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Sylum Inspiration: Carlos Oliveira

Sylum Inspiration: Carlos Oliveira

Lealta: Hunter


Carlos grew up in England and Israel. His mother was an Irish woman, who was teaching school in Israel, where he met his father, an Israeli diplomat. The two married despite negative reactions from both sides of the family.

He was born in Israel, where he attended school and was brought up in the Jewish faith. When his father’s request to be assigned diplomatic status to the UK came through, Carlos was transferred to a private school in England. Where he learned more about the Anglican church.

His coloring and looks had him mistaken for many nationalities and the fact he spoke a dozen languages had him recruited by a variety of organizations, including the Mossad. Carlos did his two years as an Israeli citizen, then was recruited into Interpol by Inspector Javert.

(Dilios Note: Carlos talks about the fact he had laughed when they were introduced, little did he know he was Inspector Javert)

His reputation to be able to go undercover to a variety of Terrorist organizations had him infiltrating Black Moon.

In it he discovered that there was more going on than just terrorists. Carlos found himself strapped to a medical table and experimented on, and at the end of it he was Turned Without Consent.

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