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It’s hard to believe we’ve hit 15 Years!  I’m not even sure where the time has gone.

The fact that Sylum is still going, and has so many plans for the future is awe inspiring.

I think all of you for being here, supporting Sylum through the years, who knew we were going to include pandemic in that category.

As you know we do a lot to maintain Sylum, and on occasions ask for help to keep the servers up and running.

The servers hold the blog, wiki, and archive, which are supported by Dreamhost.  It costs $150 a year to keep up with all the hosting fees.  If you can please donate directly to Dreamhost – all donations go directly to the hosting service and we do not see any of the money.

If you would like to help support me directly you can always stop by Sylum Vault (though we’ll be closing on the 1st to prep for our move … though reopening in October).  Get some beautiful bling, bookmarks, greeting cards, and other accessories!

As always your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Help Support Sylum

Sylum is a very intricate storyline that has taken over 15 years of my life!  And will likely take over the next 15 years!

It takes a lot to keep all of this going: the daily blog posts, the updates to the archive, keeping up the wiki … let alone the actual stories, videos and the awesomeness that is Sylum.

At times we do ask for some help.  There are two ways to show support for Sylum.

  • Donating money to the Hosting Service – this money goes directly to the company that hosts the blog, archive and wiki.  We do not see this money.
  • Shop Sylum Vault – this helps me directly with personal costs to keep Sylum going.

On top of financial support the biggest thing you can do to is to interact.  Leave comments on the blog posts, leave likes and feedback on the stories during events and on the archive.

Make the community that is Sylum even more awesome than it already is.

PS: The news you’ve been waiting for … Clan War: 10th Anniversary Edition – is done.

PPS: Being the evil general that I am (Roman) you have to wait until Advent.



Support Sylum: Donations

Support Sylum: Donations

There is a lot of work that goes into keep Sylum up and running.  There are hours of behind the scenes work:  scheduling and building posts for the blog, updating the website after each Event, maintenance for the blog and wiki, building a new archive, and prepping for Sylum Events (Spring Fling, 7 Days, Advent, and Special Appreciation Days).

Sylum Events coming Soon:

7 Days of Summer – July 1st

Fassbender Fortnight – September 1st

Opening of the New Sylum Archive – October 15th

Sylum Advent – December 1st

And as we prep for these events, we’re still working on everything else!!

This is pretty much a full time job outside the RL one.

I do this because I love Sylum, and what it’s become over the past decade.  As do those who support me, and I appreciation them immensely for the help they have given me.  There are times I can’t thank them enough.

I don’t mind spending my time on Sylum, but at the end of the day – I still need help.

It costs $150 a year to host the website which includes: the blog, website, wiki and archive.

There’s a secondary cost of $50 a year for Spam Protection, Security and Malware Protection (that I pay out of pocket).

We have set up many ways you can help support Sylum.

You can donate directly to our Hosting Company – this money goes to paying the yearly hosting costs, plus renewal of our domain name.

Sylum Vault: Etsy Shop – helps support my personal costs in keeping Sylum up and running.

For those who have shown their support throughout the years – Thank You!  We couldn’t have kept this going without you!



Sylum Manor Donations – THANK YOU!




Because of your Generosity not only has the Hosting Fees been paid for this YEAR but also NEXT YEAR!!!

Now we can solely focus on Sylum and all those stories that the Bobs have been tossing at us!!!

I can’t say Thank You enough!

If you’re still interested in donating to the Manor Hosting Fees

Donate towards my web hosting bill!


All Donations go directly to the Hosting Company – No one who works on Sylum will be able to access the money.

These Donations pay for the hosting server and domain name.

Donations for Sylum Manor

Every year or so I send out a call to the readers of Sylum to help out with the Web Hosting Costs.

All of those who work on the website whether it be: redesigns to the actual site; prepping and designing the Sylum Events (aka: Spring Fling, Seven Days, Family… etc); updates to the Sylum Wiki; and running the Sylum Blog – we all do this voluntarily on our own time with no financial compensation.

But as much as we put our own love and labor at no cost – it takes money to host the site.

So I’m simply asking that if you could spare a few bucks, please DONATE to keep Sylum Manor up and running.

All Donations go DIRECTLY to Dreamhost Web Housing – No one who works on the Manor Site sees the money or has access to it; every Penny goes to pay for the yearly fees.

To Donate Please Click on the Box Below!

Donate towards my web hosting bill!
I give you my Heartfelt Thanks for any Help that you can Provide

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