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Sylum Inspiration: Sheldon Sands

Sylum Inspiration: Sheldon Sands

Border Clan: Hunter


Sheldon Jeffrey Sands, a CIA agent, met Enrique Bastidas Montoya, also known as El Mariachi, in Mexico when he recruited Montoya to kill Mexican army general, Emiliano Marquez, who worked for Armando Barillo, who is the biggest drug lord in Mexico.

Marquez’s goal was to assassinate the Mexican President.

At one point his mission becomes compromised and Barillo drills out his eyes, leaving him completely blind.

Eventually, on the Day of the Dead, Sands, Montoya, and Sands’ team fight Barillo and the others outside the presidential palace, and though they win, Sands is mortally wounded. Montoya offers him an immortal life and Sands consents to be Turned.

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