Sylum Inspiration: Noah MacManus

Camelot: Lead Hunter


Born in Ireland, Noah was the the son of Jacob MacManus, and apprenticed to him as a tanner.  He took over his father’s business as his skills grew, expanding it as his reputation as an expert leather worker spread even beyond Ireland, and across the water to England.

He married Meagan, the girl from next door, whom he had known since they were mere children, and they settled into a good life that promised great prospects, which were only enhanced when she bore him twin sons.  The boys were Baptized, Connor and Murphy.

Six months later, the newly installed Archbishop of their Diocese, stopped into the shop demanding work to be done for his new home.  He had heard of Noah’s reputation and wanted only the best work, offering a vast sum of money for the rapid completion of all requested items.

Unable to refuse, Noah crafted the leather work for chairs and other furniture, as well as for personal goods such as purses and bags, and when the Church refused to pay, claiming the work was shoddy and inadequate, Noah killed the Archbishop’s secretary in a fight.

Knowing he would bring harm to his young family, even if he tried to explain his actions, Noah fled for his life.

He wandered for many decades, angry at the world, and seeking justice that seemed utterly unobtainable given the power of the Church, he finally came to Rome, and meeting Father Kiernan changed more than just his outlook, but his purpose in life.

He would later attribute Kiernan to giving him the path he needed to follow. (Dilios Note: Kiernan stated later it wasn’t quite meant the way Noah took it, but as God does not make mistakes…)

That was when the name Noah MacManus disappeared and Il Duce was born.

For many centuries he was also known as Lachtna – which in Irish Gaelic means ‘milk-colored’ as reference to his hair, and was used for a certain degree of intimidation as the same name is said to have belonged to an ancestor of Brian Boru.

No one is quite sure about all that Noah actually accomplished in his human life, but the tales live on to this day.

Il Duce then met the real Brian Boru.

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