Sylum Inspiration: Nathan Algren



Nathan Algren is C0-Leader for Shogun Clan.  Nathan and Katsumoto have a unique relationship and the problems with arise with Nathan being from the West.  Because of his position in the Clan, Nathan’s bodyguard is Colonel Wales, though he drives him insane, Nathan has come to rely on the burly Meridius on many occasions.

The only true dark time Nathan had with his new home, was during World War 2, when he along with Kensei, Niccolo, Marco and Wales were betrayed and handed over the Japanese Military and taken to concentration camps. It’s something that bonded the five of them together, but they rarely talk about it. Though they did wish the destruction their Mates caused was recorded.


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  1. Maine says:

    I would love to read the history of the concentration camp. In honour of the destruction their Mates caused 😉

  2. Antoinette H says:

    That would be an interesting piece of history.

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