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Sylum Inspiration: Wilhelm Brandtenstein

Sylum Inspiration: Wilhelm Brandtenstein

Ehre: Lead Hunter


The one thing unique about Ehre/Weisheit Kin Clan is the fact the two Kin Clans came together.   Despite being one Clan, they still have a dedicated Lead Hunter for each section.  Wilhelm works with William Tell to cover all their territories.


Wilhelm was disappointed that his wife wasn’t his Mate, but he lived a good life with her. He watched his daughter grow up, get married, have kids of her own. In time he stepped away and took his place as Wenceslaus’ Hunter, his main job still that of protecting Cinderella.

It was her that encouraged him to enter competitions with his bow and arrow. And where he ended up meeting Cougar and Robin. Though they tease each other greatly who’s the best, Wilhelm is thankful for the friends who would be at his side when need be.

He met Tamara not soon after his daughter had died, surrounded by her grandchildren. She took him hunting for a group of Rogues, and since then they’ve become an unlikely hunting pair. (Dilios Note: Ask them about the Hansel and Gretel)

He still snickers over the Turning of William Tell, though he refuses to admit what led to his Turning exactly.

On one of their adventures they end up Hunting a Rogue in Russia, where they meet Nikolai.  When Nikolai was injured in the raid against the Rogues, Wilhelm Turned him, and they agreed to send him to Masyaf.

The moment Wilhelm meets The Huntsmen he likes the guy instantly. He recruits him for the Guard and in time, he decides to give him the option of being Turned. The Huntsmen took his time to think about it, but in time agreed to be Turned.

This gave Wilhelm more opportunity to travel and conduct further Hunts, knowing that his Childe can protect the Clan while he is away.

Over the years he’s taken a variety of names, including being called Hawkeye by Cougar and Robin. He’s worked for a variety of agencies including MI:6, IMF and CIA.

He was a bit shocked to find is dear wife’s soul staring back at him through the eyes of Ethan Hunt, but over time the two have worked very well together.

Brandt has been happy with his life and wasn’t expecting a Mate, especially in Benji Dunn.

Only thing he can do is glare at Ethan for laughing.


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  1. William Brandt

    I am forever curious about the Hansel and Gretel thing because it sounds amazingly humorous and is one of my all time favorite movies. (I had a friend from Germany buy me the Steelbook for my birthday and it is beautiful.) Here’s hoping this month is a great one for me. 😀

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