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Sylum Inspiration: Boromir

Sylum Inspiration: Boromir

Medjai: Lead Hunter


After Boromir’s mother’s death, Denethor his father, became sombre, cold, and detached from his family, but the relationship between Faramir and Boromir only grew closer. The brothers greatly loved and highly esteemed each other, and neither in childhood nor in later years was there any jealousy or rivalry between them, even though Denethor openly favoured his elder son.

When the time came for him to go, Boromir hated leaving his younger brother behind.  He knew he would take the brunt of their father’s madness, but he had been called to serve his King and he was duty bound.

Faramir had told him not to worry.

Boromir became King Richard’s Captain of the Guard. He took care of everything Richard needed, even warming Richard’s bed at night. He was the only soldier left standing when the Infidels captured Richard in Jerusalem.  He continued to do what he did best and protect his king.

One day he was dragged out of the rooms they were being held in, and thrown into a dark cell. He had already been whipped and beaten, many times, and each time he refused to scream. He had been surprised at how caring Richard had been when he was dumped back into their room.

This time he knew it was different.

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