Sylum Inspiration: Wilhelmina ‘Mina’ Harker

Camelot: Hunter


Wilhelmina was the second daughter of an aristocratic English family. She taught herself to read, write, and calculate numbers, making sure she knew how to take care of the house for her family.  Her father, though he never openly admitted it, was quietly proud of her and wished on many occasions for her to have been born a boy.

She met Jonathon Harker at her best friend’s wedding. He was the youngest son of a smaller noble family, and was rumored to be quiet and odd.  Nevertheless, she fell for him instantly.

Mina was the one who showed up at his house and demanded that Jonathon Court her.  His family, eager for him to get out of their house, did not object.

They were married soon after.

A few years into their marriage, Jonathon was requested to travel to Transylvania to deliver papers to Count Dracula concerning a land purchase in Essex. When he didn’t return, she set out to find him.

Dressing as a man in order to secure her safety on such a long voyage, she made her way across the Channel, then through Europe, following leads and trails left by a group of others all heading in the same direction.

When she arrived at Count Dracula’s Castle, she marched straight to the front door and demanded her husband.

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