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The Theory of Evolution

The Theory of Evolution

While Bj is distracted with actual work (she had this theory that she has to work for a living and not devote all of her time to me… What is up with that?!) Anyway. While she’s distracted I figure I would give a sneak peak into my evil plans.

Evolution. It’s been a slow process, I blame the Damn Italian  while ignoring the fact I was the one who came up with that storyline.

Evolution. Yes I’m getting to that.  Chapter 6 is in the final stages which means only two more chapters to go!! Which is good cause I have evil plans and ideas that need attention.

There’s the IMF Bunny that I’ve outfitted with full gear including harness and wire, ear piece to communicate to the Yogurt Eating Bunny From Hell (or so Bj calls him), a tricked out bow and arrows, and the Mission Impossible theme song that plays as he hovers over Bj.

Then there’s the next story in The Fisherman Series.  As of the moment Plot Crab is working his summer job at the Pirates Ride at Disneyland – when he gets done torturing the Tourista’s he should be back tormenting … working with Bj to get that story done.

James Longworth is demanding his story – I’m not sure why he thinks he gets priority but he’s a snarky bastard and sneaky.  And that Mate of his even more sneaky.  I can admire that!

Then there are the small bunnies that I leave laying around for Bj to trip over at the most inconvenient moments.  *grins wickedly*

Snippet Teaser (Because my kid Bob 2 learned being an evil tease from me)

 “The problem with you.” The sound of sirens could he be heard in the distance as smoke bellowed out of the office building. “You have no faith in humanity.  Theirs or yours.”


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