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Sylum Inspiration: Daryl Dixon

Sylum Inspiration: Daryl Dixon

Sylum: Hunter

Daryl was raised by his father and brother in the back hills of Georgia.  His mother died when he was five, and all he remembers was that her name was Lily.

He doesn’t talk much about his childhood, when asked he will tell you the day he met Rick Grimes on the first day of high school, was the best day of his life.

Being with Rick gave him a purpose, he had finished high school despite the beatings and looked to find work that he could rely on that wasn’t breaking the law.

The two had planned on leaving once Rick received his degree in Forensic Science, but when he returned to Woodbury because of his father’s death, they had decided to stay to take care of Emily Grimes.

Rick ended up helping Daryl set up his business Dixon Honey, despite his own fear of bees.  The two kept their relationship a secret knowing full well the town and Merle would kill them both.

The only time they were apart was when Rick married Lori due to pressure from their parents and the town.  A year later, they came back together, needing each other too much to be apart.

As years went by they kept hidden in the shadows waiting, and when Emily Grimes died, they set their plans to motion.  Then Merle returned home and brought a gang of thugs.  At first Daryl thought they were fighting zombies, only to learn it was Vampires.

It hadn’t mattered to him, as they fought for their lives.

Making their last stand, Rick and Daryl were saved by Sylum Hunters.  But before they could overtake Joshua Hickok, Rick was shot.  Daryl watched in horror as the only thing in his life worth saving was dying.  He pulled his own weapon only to fall next to his lover.

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