Sylum Inspiration: Jane Porter


Ghost and Darkness: Archivist/Librarian


Jane Porter was raised by her father, her mother died when she was young. Her dad took her with him, where ever he studied or taught. Also took her on expeditions around the world. He was criticized for not training a young lady eligible to get married.

His thought was she didn’t need to conform. Her husband had to be good enough for his daughter.

He always made sure she had a proper education and thought for herself.

When they traveled to Africa, she was thrilled to see a new place. When they had met John Clayton she felt a pull to him. When he told them his story, she was awed by his strength and courage. She didn’t want to return to America, but she wasn’t sure if she was welcome in Africa with him.

She was depressed when they got home, her father worried about her. She was about to tell him she was going back to Africa when John showed up looking for her. It was then he told her everything.

She traveled back to Africa, was introduced to the Clan and instantly overwhelmed. It was Tess that saved her and had a long conversation about what would be expected of her and what it was like to live in Africa.


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