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Sylum Advent 2016: December 25th

Sylum Advent 2016: December 25th




Title: Watchdog

Author: Bj Jones

Rating: FRAO

Summary: There’s this Machine …

Author’s Note: This story is set up for a few new characters, also brings into line some of the new canon.

Sylum Timeline: Set in 2010 – After ‘The Death of Michael Westen’ and ‘No One Else Can Help’

Artist: Tabhrigh

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      1. Stuffing Aubrey in Kenway … that’s a helluva split personality. Hint of yellow in the eye, floor shaking … First thought was the Welsh legend about the red dragon Draig Coch battling the white dragon that goes along with the story of Merlin. Then you threw in the tidbit about aliens, and I understood the screaming about Harold and John. LOL

      2. Stuffing Aubrey in Kenway … talk about split personality. Then hint of yellow in John’s eyes with shaking floors … I’m thinking Welsh legend Draig Coch fighting with the white dragon. Then you throw in the word alien … No wonder I heard screaming from Cali about John and Harold.

  1. Antoinette

    ““Two years later, there was a knock on my door, and there stood Kenway, except it was also Aubrey, all tied up in the package that is my brother, Artorius. Dresden explained it as a ‘fixing a fuck up from yeons passed’ I came to explain it as ‘god damn fucking wizards’.”
    Harold opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again, and then promptly shut. “I got nothing.”
    “From the best explanation we got, that didn’t include maps, timelines, and visual aids … when Stephen died, Dresden showed up grabbed Aubrey told Sherman to keep his mouth shut and disappeared. Then put him in a place, to either keep him safe or stash him I’m not sure. Though we could argue that the Golden Age of Piracy is not the safest time or place, but then Captain Edward Kenway was not one to mess with.” – what was the fuck up?

  2. Chinnowah

    Although I did not understand all implications, have no idea who the “damn wizards” are and found your story sometimes a bit confusing, I liked it anyway. Thank you very much for giving me a few hours of interesting read!

  3. Wow, first I thought something happened to the posted story. Than I realized it was the machine! I thank you for this interesting story! I enjoyed it. Though I got to admit I had to read it twice and look up some info in the Wiki! As always your stories rock!

  4. Dian1988

    What a ride with interesting twists. From the first part you would never have guessed that Harold was Nick´s child and they have a long history. I enjoyed the long story very much- Thank you and I look forward to what will happen with the story line started. Also a nice clearing up the “him not him” situation. Great work

  5. I thought it was programming and was going to send you a text. Glad I was to busy reading! I would be so embarrassed!

    I love it! So much drama and teasers! I am trying to read the stories – all of them, but I get pulled away to read a fav again and then I remember another…. sigh, I love this fandom so much!

  6. wendy johnson

    I cannot get enough of the stories that are here. Please know that I don’t always leave a comment and will try my best to do better,but your team of writers keep me coming back and I know that the writing that is done is not easy because each and everyone of you have a real life too,so thank you and I love you all.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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