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Sylum Inspiration: Liang Hongyu

Sylum Inspiration: Liang Hongyu


Shogun: Hunter


Liang Hongyu:  Liang’s father was an army commander at the frontier, from where the Song Dynasty was increasingly threatened by the Jurchen-ruled Jin Dynasty. He taught her martial skills. Liang’s feet were not bound. She was a master of martial arts. Several accounts stated she was a woman with incredible strength and a master of archery.

At certain point in her career, she met her husband Han Shizhong, though accounts differ on exactly how they met. The most believable version is that she met Han at a banquet where she was entertaining the troops that Han led. Han had led his men in crushing a rebellion in southern China, and Han had personally arrested the rebel leader Fang La. However, his superior stole his credit, much to Han’s displeasure. Liang knew the truth and admired Han’s victory. She saved enough money to pay her own redemption of slavery. After she was free, she became Han’s second wife.

The Jurchens soon started the total invasion on the Song Dynasty. Han formed an army to fight the Jurchens. Liang worked as a general in her husband’s army.

She is not sure how her history ended before her husbands, yet it continues in in the same way. She was devastated like him that their friend Yue Fei was ‘executed’ for treason. When he was the most loyal.

She was as shocked as her husband when Fei showed up and explained to them about how he was Turned. Her husband was Turned, and soon after he Turned her.

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