The MacManuses

Camelot Hunters: MacManuses


Connor and Murphy are twin sons to Noah and Meagan.

To this day they still do not know who was born first.

When their father disappeared, accused of murder, their mother found work in the nearest Abbey.

Both boys lived a life of prayer and in good works to the Lord, educated and raised by the Monks, until as teenagers they saw first hand what their mother was enduring for their protection.  She died giving birth to another child, the bastard son of the Abbot.

The two boys in a fit of righteous anger, attacked the Abbot, killing him instantly.

Seeking some sort of justice for both their parents, they found themselves in Rome, and fell into studying for the Priesthood – seeking safety for themselves as well as their family name.  It was Father Kiernan who introduced them to Il Duce, but only once they had been Ordained.  He offered them a life to help those who could not help themselves, to do God’s work and cleanse the wicked from the face of the Earth.

(Dilios Note: it’s not known when they figured out Il Duce was their biological father)

Noah was amazed at their abilities, and proud when they surpassed even his own skills.  The two worked in perfect motion, their movements fluid, in complete sync with each other.

He Turned them soon after their introduction.

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