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Personal Post: Thank You!



I would like to send out a big Thank You for those who’ve supported me on this new endeavor into Published Fiction.

It means a lot to me, more than I can actually say.

If you’ve bought the book, please if you can leave a review/rate it.  It will help showcase the book and story, to other readers.

If your still interested in buying it


Format: Epub, Mobi, PDF, Ibook … etc

Price: .99 cents (It’s a steal!!)


Barnes & Noble





Again – Thank You so much!  You guys rock.

And now to go face off with Bob who’s been an asshole for the past few days.  Yes you Bob … yeah you know what you’ve done.

Thank You



Thank You Everyone!

It seems that the spam program works and comments are once again easier to use!!

*there’s a few glitches but between programs/apps and updates there may always be a few glitches – you’ve got to love technology*

I appreciate everyone taking the moment to comment it was great to see so many followers of Sylum.

So now that I know y’all can comment – I’ll be looking for more comments on up coming posts. *cackles*

Evolution – Posting Schedule

Evolution – Posting Schedule



It’s almost here! Tomorrow May 15th – we’ll start posting the 4th Sylum Arc.

Wow the 4th Arc *shakes head*

Evolution has had it’s ups and downs, twists and turns.  RL got seriously in the way of it getting written, and then there was the Damn Italian who demanded six months of my time.

Before we get started a few Thank Yous.

First: A Big Thank You to Timothy Quinn my partner in all things and Sylum.  You inspire so much for Sylum… and don’t think I didn’t see you feeding Bob when I wasn’t looking.

Second: Thank Yous to Janet and Gil for the Beta work – going through such a big story after doing Family is huge… let alone keep track of all of it.

Third: Taibhrigh – Thank you for the Art/Banners for each Chapter!

Fourth: A second Thank You to Gil for putting the Evolution Page together and Coding each chapter – even when we send last minute corrections.


Evolution Posting Schedule

Do to the fact that these chapters are long, intricate, filled with information, and a new story – we’ll be posting ONE chapter every THREE days!  This will give everyone time to read, comment/ask questions for each chapter.

May 15th: Stage One – Origins

May 18th: Stage Two – Diversification

May 21st: Stage Three – Mutation

May 24th: Stage Four – Homo Sapiens

May 27th: Stage Five – Intelligent Design

May 30th: Stage Six – Rise of the Machines

June 2nd: Stage Seven – Artificial Life

June 5th: Stage Eight – Homo Sanguinis

Quick Note: Due to RL and Events – we’ll will work hard to keep the schedule but be advised that things do happen and posting could be delayed.  We will inform you if anything comes up.  Thanks!


Sylum Manor Donations – THANK YOU!




Because of your Generosity not only has the Hosting Fees been paid for this YEAR but also NEXT YEAR!!!

Now we can solely focus on Sylum and all those stories that the Bobs have been tossing at us!!!

I can’t say Thank You enough!

If you’re still interested in donating to the Manor Hosting Fees

Donate towards my web hosting bill!


All Donations go directly to the Hosting Company – No one who works on Sylum will be able to access the money.

These Donations pay for the hosting server and domain name.

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