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Sylum Inspiration: Netjerikhet

Sylum Inspiration: Netjerikhet

Medjai: Co-Leader


Netjerikhet was born into a merchant family. His father was a baker, and he learned the trade from him. He married their neighbor’s daughter, and after his parents died he took over as baker. Tragedy struck when his wife died in childbirth, taking his son with him.

He sold the business, not truly caring about much in his life. He became an outcast, most shaking their head at him in disgust and pity.

His life changed when he was leaning against Thebes’ outer Palace wall, and the young princess skimmed down it, landing on top of him. He yelled and picked her up, holding her still as she fought screaming and yelling that she would have him killed for touching her.

He pointed out she was running away and couldn’t quite use her princess rules if she didn’t want to be one. She kicked him, he scooped her up, walked her back into the palace, into the throne room, and dumped her ass in front of Seti.

He was surrounded in less than five seconds, spears and swords at his throat. He really didn’t care if they killed him for being disrespectful. He pointed at the pissed off princess and stated that she had landed on him while trying to run away.

He brought her home.

Seti had him locked up, then asked around, discovering the tragedy that had befallen the young man. He then called his head of guards Malik, and told him that Netjerikhet was to be trained as a Medjai and guard his daughter.

Netjerikhet asked wouldn’t be nicer to kill him.  Seti liked him instantly.

For the next fifteen years he watched over the princess, Nefertiri. Everyone including Seti was surprised nothing developed between the two of them.

Netjerikhet had heard her startled gasp, and made his way onto the balcony, in time to watch as Seti confronted Anck-su-Namun. He yelled for the Medjai, but they could do nothing to stop her and Imhotep from killing the pharaoh.

When the leader of the Medjai showed up, Netjerikhet stayed with the group determined to see this through. When Imhotep was cursed and buried, his focus was purely on Ardeth. Something about the man made him curious.

When Malik informed him that in Thebes Netjerikhet was being declared a hero for dying to try and protect Nefertiri who tragically died at the hands of Imhotep’s men, he knew his life in Thebes was over.

Ardeth stated he would take them to the Medjai. Netjerikhet decided to confront the Medjai warrior, demanding to know what was going on. Part of him wished he didn’t ask.

It took him some time to get his mind not around the Vampire, but the Mates. He hadn’t committed to anyone after his wife died. And the only he had truly opened himself to was his princess.  Plus there was a lot he needed to tell Ardeth.

After a while he agreed to be Turned, and he was grateful for Ardeth for taking his time for their Mating.

He had to fight his way through the Medjai to earn their respect, but over time, he earned it.

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