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Sylum Inspiration: Lady Blossom

Sylum Inspiration: Lady Blossom


Shogun: Spy Liaison


Lady Blossom was trained from an early age to work as a courtesan. Her skill set got her into the high ranking levels of Kublai Khan’s ‘pleasure house’. She became one of his favorite courtesans.

It was there she learned information, made connections, and worked through the system to make sure she was protected along with a few girls she took under he wing. When she discovered a spy within the house she used her position to approach Kublai personally. He rewarded her loyalty with her freedom, she chose to stay with the house to protect her ‘girls’.

It was through this she met Sifu, Hundred Eyes. She knew something was different about him from the beginning, and just because he was blind didn’t mean she couldn’t seduce him. He chuckled as she took her own pleasure from him, then demanded answers.

Never a man to truly lie, he told her the truth. He was a Vampire, who was there to watch Khan. He had the added benefit of watching over the young Polo.

She continued her alliance with Sifu, and when the time came requested to be Turned. Pointing out he needed her. She had an inside to Khan, he countered with the fact so did he as did Marco. She also had an in with the Queen, and knew which girls could be useful to get information from other sources, he countered with the fact no one notices the blind man sitting near by.

She finally pulled a knife and demanded. Sifu laughed as he fought with her. At the end he had her pinned to the floor. ‘Now that is why I’ll Turn you’

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