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Sylum Inspiration: Niccolò Polo

Sylum Inspiration: Niccolò Polo


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While in Constantinople Niccolò and Mafeo Polo the were invited to Masyaf to hear the stories of Altaïr and Darim.

When Masyaf was attacked by Mongols and Altaïr ended up Turning Niccolò and then helped the explorers escape by using the Apple to fend off the attackers. He gave Niccolò some of his books and sent them to Lealta.  Niccolò never told his brother about his Turning, instead continued on with life as if nothing had happened at Masyaf.

For a historical narrative of Niccolò – See Vampire Council Library

Marco was left behind with Kublai Khan as the brothers continued on their journeys. Maffeo was thrilled that they had left Marco behind, but Niccolò was contemplative and frustrated. After two years they returned to Kublai Khan, where Niccolò only wanted to grab his son and leave. When it was discovered that Maffeo was trying to smuggle out silk worms, Khan ordered the death of all of the Polos – Niccolò offered his own life, anything to save his son.

Kublai shocked by the outburst of the older man, sent Maffeo away, keeping Marco close by and demanded to know why he had even left Marco behind in the first place. Niccolò bowed low to the floor, forehead touching the ground, his soft words admitting because he had freaked out over what Kublai was to him.

When Niccolò looked up his eyes shown his true nature, along with his fangs. He explained that he was one of the undead, Turned by Khan’s enemies the Assassins. And his nature screamed at him to take what was his … the great Kublai Kahn. He panicked and knew that the Great Kahn would not hurt Marco and fled.

Hundred Eyes backed his story about Vampires, having snuck into the thrown room. Stating he himself was one. Kublai demand more information, gesturing for Niccolò to rise. Between the two, they explained the way of the Vampires. Hundred Eyes told him he worked for Shogun Clan, keeping an eye on the Khan’s. Kublai was impressed at a blind man being a spy, as it worked so well.

Kublai Khan was to be Niccolò’s Mate. But all knew what was not an option. Kublai set Maffeo out of China, and in time Niccolò learned of his brother’s Turning. The two do not talk to this day.

Niccolò began to train with Marco, the two growing close. He was happy when Marco and Hundred Eyes Bonded. Though he wasn’t sure which one he should give his condolences to.

He sat back and watched his Mate grow old and die. The two had talked for hours on a daily bases, Kublai always asking questions about his travels and being a Vampire. When the Great Kublai Khan died, Hundred Eyes grabbed the father and son and fled to Japan. Though it took them another decade before they would arrive.


Dilios Note:  Ernesto has no idea about his Ancestor or that his family line is descendant down from the famed Polos


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