Sylum Inspiration: Callum Lynch

Camelot: Hunter


(To keep with this month’s theme, introducing some of the new Male Characters)


Callum was raised with his twin brother Aguilar at Masyaf.

They’re parents were Assassins, the little they knew of them, was that their father, Sebastiano was from Spain and their mother, Brigit, who was from Ireland.  Their father was trained at Masyaf, who on a mission, fell in love with Brigit, brought her back and trained her.  The two had been killed during the Spanish Inquisition, a year after the boys had been born.  They ended up raised by the Assassin Order, and trained to follow in their parents footsteps.

When they set out on their own missions, Callum went to Ireland, while Aguilar went to Spain.

Callum kept a low profile, finding an a small farm owned by the Lynch family, they took him in, and became the son they never had.  When they died he took over the farm, and used it as a hiding place and information stop.

During one of his own missions, he heard about Il Duce and the vendetta he seemed to be on. He made sure to casually meet him in the pub, only to discover his own mission.

The two became friends, and in time Callum knew the next step was to be Turned.

Il Duce gave him a new life.

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