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Reminder: Reading List

Reminder: Reading List

As we approach the updated version of Roads Untravelled …

Which has an additional 100 pgs … yep you read that right … 100 pages!

How did it get 100 extra pages.

Ernesto wouldn’t shut up.

Nico wouldn’t shut up.

John wouldn’t shut up.

As you can see it runs in the family.

Anyway ….

It’s a good idea that you’ve read  …

well I hop y’all have read Demons & Angels, that’s without saying …

But you should have also read: Watchdog & Under the Bridge.

Believe me when I say this – Everything is Connected!

Throwback Thursday: Watchdog by Bj Jones

As we prep for Ernesto Olivetti Week – we’ve been showcasing stories centered around Ernesto or ones you would’ve needed to have read to understand the updated Roads Untraveled.

Watchdog is one of those you’ve needed to have read …

Title: Watchdog
Author: Bj Jones
Summary: There is this machine …
Sylum Timeline: Set just after ‘The Death of Michael Westen’ and ‘No one else can help’

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Sylum Advent 2016: December 25th




Title: Watchdog

Author: Bj Jones

Rating: FRAO

Summary: There’s this Machine …

Author’s Note: This story is set up for a few new characters, also brings into line some of the new canon.

Sylum Timeline: Set in 2010 – After ‘The Death of Michael Westen’ and ‘No One Else Can Help’

Artist: Tabhrigh

Link to Archive

Sylum Sneak Peek: Watch Dog


This is the story I’m working on at the moment … I’ve been working on it for a while.  It was supposed to come out during Seven Days *hahahahahaha* Sorry …  It was basically set to be a prequel, intro to the POI storyline into Sylum.

Then these two….


Kneecapped their original storyline and decided they wanted a bigger, brighter, longer storyline.

So now I’m re-working Watch Dog to fit their new arc.  And just as I started to get a handle on it ….


This got into the mix ….



Looks at Harold and John … you two good now?


And now for the sneak peek:

Read more“Sylum Sneak Peek: Watch Dog”

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