Nothing is True. Everything is Connected.
*falls over dead*

*falls over dead*

The next time Speed makes a suggestion that there should be something in Sylum involving a book, a film, and enough research to be able to do a guided tour around Rome with my eyes shut and my paws tied behind my back..

…I’m moving to Rome.

Teaser – unedited (because I’m evil and y’all need to learn to live with that!):

Saint Peter’s Square.

They had to be close to the end.

They hit another gate.



Also unlocked.

They were inside the city boundary itself, surely?

The noise outside faded off a little.

Still they ran.

A sharp turn to the right.

And without warning the Passetto simply ended.

A thick wall of riveted iron blocked their way.

Nick slapped his palms on it.

“No way!  Not after this!!” he cried, scrabbling around for a handle, a switch or a release mechanism of some kind that would give them access.

He felt like a rat in a laboratory maze, facing one too many puzzles before a wrong decision blew his constituent atoms into nothingness.

“Wait!  Wait, wait!!”  Langdon realised what they were facing, and totally understood the fury Nick was experiencing.  “Un Modo Portale!  A one way portal.  Architects call it a Senza Chiave.”

A keyless door.

For total security from the outside.

It was perfectly smooth.

No hinges.

No knobs.

No entry.

A surge of utter panic hit both Vampires square in the chest.

“It only opens one way,” the Professor explained, “on the other side!”

‘Demons and Angels’ – by Timothy Quinn, coming soon to Sylum Clan.


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