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Sylum Inspiration: Ernesto Olivetti

Sylum Inspiration: Ernesto Olivetti

Lealta Kin Clan: Hunter

Ernesto is the only son of Franco and Veronique Olivetti. His father was a Roman Carabinieri, and was killed in a shooting when Ernesto was twenty. He followed in his father’s footsteps when, after two years as an MP in the Italian Army, he joined the Vatican Police.

He’s married to Maria, and has four children: Francesco, Mary, Adria and Isabella.

Ernesto rose up the ranks in the Vatican Police quickly, becoming one of the youngest Inspector Generals at the age of 47.

He was introduced to the world of Vampires when he became friends with and later a Chosen One for Andrew Kiernan.

His life radically changed That Night. Though he had known about Vampires, he had not expected to be pulled into a conspiracy that went all the way back to Galileo, who he found out was a Vampire and was betraying his Clan and society.

He chased all over Rome with Robert Langdon and Nicolaus Meridius. Until he ended up at the Santa Maria della Vittoria, his home parish. A place where he laid his life down for his Church only to wake up a Vampire.

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