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Sylum Inspiration: Raymond Vecchio

Sylum Inspiration: Raymond Vecchio

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Ray was born and grew up in Chicago, raised a Roman Catholic. He is the patriarch of a large family – including his mother, sister Francesca, sister Maria and her husband Tony, many nieces and nephews and a brother who lives outside of Chicago. His father, with whom Ray had a strained relationship, died in 1989 and did not care for police officers, which might explain by way of rebellion why Ray became one. The senior Vecchio did, however, bequeath his house to Ray, although this is most likely because Ray was his firstborn.

Ray has been a Chicago police officer since 1985, he started off as a beat cop then, worked up to becoming a detective.  His present supervisor, Lieutenant Harding Welsh, is somewhat less enthusiastic, but nevertheless fair; he has shown great reluctance to take disciplinary action against Ray, and defended him before higher-ranking officers. Ray’s relationship with his fellow detectives, particularly Jack Huey and Louis Gardino, is at some times cordial and other times downright competitive and antagonistic.

His best friend and de facto partner was Canadian Mountie, Constable Benton Fraser, who was assigned to the Canadian Consulate in Chicago, and the two often help each other solve crimes and right wrongs in the city of Chicago.  Little did Ray know it would lead to a much larger world.

Fraser is Ray’s polar opposite in many ways – whereas the Mountie is polite, well-mannered, and obeys the law to the letter, Ray is loud, brash, and will often bend or break the rules to solve a case.

When Victoria Metcalf walked into their lives, he knew she was bad news. He had never seen Benny act like an idiot. Determined to keep him away from the woman, he shot Benton, though he says he ‘accidentally’ did it.

It was when Benton was recovering he discovered the truth about who ‘Benny’ really was.

He demanded to be Turned, and once he got his head around the ‘mate’ part, he demanded to be Mated.

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