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Sylum Inspiration: Evie Frye

Sylum Inspiration: Evie Frye

Camelot: Hunter


After being Turned, Jacob and Evie were sent to Masyaf, and then to Egypt with Proximo.

It was there that they learned skills to enhance their natural fighting styles.

When they returned to London, they took over Nico and Sherlock’s job of protecting the City.  A few years later, Jayadeep was sent to them for training.  They thought it ironic, but took him in no less.  Evie knew the kid (despite the fact they were the same age) had a small crush on her, but she made sure he understood her preference didn’t lean towards men.  They ended up good friends.

Leading to her Turning him, when he was mortally wounded.

Evie was glad to have Guin in her life, not having had a woman’s influence since she was young.  The two became firm friends, and if ever needed, she guarded the Queen.

She also took to Galahad, the two becoming friends who enhanced each other’s youthfulness.

She knows Jacob stays more aloof to other Clan Members, his loyalty strictly for Nico, she can relate as she has a soft spot for her Sire.

Rumor has it she may have had a child before she was Turned, but this is only hearsay.

Evie Frye

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