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Sylum Inspiration: Gwenhwyfar

Sylum Inspiration: Gwenhwyfar

Camelot: Co-Leader


Born in Wales in the year 506AD, Gwenhwyfar is the daughter of King Leodegrance.

At the young age of 13 she ran away in defiance against her father.  She was rescued by John Rhys, who saved her from her pursuers and escorted her back to her father, where he became the head of her guard.

Her betrothal to Arthur Pendragon was meant purely as a political match but upon their first meeting when Arthur came to the rescue of Wales and banished the rebel King Rience from his enemy’s lands, they fell in love.  Their Courtship was conducted in much secrecy and amidst great danger as there were many on either side of the English/Welsh border who were opposed to all that such a match would entail, both politically and in terms of social change.

Her Wedding Train was raided as she crossed the border into England, five days before the wedding was due to take place in Cornwall, and her abduction forced Arthur, Lancelot and Galahad to ride forth to avenge her honor and rescue her and her entourage.  The resulting massacre is now the stuff of legend.

Arthur knew he had found his Mate in Gwenhwyfar but did not tell her of his true nature until the eve of their nuptials.  Her resulting outrage from his suggestion that she remain human in order to bear the children he could not give her, and thereby supply an heir to the throne for Camelot’s future, resulted in one of her maidservants misunderstanding what was said and spreading the rumor that she had, in fact, slept with Lancelot.

Gwenhwyfar has a strong belief in employing only the most scrupulously honest of servants as a result of this notorious incident.

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