.

The cook, Helen, had taken to Azazael instantly.  When he brought back spices from around the world, she claimed him as her and and sent him on shopping trips.  When she was told that Erik was Jewish she made sure to add Kosher foods to her lists.  At the moment though she was concerned to keep everyone else fed, including the nice doctor who seemed to randomly appear.

The gardener, Austen, who ironically was the Helen’s husband, started fixing the back gardens.  Charles found him one day on the terrace, looking out over the greens.  He leaned up against the railing, and asked if he was okay.

‘I’m fine, sir.’  He gave him a bright smile.  ‘I know it’s been a few years since we’ve taken care of this place, but I could’ve sworn the dish was facing East.’

Charles wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh or cry, he found himself doing both.  Austin, just handed him an old rag, and asked if he wanted to put in new rose bushes in the East Garden.  Charles wiped his tears and gave him a nod.

‘It’s good to be back, sir.’  He patted him on the shoulder.

‘I’m going to start a school, for …’ He paused for a moment, figuring how to put it.

‘Gifted children?’  Austin gave him a sly smile.  ‘That will be good, sir.  Be nice to have the house filled with a purpose.’

‘You and Helen have always been kind.’  Charles reached out and felt that there was no malice or deceit from Austin, he was genuinely happy to be back in his beloved gardens.

‘Do you think that nice you man, with the winds could come out.’  He asked as he grabbed his shears and began to head for the some of the more unruly bushes.  ‘I could use some help sweeping up the leaves.’

Charles only nodded, and went to look for Janus, who was shocked and delighted that a human would ask for him to use his powers.  ‘Maybe they aren’t all bad.’

He felt as if that was a win.

Hank was happy to say that it looked as if Angel’s injured wing was healing, but he wasn’t sure how long it would take or if it would hold her weight, when fully healed.  She agreed to stay put, let Hank study her, plus help out where she could.

Sean had smiled and welcomed her back, it had taken Alex a few more days, but he eventually came around.

Charles slept in Erik’s room, usually on the couch.  He just wanted to be close to him, feel his presence.  The few times he reached out mentally, he found himself stuck in fevered nightmares.  He tried to sooth him as much as possible, but found himself either shoved out or he had to pull himself out of Erik’s night terrors.  He woke on many occasions with tears running down his cheeks, after seeing some of the horrors.

Including the death of Erik’s wife and child.

He had no idea Erik had at one point settled down and tried for a normal life.  Only to lose them, to human’s fears, which added to his pain and rage.  Charles’ heart ached for him.  The fact that Erik was willing to stay with him, and help build a school, was a major step in healing.  It wasn’t going to be an easy journey, but he knew they were better together.  Though he would likely have to stop him from implementing some outrageous security measures …

And if Charles was honest with himself he had his own issues and insecurities.  Erik was the only person, who let Charles in his head, which is why, when he had put on the helmet, it had been so devastating.

“You should rest in a real bed.”

Charles sat up, wiping his cheeks, giving the doctor a tight smile.  He liked the guy, he had a wicked sense of humor, and didn’t take shit from anyone, including Raven who had tried to shock him by turning into his wife.  The doctor had raised one eyebrow and pointed out he was kidnapped by the devil, nothing shocked him after that.

Azazael had beamed.

“I want to be nearby, in case he wakes up disoriented and starts bending the light fixtures.”

When Charles had explained Erik’s mutation, Gregory had paled.  It took him a few moments, and a glass of scotch to tell Charles the story. When they had liberated one of the camps, there was a story, which most had thought was myth, about the gates of Auschwitz that had been bent to the will of a child…

‘I tried to help, but so many were sick and dying.’  He downed the second glass of scotch.  ‘For many years I had nightmares about the beaches and the camps, but over the years with love of my wife and kids, it started to ease.  Then one day I was in the ER and this young woman had brought her kid in, the little one had an ear ache.  The nurse was being rude to her, I demanded to know what was going on, and realized instantly she was being treated differently because she was Jewish.  The numbers were visible just below her sleeve.  It had been ten years since I help liberate those camps, and some ignorant nurse was treating them like they were second class citizens because they were Jewish.  I don’t understand people.’

‘Yet here you are.’ Charles pointed out.  ‘Kidnapped by the devil, helping a man who could bring down this house if he wanted, and having scotch with another who could read your mind.’

He set his glass down.  ‘I’ve seen doctors be condescending to fellow doctors just because their black.  I won’t even comment about how many women have asked for my ‘help’.  We don’t talk about how anyone who doesn’t live a normal lifestyle is treated.’  He paused and looked at Charles, a hopeful smile on his face.  ‘Then again, I know of a clinic that helps women in difficult circumstances, I graduated Medical School with a talented black man, who went to his home state of Georgia to open a medical office, and I’ve been training a nice young man who happens to have blue fur how to be a doctor, despite the fact he has more degrees than I do.’

Charles laughed.

‘I actually am looking forward to meeting your Erik.’

‘He’ll piss you off in five seconds.’

‘I’m sure he will.’  Gregory was looking forward to it.

After that they usually talked for an hour, before Azazael took the good doctor home.  The Teleporter stated he liked the doctor’s wife, she was feisty.  The first time he popped into their kitchen, she pulled a knife on him.  She still wasn’t sure about Azazael, but she at least stopped pulling a knife.

“He’s been coming around more.”  Gregory informed him, as he settled on the chair across from Charles.  “He was awake for a few moments this morning, and a bit more this afternoon.  I’ve eased up on the pain meds, hopefully by morning he will fully wake.”

“No pens in the wall?”  Charles asked slightly shocked.

“I wouldn’t say that.  I’ve lost two so far.  I’m now using a pencil, and a legal pad instead of a clipboard.”  He shrugged, laughing lightly.

“How is he honestly?”

“He’s healing.  You’ll need to keep an eye on the incision to make sure there aren’t any more infections.  He will have a weakness in his lungs, but with good exercise and making sure he keeps his chest warm in the winter, he should be fine.  Only thing I would be cautious of – is when you open this school, if the kids get sick, keep Erik away from them.  A cold won’t kill him, but it will hit him hard.”

“And how about the damage he did to himself.”

“He will have a nasty scar, but I hate to say it will just be one more in his vast collection.”  Gregory shook his head, not wanting to know how he got a portion of them.  “The bones will heal in time, no lifting of anything over five pounds, be careful of lifting his arms over his shoulders, and if anyone gets a cold in the next few months isolate them.  Over all if he follows directions, eats well, does his exercises he’ll be back to his healthy self in six months, in a year it would be like it never happened, just the residue affects.”

“Residue affects, being staying warm in the winter, and avoid sick kids.”

“Which is good advice for anyone.”  The doctor patted Charles on the shoulder.  “Now from what you’ve told me about him, you’ll have to watch him like a hawk.  He’ll push the envelope, any chance he gets.”

“Oh not this time he won’t.”  His eyes narrowed as he glanced over at his sleeping lover.

The day Erik woke up was the day the manor got a surprise visitor.

Afternoon Fic: Cherik AU (Part 13)


Part One

Part Twelve


“Oh God.”  Raven’s hand went over her mouth as she stared at the bloody aftermath.  “He pulled out …”

Alex turned to Moira eyes flashing with rage, he could feel the energy building up within him.

Wind began to whip around all of them, as Janus calmly twisted his hands, making each tornado grow, eyes focused on one person.


Everything and everyone froze.

There was a partial red glow surrounding Alex.

Sean’s hair was pushed sideways, as tears streamed down his face, mouth half open.

Raven was partially turned away, hand reaching for Charles.

Charles stepped in front of Moira.  “Why?”

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