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Sylum Inspiration: Queen Mousette

Sylum Inspiration: Queen Mousette


Sylum: Member

Queen was born a slave but grew up free in the city of New Orleans.

When she was twelve, she wanted to make her own money, so went door to door until she found a job working at Heather’s Pleasure Boutique in the French Quarter fetching food, drink and cigars for the clients until Heather’s Mate, Evy heard her sing. That began her new career entertaining the guests as they waited for the girls.

Heather gave her an education and opportunities. She attended the first co-ed college for black people in New Orleans where she obtained degrees in Business and Music. Though she wanted more than to ‘work’ for Heather, she found a niche at the Boutique. After college, she began working in some of the other ‘coffee houses’ in New Orleans, becoming one of the wealthiest black women in the city. She owned a house in New Orleans, a plantation in Larose, was a Chosen One for Sylum Clan, and often gathered information for Nico and Warrick to help them keep ahead of the happenings in New Orleans. She provided safe houses for those not wanting to be seen, entertained Assassins, provided a home for Riddick’s Twins, and was exhausted.

When she started coughing, Heather quickly became concerned. She contacted Claire Barton, who took care of most of the girls, when she lived in the area. She informed Queen she had what looked to be the beginning stages of Tuberculosis.

Heather Turned her under watchful eye of Claire Barton, and when she woke after her Transformation, she discovered a talent for communing with the dead.

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