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Reminder: Reading List

Reminder: Reading List

As we approach the updated version of Roads Untravelled …

Which has an additional 100 pgs … yep you read that right … 100 pages!

How did it get 100 extra pages.

Ernesto wouldn’t shut up.

Nico wouldn’t shut up.

John wouldn’t shut up.

As you can see it runs in the family.

Anyway ….

It’s a good idea that you’ve read  …

well I hop y’all have read Demons & Angels, that’s without saying …

But you should have also read: Watchdog & Under the Bridge.

Believe me when I say this – Everything is Connected!

Throwback Thur… Not Today: New Sylum Timestamp!

Surprise a New Sylum Timestamp!

This story sets after Watchdog … to understand this story you must have read it.  This is also an important set up for some of the changes that will be showcased in Roads Untraveled that will be posted next week during – Ernesto Olivetti Week.

Title: Under the Bridge
Author: Bj Jones
Creative Consultant: Timothy Quinn
Summary: Harold and John have a very important conversation about his past and their future.
Author’s Note: I’ve said it a few times, that all the Sylum stories connect to each other, and that you shouldn’t really skip a story because ‘it’s not my fandom’.  This story has some very important info and threads that tie the whole universe together.  PS if you read my snippets on EAD … one of those stories ties into this.
2nd Author’s Note: I know there was some confusion with Coding Language that was in the beginning of Watchdog, that it was an actual coding error, when it is actually Coding Language for The Machine – so always make sure to look through it, to see what The Machine is thinking.

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