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Sylum Inspiration: Xena

Sylum Inspiration: Xena

Medjai: Hunter


Xena committed numerous horrible deeds from terrorism to piracy and murder and at one point became known as the “Destroyer of Nations.” Her journey down the path of evil arguably began when her beloved brother was killed during an attack by the warlord Cortese. Xena vowed revenge and became estranged from her mother as a result.

Xena became the leader of an army and aligns herself with Borias whom she effectively seduced away from his family and the two join forces. The two became lovers and after a time, Xena became pregnant with her son Solan. It was during her pregnancy that a significant event happens.  Xena traveled with her Army to North Africa where she hoped to build an alliance. Subsequent Borias betrayed Xena lead to her being hunted. While on the run, Xena found her way to a powerful noblewoman. Shye cared for Xena as she never had been before, treating her as a friend who was only interested is helping her become a better person. Under her friend’s guidance, she learned to put aside a great deal of her hatred and pain. Additionally, she gave Xena the metaphorical title “Warrior Princess,” intending that she be a major catalyst for change in the land.

Borias and Xena reconcile and renew their alliance, only to break it a final time and to split their forces between them, with Xena proved the stronger of the two. Borias was killed in the forthcoming battle, and Xena gave the newborn to the noblewoman so that he will be kept safe and protected.

Her life fully changed when she’s confronted with Ares, the God of War, in battle. He’s impressed by her skills and has thoughts of bedding her. She refuses him and attacks, only for him to reward her by Turning her.

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