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Sylum Inspiration: Larry Daley

Sylum Inspiration: Larry Daley

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Larry grew up in a working class neighborhood in New York.  He had always wanted to be a professional hockey player, but it never went anywhere past college.  He at first got a degree in business, and started working on Wall Street.

He realized quickly he couldn’t stand the typical 9-5 job.  So he quit to go back to school … this didn’t sit well with with his wife, who wanted more stability.

They ended up divorced and she had custody of their son, Nick.  To make sure not to lose his part-time custody, Larry decided to take a job as a nightwatchman at the National History Museum.  From that he learned to love history, and switched his degree to consider going into teaching.

He became friends with the head night guard, who was set to retire Cecil Fredericks.

It was the perfect job, that let him see his son and get his degree.

Everything changed when it was robbed and he learned about Vampires.

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